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  1. Just changed a BUNCH of stuff with the necromancer:

    New death animation. Now instead of the poorly done floating into the air, he just explodes into a lil' blackhole. His skull, book, and sack fall to the ground.


    His 'summon' ability is getting new visuals, and standing in it will deal damage over time. The damage goes up the longer you stand in it, and he heals from the damage dealt! Also, anything that isn't another Hunter or one of his minions will be damaged, and him healed more. If there's absolutely nothing to damage or summon when he casts his spell, he will take minor damage. Just 100 points.


    The summon ability's official name will now be: Corruption.


    Something else that I won't be revealing.


    And another thing I won't be revealing.

  2. I know there's the mod configuration in the mod menu, but would it be possible to add an options menu, or add the the non-mod options menu?


    And on the menu subject, would it be possible to add a mod action to the key bindings option, so you can change what key it's for?



    I'm not asking if I can do this now, I'm asking if it would be possible to be done (Easily, like the mod configure) in the future. If these are doable, then ignore this.


    I know you can switch between keys for actions in the mod configure, but I mean like the key binding menu, where you click on it and press the button. Much easier!


    Well I want to make it but I'm using Warfarin mods and they only have 65 healt. So unfortunately I can't make effigy because that'll make my health 35. I don't think I'm that good to play some 35 health character. lol.



    Oh lawdy, meat effigies aren't good as Warfarin unless you got GOOOD weapons and armour. Or a bow.


    Otherwise, have a red amulet at the ready to equip if your health gets low.

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    Wow the father of Warfarin himself. lol

    I love your character very much.


    His sticky finger that can pick some item instantly is really helpful.  


    What do you mean by castle or fortress?

    Did you mean cover my base with walls?


    They're my favourite mod character to this day!


    Thy are a master thief, after all!


    And yep, for decoration. Could have like pigmen and bunnymen as villagers. Put all cobblestone down, just make it look cool! That's what I always do. I usually have a small village by day 40.

  5. Just an update for those unaware Im a sickly mess, I havent been producing art because I shake too much when holding my tablet pen and it effects the quality of my art.


    so thats why you havent seen anything from me lately, and Im sorry for that

    I now that feeling all too well.

    Mostly because my wrist joints are ****** up.

  6. Sry Lag As I was gonna say it could look sort of like this material with the shadow effect but uk



    I already got a general idea of what I want the Necrolancer to look like.




    There'll be more decor and such, but that's the basic sketch.

  7. NecroLancer could be like a lance imbued with shadow magic as In its magic

    so like this

    Its Long range so U can do like a throwing animation or it should grow really long when it attacks

    Like A slam attack but the lance gets bigger

    Necrolancer does have a longer attack range, but I still want something that reflects on the necromancer's personality.

  8. Oh wow this looks awesome. I wonder what rewards you will get once you killed one of those bosses. I am looking forward to playing this mod tiddles.


    Keep up the great work.

    Here's what I got so far. Not much, but it's a start:


    Nacht Heart - temporarily turn your blood into nightmare fuel. Cuts of some max sanity, makes you bleed out small minions when hit like the nacht.


    Necrolancer - Weapon. Haven't quite decided on what it'll do yet.


    From the vilgoat horn you'll be able to make a glaive. Auto-catching boomerang that hits all enemies in its path.


    Eye of the Tiger Watcher - Helmet. Still deciding on a magical property.

  9. Guess what? The animations for the 'smile' got corrupted! However, I can actually work with the corrupted version to make it spookier. the textures are almost done. 


    This is all you will hear of the 'smile' (Not the official name). I am giving no further details on what it is.

  10. This looks pretty fantastic, I'm not usually apt to download mods that change up the game so drastically, but I may just have to give this one a try! Very nice work, there's no doubt you've put a lot of love and effort into this, it shows in heaps! :grin:

    Thank you. My break is helping me alot, so I'm working on this again. Very slowly, but at least I am at all.

  11. That wasn't very rude. How dare you.

    I haven't slept in 5 days. Excuse me for not being bothered making every post rude.


    Is he related to Mike Tyson?




    ...wait, you said serious questions, didn't  you? crap!

    Google it.

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  12. Tiddles would you like to know when you die or not know when you die?

    I would not. I live in a constant mental state of 'every breath could be my last'. I try to make the best of ever single moment in my life. 


    If I were to know, I feel it would make a large part of my own personality and activity pointless.