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  1. 10 hours ago, QuickShot010 said:

    Here you go! Thanks a lot for taking a look for me! :)

    The character art only is his head and neutral face for now, just so you know it might look weird in game!


    No worries, artwork is usually the last thing to be done. And problem found! You put the willem_run files into a .rar instead of a .zip. Easy enough fix!

    You can just plop the .bins and the atlas into the anim folder, right click, and go sent to > compressed folder. And name that compressed folder willem_zip

    Also in the state, while the Build is willem_run the Bank should still be wilbur_run. Hope that helped!

  2. 1 minute ago, QuickShot010 said:

    Yes, the prefab is listed in the assets. The build inside the zip also is named "willem_run". 

    Also, i'm not sure where the error is originating from since the crash log isn't reffering to any lines in my modded files.

    If you want i can upload the mod so you can have a look at it?

    That might be best.


    On 11/16/2019 at 9:53 AM, D1R3W0LF22 said:

    Is there a way to make it so when you're starving you lose more health than normal? I want my character to starve to death faster.

    There is! Located in the hunger component (scripts/components/hunger.lua) is "self.hurtrate"

    When it comes to "self.." lines in component files, outside of that file (specifically in the player's prefab) you would refer to it as inst.components.hunger.hurtrate = CUSTOM VALUE


    Hope that helps give you what you're looking forwards to as well as well as a lil' tip for the future! 

  4. local function onattack(inst, attacker, target)
        if ~= nil and < (*0.25) then

    That oughta do it


    EDIT < (*0.25) would probably work better. Lmao

  5. I'm working on a character for myself in Together- and I've just about finished. Only problem is...

    She dies in light. This part is intentional. But one thing that's a problem: The light that appears at your feet when you log into the server during dusk/night. I've looked around and said light doesn't seem to have a prefab. And it mayhaps be due to my being exhausted, but I just can't find the dang thing! Anyone got any lil' fingers to point the way?

    I'm not asking for a big finger.

    Just a lil' finger.

  6. SOME NEWS! Possibly bad news. But some good news, too!


    The good news: this mod is not abandoned. However there have been countless setbacks due to, to put it bluntly, my own mental stability faulting due to problems IRL.



    The possibly bad news?


    I'm scrapping the Necromancer. For several reasons:


    1: I felt like he just didn't fit in with the rest of the hunters.

    2: His mechanics were simply too complex while also being too similar to the Watcher. As such, I've change the Watcher to act more like him in battle- while also keeping the time skip abilities.

    3: His idea just wasn't all that original.


    But don't despair! Assuming I keep modding, Willfiend will probably make an appearance later on. Ya'll know how much I like re-using scrapped material!


    As for progress? Due to the above-mentioned complications, I haven't done much. But with Willfiend out of the picture, things will be sped up quite alot.

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  7. The answers you seek lie within the hats.lua prefab, located in the scripts-prefabs folder, my child.



    What I mean is, the colourcube override is in the onequip/onunequip functions in the hat.lua. What you'd wanna do is make a prefab postinit for the molehat itself. 


    Adding a function something like this in said postinit:


            inst.components.equippable:SetOnEquip( function(inst)
    And as for what thingy to do? You'll find your clues in the hat.lua.
    An unequip would be uneeded, as it already just removes the colour cube and night vision. 

  8. I believe so. On the Steam Workshop, at least. As I've unfortunately had to file several copyright claims to people reuploading my mods without permission (some of whom even tried to claim I wasn't the original author. seriously.)


    Here, I'm not sure. 



    Buut! If you do wanna use something else another modder has made - just ask 'em to make sure. Most people're pretty generous with this stuff. And they'll apprediate it -- especially if you give a lil' "thank you" in the description somewhere. 

  9. Okay,'s the dealio.


    My computer has decided, "Naw dude, you try to do anything besides play World of Warcraft or these few other games, I'm gonna crash. And I'll also crash sometimes while playing those games, too!"


    So, 'til I get a new computer...blech. 



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  10. Soooo, I probably won't be doing much here. At all.


    I got alot of **** going on with schooling, and friends increasingly wanting to play games with them. I'm barely able to do just my Hunted mod right now, so I really doubt I'll have time to help with U&A, too.


    I may very rarely plunk something small in here every now and then. But it seemed like the day after I said I was coming back that my friends started taking up all of my time. Damnit, friends! Why can't I just be forever alone!


    Anywho. Best of luck with it! 

  11. ohhhhh maybe I should stop twerkin' my gherkin and maybe enough blood will flow to my brain to figure these things out!

    aw shite I can't put anything on this thread without asking a serious question let me think for a min..... uhhhh


    can you name all 13 books of the broble?


    Eating Mormons 21;34


    I don't remember the rest.

  12. NECROBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP FROM THE FUTUUUUUUUUUURE just took the time to read this entire thread idfk why but I'd like to ask you a very important serious question...


    a bunny rabbit's left foot in the pond of immortality wrapped in a soggy sheet of plastic spoons and badly made ironic T-Shirts can be sarcastic with 3 salad forks and 2 pinches of salt mixed in with a good cup o' tears how??

    The answer to that question is quite obvious, you dumb-dumb!


    The answer is skid-marks in your jogging shorts.