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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Version 1.4


    Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) 350 HP 250 Hunger (burns slow) 50 Sanity -Hits hard. Really hard. -Has his iconic machete, it can also cut down trees. -Low sanity but isn't fazed too easily. -Custom sound. -Slow. Legal gubbins: Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th were created by Victor Miller, and owned by New Line Cinema (I think). Don't Starve and related characters and concepts belong to Klei Entertainment.
  2. Version v1.2


    The Sharp Claw Pokemon, Weavile, joins the Brawl! (Or Don't Starve) Weavile is balanced to be like how he is in the games, a glass cannon, he can deal a lot of damage and move very fast but can't take many hits at all. Being a dark pokemon, he suffers less sanity loss from monsters and the darkness and being ice type he is immune to cold but takes extra burning damage. Weavile has: 70 HP 75 Hunger 170 Sanity -Hits 3 times harder than average. -Moves twice as fast as Wilson. -Is immune to cold and freezing. -Loses less sanity to night and monsters. -Custom voice (filtered Wallace talk sfx). --- Known bugs: --- -Weavile can get kind of stuck trying to reach a point/put something down and go to and fro very fast, make him move somewhere else to fix this. --- Art courtesy of CatOfDoom http://catofdoom.deviantart.com/ Inspiration and dialouge by Xander3000 http://xander3000.deviantart.com/ --- I don't claim Weavile or Pokemon as my own, they belong to Nintendo/Gamefreak, this is just a non-profit fanwork.
  3. Walter White - Breaking Bad

    Seems fine to me and you can play mods if they're out of date anyway.
  4. Version 1.0


    Walter "Walt" Hartwell White Sr., also known by his clandestine pseudonym "Heisenberg", was a chemist and a former chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who, after being diagnosed with Stage 4A inoperable lung cancer, started manufacturing crystal methamphetamine to both pay for his treatments and provide for his family in the event of his passing. He is the central character of the show Breaking Bad, and is portrayed as both a protagonist, antagonist and antihero. Walter White has: 130 HP 170 Hunger 200 Sanity -Has brought his Heisenberg hat and shades as well as a jacket (recraftable) -Loses less sanity to darkness but somewhat more to monsters. -Is slightly insulated (50 inherent insulation) -Starts with and can manufacture Blue Sky, which can be traded and bought --- Known bugs: -Custom battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -The music will replace the original music if you play as this character then as another character without quitting the game, disable the mod or quit the game before playing as a different character to fix this for now. -While there are 4 working music tracks included, the game will seemingly choose one to stick with for your current play session sometimes it may play once then not again until reloaded, if I knew how to fix this I would, sorry. -Walter's head clips through his hat on certain movements, it shouldn't, but it does. --- Legal gubbins: Walter White's likeness is that of Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad is a AMC show created by Vince Gilligan All the music is by Dave Porter who created it for the series This is a fan work and makes no profit from Vince Gilligan's show, I only own this mod, not the game or the show or anything therein. --- Special thanks to: Vince Gilligan Bryan Cranston Dave Porter Cheerio AMC Klei Entertainment Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut for that one favour --- Maker of this mod: JohnSegway (http://johnsegway.deviantart.com) (http://thebellgames.tumblr.com) http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45047-wip-character-the-one-who-knocks/
  5. Nerphile - ?

    Version 13.37


    DEH I FEEL NO SMAERT NAH MOA Weavile had the DAY off as complaints about being OP has stressed him out, this is all we could find at such short notice... and now he won't go home. He did however, get into our medicine cabinet and ate some more pills; this has made him less utterly useless. Nerphile has: 40 HP 50 Hunger 60 Sanity -Hits 70% of average -Moves twice as fast as runny bread (75%) -Immune to noogies but not cold -Loses sanity to anything ooky or that he doesn't understand (may include trees and certain birds) -Custom voice (and music) --- Known bugs: --- -Is known to be a bit too OP -Music overlaps other characters and itself --- Known phobias: --- Trees Pinecorns Grass Kabobs Rocks Those plastic things on the end of your shoelaces, terrified of those. That, somewhere in the world, a deer is drinking from a stream. And looks up. At him.
  6. Wario - Nintendo

    Version 1.1


    This is me, WARIO himself, I always write my own manuals for my amazing games so I'm writing this as well! Look at my stats and wish you were me!: 280 HP - I can take a beating! Give me your best shot! 450 Hunger - I can eat and eat and still look amazing! I get hungry really easily though. 110 Sanity - Who needs sanity when you got muscles like me! -I'm THREE times stronger than that Wilson guy! -I ain't afraid of no ghosts but the dark gets to me a bit... -I got it all! Custom voice and music baby! I only talk my words so no reading for you bookworms! -My many layers of clothes (honest I'm not fat) keep me warm against the winter chills. -I come with my own hat as well! Stylish huh? Known bugs: -Battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out, it's too good! -My custom music plays when playing as other characters, just as it should be, who needs that when you've got my melodies? --- Legal gubbins: Custom audio, sound and my amazing likeness belong to Nintendo! Don't Starve and related characters and concepts belong to Klei Entertainment. Maker of the mod "Wren the Stormcaller" that was used as a base to learn: Sukoushi (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/27502-character-wren-the-stormcaller/) Written by: Wario Wario esq.
  7. Rincewind

    Awesome to see Rincewind in Don't Starve, never thought I'd see that :V
  8. Very nice, been playing DST as well, still have never made it through my first winter alone or with a friend to freeze with but I'll keep trying U: Really glad you guys have gotten such good feedback and success, certainly well deserved!
  9. The Batter - OFF

    Ah, I see... Honestly all I can suggest is you delete the file in your mods folder and try a fresh download by subscribing via Steam; http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179964417 Sorry I'm not much help, I'm not a programmer and I have no idea what's causing that :c
  10. Version 1.1


    Phillip from Space Funeral. Phillip has: 200 HP 210 Hunger (depletes slightly faster than normal) 80 Sanity -Hits slightly harder than average. -Loses sanity easily. -Custom sounds, lines and music. -Is slightly insulated. (20 inherent insulation PJs) Be sure to examine things, there might be some references to Space Funeral... But it is too late for you. If it's not too late for you then you can always throw in suggestions for unfilled dialogue lines. --- Known bugs: -Battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -Would be great to have his own map icon but I've never seen it done. -Maxwell intro speech not changed, I'm not sure how to do it for this version of Don't Starve, if anyone knows, by all means tell me and I'll change what he says at the start of the game. -If Phillips custom music plays when playing as other characters, please disable his mod for the time being. --- Extra info etc in readme file included, but it's too late for you!
  11. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials And Examples

    Wow thanks, well it works... I ran into a few kinks but I managed to smooth it out; I had originally used your change of the work things in Fmod for the danger ones too but that messed it up so I used Danger stuff as I had before, AKA normal event stuff like SFX, while this means it doesn't fade out and doesn't turn off on death, it at least lets itself, the work music, and the custom SFX to work together and that's good enough for me. Thank you very much Cheerio, you've done it again c:
  12. The Batter - OFF

    You could try uploading it to the Internet, say here, http://imgur.com/
  13. The Batter - OFF

    Uh, I think you have to actually upload the image for me to see it... I'm not sure what kind of error it could be
  14. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials And Examples

    Hmm okay, I'm glad I asked otherwise I'd still be messing around with it without hope of fixing it. Thanks for looking into it and yeah, take as long as you need :3
  15. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials And Examples

    Hah yeah the game has some amazing music :V https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5285727/Drawings/mods/sfphil.fdp There's my fdp c: Also Space Funeral is here if you ever get interested, it's like an hour of gameplay but it's worth every second c:
  16. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials And Examples

    Yeah sure, I'd love that, I've PM'd you the link, thanks for much for being friendly and helpful to us modders C: EDIT: Okai PMing doesn't seem to work with you :T Please excuse the left over art of The Batter mod, it's still in development :U https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5285727/Drawings/mods/phillip.zip The character is meant to look the way he is, the game he's from is incredibly trippy and weird (full credit to him and I'm going to link him the Steam Workshop page when it's done). Thanks much c:
  17. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials And Examples

    Thanks for all the tutorials, it's helped me and a lot of other people out, one thing I've been trying to do though to to have a custom work music track and a danger track to work properly in a character mod... (Also I hope this is an okay thread to post this, sorry if it isn't) When I get it right (ish) then what happens is the custom work track plays as soon as you start the game and it doesn't stop when in danger (the custom danger track works with the ques although it doesn't fade in/out) or death. It'd be really nice to have work music to come in when cutting trees or making a new invention or mining rocks, I've tried a few different things, currently I've got a components folder containing a edited dynamicmusic.lua file inside the prefabs folder, referencing my custom tracks when it's assigning the music to "busy" and "danger", like it is literally just dynamicmusic.lua with the file pathes changed. I don't see why the files won't play the way they're meant to when it's been changed and uses the same code...
  18. The Batter - OFF

    Version v1.5


    Custom character based on The Batter from Mortis Ghost's amazing FREE RPG Maker game, "OFF". The Batter has: 180 HP 100 Hunger 120 Sanity -Hits harder than average. -Comes with a bat to purify the world: - Has sanity gain when equipped. - Does slightly more damage than a spear. - Doesn't break. -Loses less sanity to darkness but more to impure adversaries. -Is slightly insulated. (30 inherent insulation) -Custom sound and battle music. -Every single line of dialogue customized (suggestions and improvements welcome from fans of OFF). Also yes the Batter doesn't have any normal talking sound effects, this is to mirror the game as he doesn't make any sound when he talks (other characters do). --- Known bugs: -Custom music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -The music will replace the original music if you play as The Batter then as another character without quitting the game, disable the mod or quit the game before playing as a different character to fix this for now. --- Bug/code/script fixes/ideas/improvements? Lemme know plz on Steam or DeviantArt or somewhere. The Batter thread: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/27982-character-the-batter-off/
  19. Oh my, it was like magic! How did I not see that option? >:T Thank you very much Mr. Cheerio, that has helped me greatly C:
  20. Hmm, I'm trying to use this but it always fails and says my file is too big: It's a character mod with one music track replacement and is 11.5MB. Is there a way around this or should I lower quality on the track? EDIT: I turned down the quality of custom SFX and music, all of them together come to 482kb, but the FSB file is 10MB by itself for some reason, it hasn't got any other sounds in it's bank than the ones I'm using.