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  1. You can unzip each of the zips (the build one and the animation ones) in a separate folder and pass all of them as arguments. If these files have more than one bank or anim, you can specify which build/bank you want by

    $ ktech --build build_name --bank bank_name build_folder anim_folder1 anim_folder2 output_folder

    That worked for my Vilgoat, but now the Varg is rather...



    EDIT: I think I found a fix. Could it be because the new .zip is replacing the default Varg bank and messing it up? I'm fixing up the animations a bit (Because making it an scml caused some issues) and about to give it a new bank name. Might fix it, yeah?


    ANOTHER EDIT: Yep, I was right. Just had to go into spriter and change the bank name.

  2. im running this mod with rog and i havent encountered any problems so far

    He can't use any of the new items, apply wet fuel to fires (So in spring if you're about to die due to darkness and all your stuff is wet, you're going to die), feed animals in his inventory, use the old bell, bury Webber's skull, etc.

  3. It's very likely there's something going on specifically with Mr. Tiddles' Writhe mod causing memory to pile up (seemingly caused by asset loading piling on top of itself). It's a character mod with just a few prefabs, it shouldn't be crashing without this mod anyway.

    And after spending roughly 50+ hours just staring at every letter, number, and other symbol in every lua, I just can't find anything.It's probably something super obvious that I'm just missing.

  4. Do you also have a bunch of repeated asset loading blocks with MemSpikeFix disabled?

    (MemSpikeFix should have no impact on that, but it doesn't hurt to check)

    No, adventure works fine without MemSpikeFix enabled. But it still crash when I tried to save and quit. Weird, it fixes saving and quitting, but adventure mode seems to only actually crash WITH it enabled. I'll keep testing, but at the moment I've only been able to reproduce the crash with MemSpikeFix enabled. And the log doesn't repeat asset loading when I die in adventure, either.


    Since all of his hand tools work almost the same, I put them all the basic ones in one prefab, and the special ones (Torch, hammer, and bugnet) in another to save room, could that be the cause of my issue? Nevermind, I get the error even if I get rid of the prefabs altogether.

  5. There's no way this mod may not be working when you die in adventure if it's working in other scenarios. There's nothing specific about that scenario.

    What is likely happening is that mod assets are being reloaded multiple times on top of each other after dying in adventure, without releasing the old memory, so even if this mod is reducing memory usage, it's being multiplied beyond the limit anyway. Hopefully Cheerio's fix for multiple mod asset loading will take care of this case.

    But you may also have a memory leak in your mod. It's a bit strange Writhe could push the memory beyond the limit anyway, since it's not a large mod.

    Ah. Well that's a bummer, seeing as one of Writhe's character-specific items is only available to him in adventure mode.


    I think it's strange, as well.  I'll be redoing the modmain with a fresh .lua, since removing every single prefab from the mod doesn't remove the issue. 


    I have about 600 lines of just

    scripts/mods.lua(264,1) Mod: Writhe Registering prefabs scripts/mods.lua(270,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering prefab file: prefabs/writhe scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhe scripts/mods.lua(270,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering prefab file: prefabs/daddiesvest scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     daddiesvest scripts/mods.lua(270,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering prefab file: prefabs/writhetools scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_1 scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_2 scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_3 scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_4 scripts/mods.lua(270,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering prefab file: prefabs/writhetools2 scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_f scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_h scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhetool_b scripts/mods.lua(270,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering prefab file: prefabs/hat_writhediviner scripts/mods.lua(274,1) Mod: Writhe     writhedivinehat scripts/mods.lua(287,1) Mod: Writhe   Registering default mod prefab ../mods/MemSpikeFix/memspikefix.lua(73,1) MEMFIXING Writhe MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( minimap/minimap_data.xml )MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( ../mods/Writhe/images/writhe.xml )

    repeated in the log.txt, right at the bottom. The only thing beneath it being 

    scripts/components/seasonmanager.lua(1528,1) SPRING TIME

  6. This seems to not affect when you die in adventure. When I died in adventure, I still got the crash, and the bottom of the log was just reloading the mods about 5 times again. Is this just me?

  7. Thanks, glad to be of use!

    Cheerio also pushed a fix to the base game (which will be released in the next update, whenever that will be) stopping mod assets from being loaded twice; when that's released, the issues with memory usage should become even smaller. Hopefully the fix implemented in this mod will also make into the base game eventually.

    Fantastic. I was wondering what was causing the issue all this time. I hope it will, too.

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  8. Thank you very much, that fixed my Writhe mod. I'll make sure to say "This mod will help" with a link to this. Much easier than having to re-write the bloody thing. You, Simplex, are a genius!

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  9. "It's just making our creepy Maxwell" "more weirder and less scarier" ... " this mod"...

    "Sorry..." " i...have a snarling spider attack."

    Fixed it.

    "Gender confused?" Not quite, maybe 


    Either way like most of the people who A) cannot script(unlike Tiddles-boy here) and/or B)Want to make a joke, It is purely for jest in consideration of the Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual movement set in motion by Dana

    Actually, I said why I made this in the description: I just drew a picture of Maxwell wearing make-up for funsies in my video showing how I draw, and my friend wanted me to make it into a mod. No gender confusion there and to be honest, YetiFoot, that did kind of offend me. And I never get offended. If you don't like the mod, ignore it and don't complain about it. I havefirends who are confused about their gender, and it's not easy for them.

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    from my log.txt:

    Reset() returning
    ../mods/Backpack/images/newslots.tex is 340x68 but compressed textures must have power of 2 dimensions.
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Backpack/images/newslots.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    340x68 format: 0x83f3 mips: 9
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Warfarin- RoG/images/saveslot_portraits/warfarin.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    120x104 format: 0x1908 mips: 7
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Warfarin- RoG/images/selectscreen_portraits/warfarin.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    188x284 format: 0x1908 mips: 9
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Warfarin- RoG/images/selectscreen_portraits/warfarin_silho.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    188x284 format: 0x1908 mips: 9
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Warfarin- RoG/bigportraits/warfarin.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    560x720 format: 0x1908 mips: 10
    ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on ../mods/Warfarin- RoG/tabs/warfarintab.tex. glGetError returned 0x501
    80x80 format: 0x1908 mips: 7
    and so on... how to fix this?


    i don't know and I've never seen that.

  11. In the description, you talked about adding a hound hood that lets you breath through smoke and whatnot. Will you eventually do it and maybe add more? or you're just done with this mod?


    p.s- This is now my favorite character and i would love an update on him, but i know you're busy with other mods.

    It's half-finished, actually. I'll be able to finish it after I'm done with this huge list. I have two mods that I have to finish and release at the same time.

  12. Stuffs

    The mute was supposed to be one of the debuffs, as was the low health, to balance the ranged weapons.


    If you could post either the log (Located in Documents/klei/do_not_starve for me) or a screenshot of the error screen to the mod page here:


    I will see what the problem is and see if I can fix it. 


    Have you updated recently? Because there was a crash with the backstab function located in that lua you said the error was in. I believe I have fixed that.


    I fixed many, many, many, many of the crashes. And just saying their are crashes without saying how they happened isn't helping.


    A mod creator is allowed to stand up for the mod he created. Warfarin is made for those who can listen carefully, stay aware, or are looking for a challenge.


    You are free to modify Warfarin (as I can not stop you) so long as you do not upload the modified version anywhere.

  14.  Warfarin should act the same

    I think otherwise, and will not be changing my mod for one person. Don't mean to sound rude, but adding that and giving Warfarin a personality breaks what I intended them to be: A total mystery. The player is not supposed to know what they think or how they feel.

  15. There's a speech file for this character so why doesn't he say anything? "Muting" a character is not an option. I mostly play without sound and i need to know when the hounds are coming for me.

    It is, and I did it. I made them mute because it suited their personality. I'm not changing it.