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  1. Poll time! 


    What instrument should the Nacht's voice be? I don't like using the stock scream sounds.




    -Distorted electronic keyboard


    Also update!


    I'm finally beating myself into the mentality of making ooone thing at a time. Previously, I was going a little bit of the Nacht, then the Necromancer, then back to the Nacht, then the Vilgoat, and it was all just a total mess! I'm getting more organized, and that will hopefully improve the time it takes to make or whatever. Maybe! Let's hope!


    And now for the update!


    Changing the way the Nacht's leap works again. I'd previously changed it to a short-distance blink that was UNAVOIDABLE AND DEALED 300 DAMAGE. But I realized that was stupid, so I gave him back his ol' leaping ability! Yay, Nacht! Also, the Nacht is able to run on water now. Have fun with that~!


    Vilgoat's howl now spawns less lightning, but surrounds the player in thick fog that will act as complete darkness. In other words: Stand in the darkness, you will be blinded and the night monster will kill you. Have fun with that, too~!

    As well as this change, the behavior of the Vilgoat's blinding bite has been changed as well. Instead of making your screen go pitch black, it will instead just temporarily stun you.


    Just to show you guys I'm still working on this! But, friends have started playing World of Warcraft, and they expect me to play with them.

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  2. As for Warfarin and the shopkeeper bug, I'd suggest looking here:



    And obviously the shopkeeper prefab.


    As for rubber armor, great! It'd be good to have some art done for the newer stuff.


    And the altar, definitely keep going. Nobody else has done it. :razz:


    Also, when you get a chance, as a low priority thing, Winnie will eventually need a ghost anim, for DST.


    Lastly, welcome back! :grin:



    I'll look into those.


    And great! I think I still have the beginnings of the altar, so that's great.


    And thank you! Glad to be back.

  3. Great. So, uhh. Maybe a day after I came back, the forums done stopped working for me! And it wasn't just the Klei forums, it was all the other forums that used the same, uhh..base? Or whatever they are. I could only access very few threads. It fixed itself, which is grand. But gee, was that annoying! 


    At the moment, I'm working on just a tiny little update with bug fixes and new artwork for my Warfarin mod, and something has been brought to my attention:


    Warfarin can't talk to the shopkeeper. I know what causes this and can fix it, but here's where I'm completely stumped: After talking to the shopkeeper, the camera will stay in the cinematic thingy. I'm still rather unfamiliar with the layout of U&A's code, so can anyone point me to the right place?




     I'll do artwork for the rubber armour! I've been getting well-acquainted with Spriter as of late. Also, should I keep going with the Altar, or has someone beat me to it? Again, sorry for the long absence.  

  4. Finally! Some news!



    I've been redoing the Vilgoat's smokey aura. After a good ~6 hours of it, I've found an effect that looks pretty good! 


    The Vilgoat no longer chases you with the farts of dooom!


    Also, been adding effects for the Nacht's teleport!



    Why no progress for so long?


    World of Warcraft, is the answer to that question! Oh, and Dying Light. Those two. Sorry 'bout that, folks.

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  5. *Clears throat* I apologize for my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG absence. Fortunately, I've gotten all of my personal-life-mumbo-jumbo sorted out.


    Right now, I'm just searching for bugs. But, I haven't seen a huge amount of stuff going on here- either because my browser is being a ****, or there just isn't. So, anything to be donering?



    Oh! I've been getting pretty good with animatering. Mayhaps I could take a look and smooth out some stuff. *Readies buzzsaw.* So smooth...

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  6. Fun lil' fact:

    The necromaner (His name is Wilfiend) is actually the original concept art of William J. Danninghar. Or at least the pre-undeath Wilfiend is. Here's what that concept/living Wilfiend looked like, along with his undead version.


    Don'tcha just want to smoosh his dorky lil' cheeks? 

    ...No? Just me?

    I'll just shut up now.



  7. Is this mod downloadable yet? Or do we have to become old to play this?

    It's about 40% complete. In it's current state, it's much less than playable.


    Patience. Making large mods like this all on my own (Besides the lil' tips mainly from super geniuses such as Simplex, Debugman, and others) takes time and effort.

  8. Good news and bad news:


    Good news! Yay!

    I've completed almost all of the necromancer's lines. Putting a list below, just so you can get an idea of his personality:


    Taunts when healthy:

    "What a beautiful sssspeccimen you are."
    "What have we here?"
    "I am the hunger of the sssshadowsss."
    "A new sssoul to devour..."
    "Maxwell brought me a new sssubject? Finally!"
    "It'sssss too late to turn back now, outsssider."
     "Ssssay outssssider, you don't look sssso good."
    Taunts when below 60% health:
    "You are an inssssect compared to me!"
    "Thessse landssss are mine! Mine, I ssssay!"
    "Disssgusting worm! Begone from these landsss!"
    "You are tessssting my patienccce!"
    "Hurry up and DIE!"
    "It'sssss just a flesh wound."
     "I sssshall not die!"
    "You are making me angry!"
    Taunts when below 30% health:
    "You are abhorrent to me!"
    "Hurry up...and die already!"
    "They won't let me die..."
    "End my ssssuffering!"
    "Thisss isss pointless."
    "Kill me already! Pleassse!"
    When casting corruption:
    "Kro'da nazz vier!"
    "Arisssse, my ssservantssss!"
    "Your end drawssss clossser, outsssider."
    "The sshadows heed my call!"
    When his minions are killed:
    "I handmade that minion!"
    "My children! No!"
    "You killed my children!"
    " monster!"
    "You are breaking my heart!"
    "You are tearing me apart, Outsssider!" (Room reference. Eh-heh-heh.)
    When harmed by his own explosives:
    "Watch it!"
    "No, no, no! Thossse are sssupposssed to kill you, not ME!"
    "How clumsssy of me!"
    "Oh, NO-O-O-O-O-O!" (Very subtle Jojo reference...)
    When attacked by bees:
    "Not the beesss!"
    "No, not again!"
    "They are mine now!"
    "I will have my revenge!"

    Just about finished the necromancer's new custom effects

    Done some other cool stuff


    Bad news! Oh, no.

    With all of the custom effects and everything, all of the many custom sounds, and my tendency to make everything as high-resolution as possible so it's all byoutifal, slower computers (Evidently worse for Windows users, such as myself) will unfortunately experience some preeeeeeetty long loading times. Simplex' Memory Spike Fix will clear the problem right up, but...yeah. Though that also may be because my computer is just a laptop. Haven't been having memory problems like with Writhe, fortunately.