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  1. I just noticed that the mining animation for William is the same animation for chopping trees, and using an axe as a weapon uses the club animation. Would this be caused by the mod, or is this a game bug?

    I made that. I thought, since he's an old man who isn't very fit, it would make more sense if he used two hands with weapons, and didn't jump really high whenever he swung a pickaxe. I had to use the pickaxe animation for him swinigng weapons because there are no good "two-handed" animations that would look good with a weapon.

  2. Hi! I like this character (what I see in screenshots) and his special item. But I have an error when I try to play with him.

    In the character select screen William does not apear, a duplicate of another mod character apear (in my case, a second Wilhelm, the living doll apear) You know how to fix it? I am very interested in playing with your mod :-)

    Thank you!!

    Since his file names are "wil", maybe Wilhelm's file names are as well. So they may be incompatible. If you want to play as William, you'll have to disable Wilhelm and restart the game. And do the same for William if you want to play as Wilhelm. Sorry.

  3. I absolutely love this mod - especially the light version! But I feel with the cheap crafting and infinite light, it's a bit Over Powered. And there's also the glitch I get where if I run towards it there's a slight delay between the sound and when it turns on, and if I run out as the sound plays before it lights up, it won't light up at all. I was wondering if you could make is so you had to fuel it, instead. To fix both the OP problem and the (minor) glitch.    Still an amazing mod!

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