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  1. it would be interesting if the berrie shadow (sherrie for short)

    would drop say some imbued shadow fur so u can disguise as them and hide among them

    There are no Berry Shadows.


    You mean the Berry Bad People? They're just berry bushes brought to life. The necromancer turns berry bushes into them.

  2. if the universe is finite, where does the whole universe exist? in nothingness? nothingness is nothing has no substance or existence. how could the whole universe exist in nothing? its either the universe is infinite or its finite and exists in something bigger that also has existence. 

    I will assume that space is a finite so it must exist in something bigger that also has existence. 

    when we think of existence we think of matter. anything in space could be reduced to tiny particles of matter. if that is the case. that bigger existence in which the finite universe exist also must have matter or by definition it does not exist. 

    Now comes my question: how can the finite space that is matter logically be existing in a bigger existence of matter and not contradict law of impenetrability

    We don't know. I'm sure there may be theories out there - scientific or not. But we don't know, and possibly can not know. Our tiny human brains can only discover so fast.


    Does anyone else feel like its only them in the whole universe and everyone else is just here to entertain them like as in U ARE GOD but you will die your existence will just stop when u die nothing happens U just won't wake up like when I go to bed I don't remember following asleep yet I WAKE UP.


    What I'm saying here is the clock is ticking life feel's to short to live and everything is hearthbreak  sorrow and really guys yout just waiting to fall asleep and be worth nothing as you don't think when your dead and nothing will ever fix that.


    Just saying I am Christian but I believe "heaven is just nothing its an eternal slumber


    except immortaillity so ***k u mortals

    I do not and never have felt that way.


    That is why you make your life the best it can be when you have it. Try to make the lives for future people better, as well. so even when you're dead and gone, your memory remains, what you did good for the world remains, and will do so perhaps even after the human race evolves into something no longer human, in millions and billions of years. That, or the human race just falls dead due to someone having feet so smelly the entire earth explodes.

  3. Mr. Tickles, is committing suicide a crime or an option??

    It shouldn't be illegal. If someone does it, they should get HELP, not punishment.


    However, it depends entirely on the situation.


    If someone's being bullied, they should get help. Suicide is such a stupid decision. It's so final. Once you're dead, you're dead. And the people who did love you will have to suffer for your decision. You can still have a future. Just because people are assholes doesn't mean the whole world is sh***y.


    If someone has some sort of illness that can't be cured, stops you from being able to do what you want, makes you too miserable to stand life, and there's no way to fix it. Then I would rather die. Living in constant agony, unable to live my life is a fate worse than death in my books. And I'm sure your loved ones, even if sad at first, would feel it was the right choice, and that you're not suffering anymore.

  4. How tasty are Grilled Mormons? Are they really ok to eat as par the Broble says?

    Have to start my day with a good serving of Grilled Mormons while I read the Broble.


    The most important meal of the day, serving it up Nik-Mik's way.

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  5. You mean "won?"


    (Since the universe actually is multiple states of universes or multiverse which can have its visually seen states based on the harmonics of the quantum strings vibrations, while the other ones are in an unseen dimensional state when not in vibrational harmony as string theory suggests.)


    Oh, and in regards to the question's context, The only insanity I will willingly seek is Cthulhu. You and your banana hammock's...recipient, are safe :grin:

    No, I one the Universe. Y'know, I one it. My banana hammock compressed it all into one (It's 2am, I'm up to the immature laugh at everything phase of tiredness. >.>)


    Enough! Ask your questions now! No more of... this!

  6. Did you hear? Willette's back!

    I wasn't aware she even left! I realized the Truthseeker came back though. Welcome behck, Willette and TS!


    Okay serious question time....


    Will you wish me a happy birthday today? 

    I'm inside the giant surprise cake right now. Don't worry, I'm not -completely- naked. Still wearing socks.

  7. How did you find out about Leo and Sat@n? Apparently Lucifer's pet name is a sweary word that needs asterisks. -.-"



    I read a previous post, of course...

    I'm not a stalker.

    I don't remember.


    Okay, serious time.


    How are you today?

    Didn't drink enough chocolate milk.


    If you have my babies, would you take care of them?

    Hell naw, you can take care of them.


    What is love?

    I have no idea. Please don't hurt me.


    Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

    I'm the one answering here.

  8. Guys, I actually was hoping for some at least kind of serious questions. This is getting kinda ridiculous.

    Why is Mac and Cheese day-glow orange colored? 

    My home-made Mac and Cheese isn't. It's a nice golden colour. Easy Mac is not worthy for my time!


    Why is Marco Polo?

    He's not. Learn your facts.


    When are you going to learn some manners?

    When are you going to learn to ask decent questions?

  9. Even though I know you'e messing around, that still hurt me.


    Then I'm sorry. I really do care about you. You still have to care about someone in order to hate them! HAYOOOOO!


    Are pigs better than merms and bunnymen?

    Are pigs better than merms and bunnymen?

    Are pigs better than merms and bunnymen?

    NOPE! Bunnymen are best.


    How does make baby, when bird not man?

    By sticking your dingeedoo into a gahl bird's vajayjay. And then wait for her to poop out the egg and for it to hatch. And boom! In just a few months, you could have a nice dinner for yourself.

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  10. Right now I'm tired due to lack of sleep and because I have no access to a shower. So my answers -may- have some genuine bitterness in them since I am not a happy camper.

    Mr. Tickles, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood??

    Enough wood to hit you across your stupid face.


     Mr Tiddles, is Snob Psychic?!

    (Actually, this is a much better stupid question, but I am being honest here, I was about to type that.) 

    He is an idiot, and idiots are magical. So I wouldn't be surprised.


    Why won't you answer questions about socks?

    Because socks are too nice for this thread.


    Whats your favorite color of sock?

    I have these Puffy white socks.

    See above. ****


    What is your opinion on me?

    I don't care about you!


    What is your opinion on the fish people known as merms?

    They're better than you.


    Why can't I ask a more important question than this?

    Because you can only ask questions as important as your existence.


    What is the best meme?

    I don't care about memes.


    If zebras were real would U make out with it or would u have a striped kabab

    Zebras are real, you nitwit!


    What does "tiddle" mean? Is it some sort of mashup between "Tom" and "Riddle"?

    It doesn't mean anything, I got the idea because I like cats and it sounds like a cat name.

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  11. Mr. Tiddles.. Is that a pedophile name?

    No, it was the name of one of my old World of Warcraft characters. One of my Live ID friends started calling me that so all of my irl friends thought that we were ****ing and started calling me that to be dicks. I went along with it and decided to make it my actual gaming tag.


    And that question was bloody rude! Honestly, kids these days need to learn to respect their elders! I may be 15 on the outside - but I feel like I'm 50 with my crankiness and bad joints!

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  12. Would you prefer to live in DS or TF2 ?

    Team fortress . Because then I could respawn if I died. And I would like to be a scout so I could hit you with baseballs for the rest of your life!


    What is the significance of existence itself?

    Well, there's no significance of YOUR existence. I, however, am significant because there needs to be someone to drink all of the chocolate milk on earth! 

  13. What are your opinions on......


    cloth feet tubes

    What did I say, you flapping twit?

    I love socks! They keep my feets warm in the Winters.


    What is the meaning of life?

    To spread your genes onto future generations. DUUUUR!


    Why is sarcasm not a language

    Because the people who make language are idiots.

  14. Ok, if you want a serious one, here you go. Do you have any pet ?

    That's -slightly- better, I suppose. *snort*.


    I have four cats.


    Two female tuxedo kittens named Mini Kitty and Jezebel, one tuxedo male names Keving, and a Tabby named Kelly.


    Kelly and Kevin are both about 10, if I remember correctly.


    There. Now it's time for someone else to ask their questions. Hopefully something not DUMB like these ones! 

  15. I just felt like making a random thread!


    What is this thread about, you ask?


    Simple, you nitwit! You ask questions, and I'll answer them in the rudest manner possible! Keeping the language down, of course. But I will also answer the questions, and if it is a serious question I may just answer it more politely.

    And remember that even though I'm being rude, that doesn't mean I actually think your question is stupid. so no hurt feelings, right?


    What you can ask:

    Stuff about modding

    A limited amount of personal stuff (Things involving family or my location are not OK)

    Gamey stuff

    And stuff


    What I won't answer:

    Personal information about my family or location

    Questions about socks.



    Ask away, you mindless ****s my ol' chums!