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  1. Going to make a new non-Will-related mod that adds a craftable piece of paper with "moist" written on it, and it will be super OP.

  2. After starting a new game and beginning the construction of my beautiful base and thought something was missing: Braziers! Now adding them to William 2.

  3. Posting information on my secret project for William 2: The King of Lies NPC as an unlockable playable character!

    1. Rosten


      Man, you never cease to surprise me with your mods, i can see you winning best modder for The Hammy's, or any other award for that matter easily.

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      I never cease to amaze myself, either. Not with my mods, though; I mean my stupidity. Managed to stab myself in the brow hard enough for it to bleed with a rubber knife.

    3. HoneyHam
  4. Got my Harmonica! Now The King of Lies will have his own voice, and not sound like Mctusk!

  5. Adding a super secret feature. The only hint that probbly won't even help t all is: Kingdom of Madness

    1. Fidooop


      that hint gave the whole thing away! now everyone knows the secret! xD

    2. Percival


      Hm, Kingdom Of Madness?


  6. Turning William's mustache @ beard into a beard like Wilson's.It will grow faster than Wilson's, but gives much less hair.

    1. Dryicefox


      Great job, it looks nice!

      I think I might do this for a character who grows their hair. More hair than a beard but takes 3x longer. He's looking great. It really shows that you can't try to get everything perfect at first and is very inspiring.

    2. HoneyHam


      Yay William shaving!

  7. The HD textures are so big they my other computer's graphics card sound like a motorbike engine exploding.

  8. Finished the King of Lies and his rewards! *Plays Jingle Jangle Jingle on the kazoo*

  9. Why are ll these people posting "pls update" on mods that were MADE during the latest version?

  10. I'm afraid that William 2 may be too big for the Steam Workshop. :/

  11. William's Full Moon Form looks pretty finished to me. The build looks good, and there's only one minor bug.

  12. Re-making Will's Nightmare Form. It now works much like Woodie's WereBeaver form: Allowing you to "scratch" trees down, as well as having very high DPS.

  13. Need to make a magic sword and then William 2 can be released... any ideas on what it should do?

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      There's already a firesword in the mod. This one's a shadow sword.

    3. Battal


      Disorientation effect? Makes the target run around randomyly for a bit.

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  14. I haven't slept in 4 days... The lack of sleep is making the areas under my eyes so dark I LOOK like a DS character. :/

    1. Ephyb7


      I know that feel bro......

    2. Morgan17


      Heh. This status goes well with your current profile picture.

  15. Making this new shadow minions textures this big and colouring it black with a pencil tool is taking it's toll on my pen... Oh well, it looks awesome!

  16. Sorry to those who are looking forward to William 2, but I hear something strange creeping up behind me... Oh,! World of Warcraft, no!

  17. Finished the house, now it needs a fancy stove!

  18. Making William a craftable house. What seperates it fromt he others is: You don't sleep in it, you stay in it to regain health and sanity over time.

  19. Making the sounds for one of William's new shadow minions. Forgot to turn my computer volume down and now I feel cold, it scared me that bad.

  20. William 2 is almost ready for release! Just fixing up a few strings and such.

  21. William 2 version 0.5 is out! Go to the William 2 topic and get it while it's hot!

    1. Ioioto


      Can you send a link here?

    2. HoneyHam
    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      @Ioioto: It's up at the William 2 topic I made. Not too hard to get to.

  22. Will be uploading William 2 for public testing on the William 2 topic! Get it (soon) if you want so you can tell me if there are any issues.

  23. Currently working on the William 2 mod. It's pretty swell!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      It'll take a while! I've spent all day trying to finish his first shadow minion (no thanks to @Blazingice26, who made me make a Krampus mod) and I've only just been able to get started in its build.

    2. Rosten


      Well sorry i made you make a mod that took about 5 minutes :p

      not to mention the fact that in making said mod you are indirectly a supporter of the buff krampus campaign. I tricked you >=3

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Actually it was less than 5 minutes. Like 5 lines of coding in the modmain to change his prefab and 2 changes to his brain.

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