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  1. I have messed around with the scripts and the prefabs to try and make him available with the new updates and ROG but itseems that no matter what the prefabs seclection of food wont let you eat rocks and nothing is working. i know this is old but this is my faviorte artwork/design of this character, and id love to see him make a return and thrive.

    I'm no longer modding for the time being, but I did specificaly state in the thread which I said so that people must ask my permission to upload modified or copied content of mine. Next time, do be sure to do so. I may make him RoG-compatible after my break. However, he was made to be just a cheap little character for Christmas and is nothing like I wanted him to be.

  2. I can't seem to get it to work either without it either crashing and stalling at a black screen or crashing to desktop now.  Did the hotfix released on June 24th possibly have any effect on this mod?

    For the game? The API version update, I believe. You'll have to update the game for the mod to work if you're playing standalone Don't Starve.

  3. it wont load it auto disables and it says its crashed im using RoG version of mod with RoG installed


    the same here :/

    If you're using the standalone version of Don't Starve, try updating it. If you're using Steam, try going into properties and verifying integrity of game cache, to redownload any faulty files in the game.

  4. hey, I having some trouble( I'll post the pic link), after the game starts it crashes, Maxwell says his lines, Writhe opens his eyes, starts to get up and.. CRASH! BTW, I am the one who had the Warfarin problens( crashes, black screen on the portraits and missing textures on the itens) and I would like to know how it is going(warfarin is a badass, and I wanto to use it)

    Seems like your computer. I can't reproduce the problem at all, nor do I know what's wrong to try and fix it.

  5. now I want to report e bug in my game, the textures of the weapons don't appear, it's just a blackbox, it happens with the big portrait and the small portrait( images below) and, when the HitD was enable, the game crashed every time I crafted an iten from the Stealth tab, I had to disable the HitD, craft the itens, enable it again, and so I can craft what I already know the recipe. If it helps, i'm using the following mods: HitD, MemSpikeFix, musha(the puppy princess), UpAndAway and Warfarin- Vanilla

    That would be because the textures aren't at a resolution to the power of 2. Fixing this may need me re-drawing the textures of all of their items.The big portrait is an easier fix. And the smallportrait doing it is rather odd, since I got it from the tutorial. 

  6. thanks for the fast response. I didn't notice that they run faster, my bad, and, about the texture, I know it is the same, but this char is a LOT cooler than the others! It don't need a higher definition skin, It deserves!(I don't mean that you have to do it, you do it if you want)

    I'll be making HD textures for every vanilla character and Warfarin after I finish the mod I'm currently working on.

  7. Hey Mr. Tiddles, I think Warfarin could be a little faster, he's a thief, for God's sake! And its skin could be in a higher definition, because it is a badass skin, but in a higher definition, would be better (not so high though). Well, that's it, this is an awesome mod, thanks for reading it and sorry for the bad english, I am a braziliam.

    The resolution for the textures are the same as the normal characters, and they actually do run a bit faster than normal characters, as well. Not much, but just a bit. This character is not at all supposed to be strong.