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  1. Fear not - William is still underway! But at the moment I've realized Warfarin is a bit lacking in a few gamemodes. ;]

    Cooking up a special ability for The Forge and The Gorge, basically.

  2.  Last robot to go and it's onto the speech and bigportrait! Progress! 


  3. Wowee looks like the latest update broke Single Player Warfarin BADLY.

  4. Yo, to any mods: Would I be right in uploading the DST Warfarin as their own file since they're so vastly different to the single player version and thus require their own description? Or should I just update the existing page?

  5. image.thumb.png.a43b989d6b62934225122c77b22f386c.pngThe second bot is taking a bit more work artistically. Have some more of the first

  6. More WIP - reuploaded because of obscene gesture. 


  7. Sorry about all the silence! College assignments went wild, but on the bright side the involuntary break gave me some fresh eyes. More updates'll come soon...


    1. ImDaMisterL


      Nice, dude! My vacations are next month and I can't waaait to be rid of college.

      I was pretty inactive a while back because of assignments, but now my workload has diminished so I started being active here again.

      Glad to see you're still around and modding. I hope you have fun working on Warfarin's changes :)

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Hey, hey same boat.

      Most of the changes are done already though. :p I'm just sitting on 'em for a bit to iron out a couple little issues here and there, but mainly I'm waiting for a response to a bug report I put through for an issue that affects Warf pretty heavily. In the meantime I've been feelin' a bit nostalgic and thinking I might give ol' William a facelift and send him in as well.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Oh man, nostalgia overload! I remember the good old days people were showcasing your mods. They were always so full of content they inspired me to help the modding community lol

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  8. These both seem to be bugs or technical oversights, so I'm putting them in the bugs. Anywho! I've recently gotten back into the ol' DST and decided to give Wortox a shot. And for the most part he works great! But there's two issues... Prob A) When the mouse cursor hovers over ANYTHING, regardless of whether or not they have a RMB action, the prompt to soul hop vanishes. In open spaces this is minorly annoying if a bird flies over your cursor right as you're about to hop from danger (my luck with that is awful) but in busy forests this is lethal for poor Wortox as finding a place to hop in the heat of battle is far more stressful than need be. Prob B) Sometimes the action just breaks entirely if you're running. Like, if you're holding a directional key or holding the mouse down, no matter how many times you smash that RMB he just won't hop. But then sometimes he does. Even if Prob A was a (kinda weird) design choice, this screams bug to me and I think all Wortox mains would rejoice if it were fixed! EDIT 2: The cause seems to be if other actions are interrupted! Say if you begin picking a sapling, but the action gets interrupted. EDIT 3: Not just interrupted; it happens sometimes if you successfully harvest the sapling as well. It seems to only happen if you load in as Wortox, as despawning to choose another character and then going back to Wortox seems to resolve the issue until I leave and rejoin the server, or at the very least make it far less likely to occur. I don't really think this is a bug that needs the log to be brought in, but say if it'll help and I can provide! G'day to you all. EDIT 1: Realized I posted this in the Return of Them section instead of the regular DST. My bad.
  9. Unfortunately you must hold the force attack key to attack unarmed. I may be getting back into modding to fix up other mods, so I may fix this while I'm at it. It is a very big 'may' though. I have to reinstall everything, and some things just aren't working.
  10. I direct you to the comments just prior to your own.
  11. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase send the log via a PRIVATE MESSAGE so I can have a look at it. To not post it in the description and if you do, put it in spoilers.
  12. Send it via Private Message, please, as to not clog up the comment section. I'll look into it in a bit. Though the Swift and the Dead part makeme suspect you're using an outdates version. Try redownloading it.
  13. Please go to documents>klei>DoNotStarve and PM me the log.txt.
  14. Heeeey JoeW? Can I have that big ugly warnin' off my account? I'll give you a smiley emoticon!

    1. JoeW


      Hah, I bet you are! =)

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Yipee! In cthat case, here's that promised smiley emoticon. Let it fill you with joy and content. I typed it myself.


    3. silver976


      hello, i have a problem with the mod "warfarin", can you help me please ?! :D


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  15. Plz provide more details so I know what the problem is What version of the game you're running would be most helpful, in this case.
  16. Say pal, there's a thing called constructive criticism, y'know. Just being nasty helps no one- especially not the developer. You know what could help? Giving them a friendly suggestion of something they could add is a good way! And if they're not stubborn ******s like myself, they might even consider adding what you suggest.
  17. Merry burfmas to me

    1. Mobbstar


      Marry fartass to thee

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Marty Buttfarts to me.

    3. jamchop


      i like how it slowly deformed

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  18. Murry Krezzmoss you beautiful nerds you

  19. RIP Willow day 18, got poisoned by flying stingrays and set her own boat on fire.

  20. SOME NEWS! Possibly bad news. But some good news, too! The good news: this mod is not abandoned. However there have been countless setbacks due to, to put it bluntly, my own mental stability faulting due to problems IRL. The possibly bad news? I'm scrapping the Necromancer. For several reasons: 1: I felt like he just didn't fit in with the rest of the hunters. 2: His mechanics were simply too complex while also being too similar to the Watcher. As such, I've change the Watcher to act more like him in battle- while also keeping the time skip abilities. 3: His idea just wasn't all that original. But don't despair! Assuming I keep modding, Willfiend will probably make an appearance later on. Ya'll know how much I like re-using scrapped material! As for progress? Due to the above-mentioned complications, I haven't done much. But with Willfiend out of the picture, things will be sped up quite alot.