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  1. Damnit, I want to draw but I'm not feeling it. Want to draw a header for my new Tumblr.

  2. Who here remembers the King of Lies? he may just be part of a future mod...

    1. motrudrung1
    2. Crockpot


      Glad he might be making a return in the future, something about him was so... evil?

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Strange. He's not evil at all. He may be insane and kind of a d***, but he's a nice guy. Honest!

  3. That moment when I get blocked because someone thinks I cyber-<3 on WoW.

  4. Been drawing the Necromancer's berry bush minion all day. Damn, the face is complicated!

  5. Warfarin's gender will be released somewhere well-hidden somewhere in the possibly near future. Not telling you anything besides that, all I'm saying is that you'll have to look for it, and NO TELLING

  6. Warfarin's gender will be released somewhere well-hidden somewhere in the possibly near future. Not telling you anything besides that, all I'm saying is that you'll have to look for it, and NO TELLING

  7. The code was "Heart". You're out of time, lads.

  8. I will be leaving subtle hints in every post until the end of the week. If you pick the hints up and guess the code, you get a picture of Warfarin with no mask on, revealing their gender.

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    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      @Lord_Battal, theism mean you do believe in god. Atheism is not believing in god. And shut up, I do a lot of typos! I type too fast.

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Oh,and about my rule. I may also make random letters in caps just to fool you. Have fun! If no one guesses, I may add an extra few days.

    4. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      New rule to make it easier: If I choose to include very letter of the code, I can not make the same letter capitalized twice.

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  9. Electricity came back a few hours early, yay!

  10. No internet tomorrow, so I won't be able to work or reply to any messages. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    1. Fidooop


      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!

  11. Warfarin's animations are not broken! I just accidentally deleted the entire character animation bank somehow. Oops.

  12. My WoW just got hacked. Fan-****ing-tastic!

  13. Came on this morning to find that Warfarin's animations no longer work. This'll take a bit for me to fix because I'm busy at the moment.

  14. Rest in RIP Glommer, age 86 days, died to Bearger.

  15. While attempting to pop a pimple I ended up tearing a chunk of skin almost an inch wide off my forehead. Curse my talon-like fingers!

    1. ThePreChewedTree


      Sounds painful. ಠ_ಠ

  16. Was going to draw some concept art for Hunted and put it up for you guys, but my cat decided my drawing pad would be a good place to sleep.

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      And yes, I now they're actually called Graphics Tablets. But every time I call them that people think I mean like a smartphone or an Ipad app.

    2. Dryicefox


      Does freeze up when doing large atlases? Ex. a 4k by 2k image.

      Or is it more stable than gimp with big images?

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      It does freeze up if you zoom out and move around the screen too fast. I'm currently looking for a new program. And I hate GIMP.

  17. New update for Warfarin is out! Lots and lots of changes and fixes! The black box bug has also been fixed.

  18. Going to make Don't Starve styled taffy out of just honey. Mmm. Gonna make some wrapping and put it up.

  19. Playing an epic free-to-play game called Warframe. Anyone wanna join meh?

    1. Morgan17


      Dear god, what happened to your profile?!

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      What do you mean? What happened to my profile?

    3. Crockpot


      I don't think he has seen your profile picture into now...

  20. Fixing up one of my old mod characters and releasing it. Expect a new lil' mod soon! Possibly even today.

  21. Yaaaay, it's winter! Time to not wake up with a huge heat rash every morning!

    1. InaneDugong


      wehrbouhagwetljhbawet THIS.

  22. Just found out that Old William is currently 88mb from the anim folder alone...

    1. greenglacier


      xD My whole game folder is 200 mb at the moment without mods. So, that's a "bit" much from a mod :D Buuut... Your mod is still pretty cool.

  23. Found someone giving out illegal copies of the game via youtube. Who do I send the link to the pirate's video to without having people see it and get it while it's up, if I send it to anyone?

    1. Percival


      Private Message?

  24. I think I may be a natural cook. Best duck I've ever had! Beautifully golden and moist, with lots of blood.

    1. Fidooop


      and he accidentally did it because he through hot fat in his cat's eyes

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Not in my cat's eyes, just on his head, torso, and hip-area. It was a big splash. And it wasn't BECAUSE of that. Would've probably turned out better if that hadn't happened.