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  1. This is my favorite character but I have a request to you, This is not a bug maybe you can fix it.

    This character does not pronounce any words and for this reason I can not see how much the opponent has HP also (when I click left ALT + click) I can not milk beefalo. Every time overhead occurs heart and our character waving


    That's intended.

    The milking one, on the other hand, would be due to Warfarin's stategraph. An easy enough fix. I am rather busy at the moment, but I'll have the milking fix out as soon as possible!


    The talking will not be 'fixed' though. That is an intended feature.

  2. Sorry for my english is not perfect


    My character Warfarin animations losing hair and the game starts very lagging, anyone knows how to solve this problem ?

    That's peculiar. Could you go to documents/klei/DoNotStarve and copy the log.txt for me?

    I would appreciate if you could send it to me as a private message.

  3. Amusing. But, doesn't the bow recipe extend to all characters, or is it like the special spear and helm that Wathgithr can make? Too true about the being 12 thing, but wouldn't that kinda move into the territory of Willow* and Wendy*; and the game aspect of anyone learning anything.


    *(Of unspecified age, but still looking younger than every other character.)

    The crafting recipes are inside Warfarin's prefab. Only Warfarin may craft or use the items. If I ever make a specific version for multiplayer(Or edit this one to work better with multiplayer), only Warfarin alone will able to use any of the items.

    And I don't know. The whole 'how old r they' missed my interest by a few hundred miles.

  4. Wait, I have a question about the 2nd arrow. Isn't that arrow for blunt impact; because the spike points toward the target for bleeding damage, I'd assume. The spikes here would also make the arrow lose more speed over time because their aerodynamics would be put off by the extra availability to collect air pockets.

    If it were to harm the person in question more-so, they would probably face away from the target, like the inward facing point on the end of a fishing hook. This would fix the problem of aerodynamic-ness(dunno the word), and would cause more damage as tissue would try to rest on the pointy bits. Also, if it were to hit, say a blood vessel, it would do even more damage as veins contract, or expand when blood pressure rises due to elevated heart rates.


    So here is the final question: Why the former instead of the latter?

    They're made by jamming ****ing bee stingers into the shaft of an arrow! That makes so little sense alone to me that the direction they're facing doesn't really matter. I didn't make the arrows to be realistic, you know. I just wanted them to look silly and over-the-top. And, I mean, we're talking about a twelve year old child who's smart enough to make a magical hood to make themselves invisible, and a bow out of grass and marble!

  5. Hey Mr. Tiddles, I've come across an issue with "Up and Away". When you use the talk action on the shopkeeper to get things started, Warfarin just stands there and the shopkeeper doesn't respond. I've come across another player with the same issue in the "Up and Away" thread.

    I'll take a look at it. Warfarin's muteness is handled in a COMPLETELY different way to Wes', so I'm afraid there's a very small chance I won't be able to fix it.

  6. Just a heads up, I've found a slight "incompatibility" (maybe that's the wrong word here, since it's more of a graphical glitch) when this mod is active along with Fidooop's "Nightmare Crafting Tab". The transparency effect will perpetually flicker on and off whenever it's called from either your mod, or his. It doesn't seem to affect the sneaking mechanic at all, and is generally just annoying to look at. Aside from that, I'll just say that while I generally stay away from any kind of custom characters, this character is by far on of my favorite's to play. Super huge fan of your mods man, always looking forward to what you put out next! ^ ^

    Yep, that sounds about right. Anything that changes the player colour will cause Warfarin to flicker, due to the stealth mechanic functioning as a periodic task.

  7. He is "sticky fingered", so shouldn't he not be prone to dropping very wet items in RoG, right?

    They don't literally have sticky fingers. It's a metaphorical 'title' for people who ****** things- like thieves.  

    Why was s-n-a-t-c-h turned to *****? Get yer mind out of the gutter, forums!