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  1. Ahh, plum it! I'ma post about the mod I'm uploading.

  2. Got a mod coming out soon. Not giving out any details at this point.

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    2. Chris1448


      Is it a little thing called "Hunted"?

    3. Asparagus


      can we eat it? (food related?)

      can we kill it with fire? (willow)

      can you show me the world? (world... gen?)

    4. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      It is no Hunted (Still working on it, though!)

      And it is not edible, killable, or world-generating.

      It is even funner!

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    1. Michi01



  4. Oh shite, the spammers have been going hard these past whiles!

  5. I'm sorry for dying! I'm back, guys! Totally back!

    1. ThePreChewedTree



    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Yeah, death got boring after a while, so I just slipped Jesus a 20 and he let me outta Heaven.

  6. Merry Crustmas, everybody!

    1. greenglacier


      Merry Christmas Tiddles.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Merry Christmas dude!

      And to you too greenglacier!

  7. Vote Warfarin top mod of 2014 here right now if you want me to like you!

  8. I want a pet unicorn. I wish to name it Brony Friendzoney.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Why can't I like and favorite this? WHY?

  9. Update for Warfarin is being released as soon as people who had the black box problem confirm that I have fixed it. There's a download to the now open beta in the thread.

  10. There is now a tinyurl link that leads to a picture of Warfarin without their mask on. I will give no more hints. Also, the update will be coming out some time...this week, hopefully. Damn you, Warlords of Draenor!

  11. Having some nasty computer issues. Mod progress will be delayed further for a while, sorry. Now I have leanred my lesson that eating soup at the keyboard is a bad idea!

  12. S̨̢̟̥̮­­͇͈͓͉͉̣ ̶̵̪̜̪̰͕̙̱̜M͉̠͟Ɨ͚͙͢͟͠Ł̰̤̲͠Ɇ͕̙͉̫͓͉͈̖͞ͅ!

    1. greenglacier


      I'm being spooked of these creepy wirtings. Seems like it's some kind of virus spreading inhere.

  13. The spooks are being spooky!

  14. I demand a title! I must be the Drinker of Chocolate Milk!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      I am the king (of chocolate milk)! I demand your repsukt! Hurblegruble!

    2. Auth


      Why don't you summon the title fairy if you want a title so bad? I'm sure he'd just love a notification of someone demanding they give something to him. (Reference to the current situation with keys)

    3. delete accoun

      delete accoun

      I was supposed to be the future "president" of Canada.

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  15. Fable Anniversary. ****ing terrible. Even Guise of the Wolf is more enjoyable to play. At least Guise of the Wolf's camera actually works!

    1. greenglacier


      Let me guess. Telltale games?

    2. Rosten


      Obligatory "Sonic Heroes Camera" comment

  16. Update for Warfarin in a while. Update includes: Badge for a clearer way of knowing if you're sneaking or not, ability to hide in neutral treeguards for mobile cover, fix for the black items bug.

  17. Working on a minor update to the Warfarin mod. This may include fixes for the texture problems with the items.

  18. I've never done a full-body drawing of a female- especially not a masculine female. Jeez, this is harder than expected.

    1. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      Yeah, I agree weman are harder to draw than men. Mine usually end up looking like a man with long hair...

    2. greenglacier


      That's... something.

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles There's the almost-finished product. I think it turned out well!

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  19. I've had over 10 people think asexuality means I can sneeze out a clone of myself at will. MUAHAHAHA! The army of Twerking Gherkins shall rule the world- and make awesome mods while we're at it!

    1. KidneyBeanBoy


      That would be both awesome and disturbing at the same time.

  20. Anyone here play Warframe? Add 'Tiddlerdoo'!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      And give me platinum because I've already put $300 into this game and I'm out of moneys and platinum.

  21. I want a title. The drinker of chocolate milk! Pay me $100 on kickstarter to make it happen.

    1. ThePreChewedTree


      I own a whopping $20.

      I wish Pre-Teens could get jobs..

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Pa! $20? I have a whole %2! #Minimalpay

    3. Auth


      I could afford that amount x5 but then i would die because thats all the muney i got

      $500 later

      yeah muney well spent

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  22. Snow Chester plush! Yaaaaaay! And Willow figurine - the one I was hoping for!

  23. Just had an argument with a Canadian about who's mother was nicer. Yes I'm serious!

  24. Got PaintTool Sai! Managed to find the link to actually buy it 7 pages behind pirated download links. Damnit, Google!

  25. Who here wants to see King of Lies with he bottom of his robes missing? His shoes are waaaay too big for his legs!