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  1. hey Mr.tiddles i understand that you made a second version of this mod. Where can i find it?

    Nope. I was working on it, but it's been temporarily dropped. Mostly because it was 88mb - far too large for the forums or the steam workshop. When I do start working on it, it will have several DLCs to add the more magical stuff.

  2. Found other strange things. Koalefants don't run away from you, spring bees, depth worms, clockworks and merms aren't hostile.

    Also, don't know if it's wanted, but Hidey Hood drains tons of sanity.

    Koalefants still run away from me. You weren't wearing the hidey hood while these things weren't hostile, were you? Or sneaking?


    And yes, the hidey hood is supposed to drain sanity.

  3. I killed th bearger during night, minerhat on.

    For tentacles, they just don't spawn, but I still lose sanity when around them.

    For the feathers, I found a catcoon, and he kills birds for me, yeay. Not a problem anymore.

    Yeah, I need to add a tag to the miner hat. Enemies should still be able to attack if already targetting Warfarin.

    Nothing to do with the mod. There is nothing at all that would do anything to the tentacles. I think removing a tag to stop Warfarin from attacking walls caused it.

  4. You don't want to. Haha.


    Anyway, here is my feedback.

    This dude is very balanced. Low hp but stealth skills = very funny to play.

    Anyway, I found some issues I'd like to talk about.

    1) I don't know if it's intended but he doesn't spawn tentacles. They remain underground and won't spawn unless you bring a pig.

    2) Because feathers are not so easy to get, you should allow him to create more than one arrow with each recipe.

    3) Throwing knives need more resources than dagger. Whut?

    4) Even if I have the miner hat, I can be perfectly hidden in a bush. That's how I managed to kill a bearger at day 15 without being hit more than 1 time.

    Please, please, please, call them, them.


    The tentacles not spawning doesn't make any sense. I didn't edit the world gen in any way, so I think that's something else.

    I got fetahers no problem. And you're not supposed to be able to get them easily.

    You get 2 throwing knives per craft.

    Yeah, I forgot to add the light tag to it. But you should uncloak when enemies re near. what time was it?

  5. um i just watched jar devs spotlight on the OLD will mod and i couldn't find it here is it going to be uploaded soon or is it still in progress?

    Haven't released it. It will be uploaded within the next 2-4 months.

    Hey you have a version frensh of him? 


    I cant see his picture on the right in the character selection, it  only shows a black square.

    No problems on my end. Just you and other people having the problem,

  6. I have edit file atlas-0.tex in and him transparent


    There's a big problem with doing it in the atlas: when you're not wearing a hat, the head is less transparent when wearing a had and is more transparent when wearing a hat. The method I posted that you put in the prefab is a better method that is also the same method used for the actual shadow creatures.