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  1. Warfarin, The Sticky Fingered!

    RECENTLY: Made it work with Shipwrecked's new update.
    A mod I thought would be a good balanced character. Warfarin is a twelve year old orphan of unknown gender, who also holds no value to human life. They kill who they must to survive and without question, they steal what they must. They are also mute.
    45 health
    100 hunger
    100 sanity (Drains half as fast in darkness, but twice as fast as default from monsters)
    Shows a heart above head when examining animals, and a broken heart at monsters. Anything else will just be '...'
    Can jump!
    Hitting the designated jump key will make Warfarin jump a considerable distance forwards. Good for evading! Hitting jump again in mid air will make Warfarin roll upon landing, rolling works the same as before. Just jumping costs no hunger, but rolling costs 0.50 hunger. Hitting jump key a second time in mid-air will cancel out the roll command.
    Jumping over a wall will make Warfarin climb and vault over it, making the jump go considerably farther.
    Can jump over gaps in terrain, up to about 2 tiles of water. Having a wall at the edge makes the jump go EVEN LONGER! Costs 1 hunger to go over water. If you miss and land in water, you'll be teleported in a random location preeeeeeety far away, with 5 health, 25 sanity, and 10 hunger taken away.
    Jumping when real close to a tree will make you climb into the tree. In trees, you CAN be attacked, but not seen by unalerted hostiles - even if a lightsource is nearby. When in trees, clicking anywhere on the screen will make Warfarin face where you clicked. And the jump key will make Warfarin jump out of the tree in the direction clicked. When in trees, clicking on another tree will make Warfarin face that specific tree.
    Clicking on an enemy and then jumping will make Warfarin leap out of the tree and stealth-attack! No more of that clunky roll stuff!
    After jumping out of a tree, hitting the jump key when real close to another tree will make you quickly hop into that new tree.
    Wearing the Hidey Hood or Hallowed Mask will augment your jumps!
    When jumping with the hidey hood, you will drop a web trap behind you that will greatly slow enemies down or a short duration of time. But, in return, you'll take 60% extra damage for a few seconds.
    Jumping with the Hallowed Mask on will envelop you in a brief cloud of 'Black Death' as you move, at the cost of sanity. Think of it as a combat charge, kinda.
    Here's a demonstration video! ...I really need to buy Bandicam at some point.
    Deals 75% default damage.
    Runs slightly faster than default.
    Can pickpocket pigmen at dusk.
    Picks up everything instantly: Berry bushes, grass, crock pots, drying racks, etc.
    Can hide in trees, berry bushes, tall grass, and saplings. Doesn't work if the saplings or tall grass has been picked.
    Can hide in neutral treeguards for a mobile cover!
    Enemies will see you if they get too close. You're easy to see in the day, hard to see at dusk, and are undetectable at night.
    Being near light-sources (Save the moggles) will break stealth. You can be in the light of a fire, just not -too- close.
    Can backstab unalerted enemies for 100% weapons damage, an extra 100 directly to their health, and make them bleed for 12 seconds. Must have a dagger equiped.
    Throwing knife:
    Long range
    Low damage
    Get 2 per craft.
    The explosive throwing knife explodes for an extra 100 damage and ignites the target.
    Attack twice as fast as any other weapon.
    Allows backstabbing.
    Backstabbing deals 450 damage (+weapon) and makes enemies bleed for 6 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
    Flint Dagger:
    Low damage
    Few uses
    Majestic Dagger:
    High damage
    Lotta uses
    Mr. Stabby:
    High Damage- lessens as he durability lowers
    Can right-click on enemies when hidden to teleport and backstab them at the cost of durability
    Can be maintained with purple gems
    Multi-Colored Pestilence:
    Ship-wrecked only
    Not a dagger
    Moderate damage
    Poisons all nearby enemies upon striking.
    Pretty Short Bow:
    Opens up the 'arrow tab' above the middle of the inventory bar. Plop an arrow in there and you can fire it by attacking!
    If you have a normal arrow in the bow, and 3 hounds teeth in your inventory, you can instantly convert them into a more powerful spikey arrow.
    Require the bow to use!
    Very long range.
    Normal Arrow:
    Very high damage
    15% for arrow to survive and be retrievable.
    Rock Arrow:
    20 Damage
    Shoot walls to aggro all enemies in the area to the wall. Hay walls have a short aggro range, then wood walls, then stone walls, and ruin walls have the largest range.
    Water Arrow:
    Extinguish things!
    No damage, ludicrous damage to the Dragonfly
    Makes you cold when you're holding it.
    Explosive Arrow:
    High damage
    Ignites enemies
    Explodes after 1-2 seconds of impact, dealing Ludicrous damage to everything nearby
    Makes you overheat when holding it.
    Shooting them occasionally ignites you.
    Pointy Arrow:
    Ludicrous damage
    Makes enemies bleed for 6 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
    Killing birds and rabbits gives twice the karma loss.
    Shooting even enemies or bosses will give 2 bad karma per shot. It's a pretty nasty weapon!
    Smoke Bomb:
    Throw at your feet to make all enemies stop targetting you! Makes you untargetable for 3 seconds.
    Special thanks to Jon from Jardev for the video and providing me with entertainment as I worked!
    Hallowed Mask:
    High Armour
    Can be used to blow a storm of 'Black Death' around you, syphoning health from enemies to heal yourself.




  2. Wilsun dah Gentilmon Scuntist!

    This mod changes Wilson into Wilsun, da Gentilmon Scuntist!
    Just look at the screenshots.
    -Changes the in-game appearance of Wilson and his beard
    -Custom Maxwell introduction
    -Custom select screen portrait and everything
    Simple as that!




  3. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    My second ever mod character, brought back to be released! Also the inspiration for my now abandoned Wurbert character.
    Here's a video of an earlier version by the brilliant Jon from Jardev!
    Writhe is one of the shadow creatures, but he was mentally challenged, and could never fit in. So the others bullied him, trying to kill him off. Maxwell pitied Writhe, and defended him best he could. As he grew weaker, his last option was to send Writhe out into the open world, as far away from the other shadows as possible. Writhe sees Maxwell as his farther figure.
    -Health =120
    -Hunger = 180, and can only eat meat and nightmare fuel.
    -Sanity = 1, and constantly drains.
    - Short vision
    -Can't equip any hand-slot items due to him having blades for arms. Instead he has the armguards listed below.
    +Walks 1.2 times normal speed.
    +Teleports a short distance when attacked.
    +Attacks deal more damage over time. Instead of attacking once, he jumps into the air and wildly slashes at enemies. While he does more damage, this can not be interrupted and leaves him vulnerable. He also does lots of damage unarmed.
    Can examine shadow creatures!
    Eating nightmare fuel will give back:
    1 sanity
    34 health
    6 hunger
    Daddy's Spare coat: The dapper coat Maxwell wears in adventure mode! While wearing it, Writhe will stop losing and gain sanity during the day, and the sanity loss during night is slowed by a lot.
    Sack of Helpful goods: A sack that spawns next to him when a new game starts. Gives 3 charcoal, 2 meat, and the Divine-O-Pones in adventure.
    Divine-O-Phones: Headphones he only gets in adventure mode. Not only do they tell you where the things are, you can also make them play music by right-clicking on them while they're equipped.
    Rather Plain Armguards: Works as a mining pick and axe. Mines at 20% speed and chops at 30%. Very slow!
    Swiss Arm-y Guards: Works as a mining pick, axe, and shovel. Mines at 30% speed and chops at 40% normal. Gives an extra 12 damage to your attacks. Still very slow. Requires science machine.
    Kingly Armguards: Works as a mining pick, axe, hammer, and shovel. Mines at 50%, chops at 60%, hammers at 40%, and gives an extra 18 damage to your attacks. Requires Alchemy Engine
    Handy Man's Maces: Works as a mining pick, axe, shovel, and hammer. Mines at 70%, chops at 80%, and hammers at 60%. Gives and extra 24 damage, and also functions as a divining rod. Requires a repaired Pseudo Science Station to craft. So you need to go to the ruins!
    Flamey-Wamey Thingadoo: A long-lasting torch. Breaks after running out of fuel. You can also shoot fireballs at enemies to ignite them, but this uses a lot of fuel.
    Mole-Whacker Mollet: Acts as a very weak hammer. Can also be used to whack moleworms. and pick them up to make the rain hat. Only available with Reign of Giants.
    Sticky Snatchers: Act as a bugnet. Simple as that.
    Known issues: If you quit and rejoin a save while wearing the Divine-O-Phones, you have to take them off and put them back on for the music to work.




  4. William J. Danninghar:

    Does not work with Reign of Giants DLC
    Steam workshop version working again. Get it at
    Check out the Deviantart account I made of William for weekly updates on his backstory and concept arts of his upcoming/current/past inventions or appearances!
    There's also a picture of him when he was in his early 30s or so, so check it out to see William with a small beard - AND A FULL, LUSHIOUS HEAD OF HAIR!
    Click the link to check out plans for future updates and feel free to vote for the stats you want to see one of the future items have!
    Take a look at this Mod Spotlight by a swell chap named Jon, of Jardev!

    New update (Alchemy 4 Dummies) now out, adding many new crafting recipes! Robots are now much harder to craft but they've been made much stronger as well!
    I'll be doing a comic-kind-of-thing bout William's past. I'll also be adding more to his speech that'll hint to his background.
    New HD textures for Wil, and has a new, much higher quality piano voice (played horribly by yours truly )!
    See STATS for info about the Wrenches, Potions, robot, and William himself!
    Fixed the Blueprints dissappearing without summoning a robot when the player doesn't have enough gears!
    I love making mods for Don't Starve. Mostly just testing out all the possible perks, stats, etc. So, here's one of my personal favorites!
    William J. Danninghar was an inventor - much like Wilson. But his interests were more into robots and mechanical stuff. He now finds himself in a strange, unfamiliar place full of creatures beyond his wildest imaginings.
    -Slower than most characters by just a small bit.
    -Is weaker than most characters.
    +Starts off with 5 gears and a cane
    Average hunger
    -Low health
    +Very high sanity
    +Already knows the Science machine recipes (like Wickerbottom)
    +Very slow passive health regen.
    +Has a 0.1x armour bonus
    +Enters Nightmare Form when sanity is below 45.
    Nightmare Form stats (that differ from normal William's)
    +150 health
    + Deals more damage
    +Replaces science bonus with magic bonus (Prestihatilator recipes become available)
    +Gets a cool new voice
    -Hunger depletes significantly faster.
    You need to craft mechanical what-not (a new item) and a shell for the specific robot to creat your robot. These pieces are found in the Refine tab!
    You can use a hammer or wrench to tell your companion to leave you alone and then feed them a carrot (seeds for reapers) or gears to heal them and make them follow you again!
    Mechanical Butler:
    Controlled by a rabbit
    +High health
    +Helps mind and chop trees.
    +Can heal with carrots
    +The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies
    +emits smoke
    +Acts as a container.
    -slowish movement speed
    +Becomes Nightmare Butler when player's sanity is below 100.
    Mechanical Reaper:
    Controlled by a crow
    +Teleports away from combat if attacked
    +Can heal with gears
    +The controlling crow will fly out of the robot when it dies
    +Very fast attack speed
    -Modertate-low health
    -Low-med damage
    Mechanical Brute:
    Controlled by a rabbit
    +Very high health
    +High damage
    +Can heal with gears
    +The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies
    -Very slow attack speed
    -Slow movement speed
    +Becomes Nightmare Brute when player's sanity is below 100.
    Craftable Wrenches! And special back-pack (which doesn't actually store things, it's armour)
    Pointy Wrench:
    Craftabe under science. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Deals 51 damage.
    Has 150 uses.
    Can be used as mining pick.
    Nightmare Wrench:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Prestihatilator.
    Deals 65 damage.
    150 uses.
    Can be used as mining pick.
    Drains sanity when equipped.
    Regain 2.5 sanity on hit.
    Mechanic's back-up:
    Blocks 75 damage
    1050 durability
    Can be activated to turn it into a shield via extending plates to block 100 damage (treeguards still do 1 damage)
    Has neat effects
    Concentrated Nightmare Fuel:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Instantly sets sanity to 0, activating William's Nightmare Form.
    Bottle of Happiness:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Regains a large amount of sanity.
    Elemental Mixererer is required for the De-life-inator (gun) and the Heart of Phlogiston (sword) It can be found in Refine!
    The flintlock mechanism can be found in refine.
    Flintlock pistol
    requires flintlock mechanism.
    High damage.
    Long range
    10 uses
    Requires Elemental mixererer
    Summons a stationary Terror Claw to fight the target if in-range
    50 uses
    Med range
    Med damage
    Heart of Phlogiston:
    Requires Elemental Mixererer
    Slow attack speed
    ignites targets
    Deals 72 damage and 77 to burnable targets
    HotHead's Braincase:
    High protection
    Has a chance to ignite attackers
    Pyromaniac's Evening Wear:
    High protection
    Wearer is almost immune to fire
    Very, very, very high insulation
    Works like the meat effigy, but takes less health from William. The normal meat effigy will leave William at full health when built, this will leave him with much more.
    When resurrected, player starts off with less sanity and hunger than the Meat effigy.
    His speech is currently a slightly modified Wickerbottom speech. This will be changed further in time.




  5. Fabulous Maxwell

    A while a go I made a lil' video of how I draw. In it, I drew a picture of Maxwell with make-up, and a pal of mine thought it would make a great mod.
    What it does:
    Maxwell (NPC and player) wears pink lipstick, purple eye-liner, and blush. My Better Maxwell mod is included free, so he'll look more like the NPC.
    Shadow Puppets are purple with big, lip-stick smiles and heavy blush. and some eye-liner.
    Maxwell's bigportrait also has make-up.
    Maxwell's menu quote, description, and title are changed.




  6. Better Krampus

    Beware! The Krampus is now actually kind of difficult to kill unless you're good at kiting but if not then he's kind of difficult to kill!
    Krampus was WAAAAY too weak, stupid, and just plain pointless. This mod makes him a (more so than the Treeguard) tough, and very annoying boss!
    He can take a huge beating now, with 1250 health! He will also deal 55 damage per hit. He's bigger by 1.2x. And now he steals items much faster than before!
    All he used to do was stand there for about a minute, occasionally licking the air, and then steal one item before standing in one spot and repeating. Now, however, he will go to steal another item with almost no pause!
    The krampus sack now has a 0.05 chance of being dropped, up from a 0.01 chance.
    Hop you enjoy, and remember:
    Krampus Will Be Watching!




  7. (testing) Wurbert, The Magnificent Man of Snow!

    Fixed crash when magic hat breaks
    Changed appearance and voice
    Rocks now give 10 hunger instead of 1. - Now changed to 5.
    Reduced winter melee damage
    Fixed up some of his speech
    Fixed hunger draining too slow - now fixed it draining too fast
    A test of my WIP Christmas mod! There shouldn't be any crashes or that. His stats are still being worked on, and such.
    Current Stats:
    Unarmed hits are the same speed as other characters with weapons.
    He swings all weapons VERY slowly, dealing much less DPS than his unarmed attacks during winter. In the summer, the Bat Bat and Spear are useless. In winter, all weapons are.
    Needs lots to eat
    Can eat meat and rocks (flint, nitre, rocks, gems, cutstone)
    Eating rocks has a 0.018 chance to make Wurbert poop out a blue gem
    Looks happy when cold, looks sad and melty when warm.
    Talks to you when he's happy - because he has nothing better to do.
    Regenerates 1 health every 8 ticks when temperature is below 0, loses 1 health every 8 ticks when above 0.
    Can craft a hat to keep his temperature low and negate the constant sanity drain during summer.
    Faster than average running speed
    50 Damage per unarmed hit
    Passive sanity gain
    High sanity
    High health
    Slow running speed
    30 Damage per Unarmed hit
    Consant sanity loss
    Average sanity
    Average-low health
    Tell me what you think! And remember: Updates will happen often.
    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Whatever you celebrate!




  8. Brass Lantern

    I always found it a pain to get and fuel the old lantern. I've only ever had the lucky cave with tons of light bulbs right at the entrance once, really. It all depends on the map you get.
    This Brass lantern can be obtained without traveling to those confusing caves, and can even be a great way TO explore caves!
    It uses burnable items as fuel, emits slightly less light, and burns through fuel twice as fast as the normal lantern.
    I'll also probably fix up the textures sometime soon. Like today. In the next few minutes, possibly.
    If you're wondering, the character(s) in the screenshots are of my character and deceased cat.
    Still need to do new textures for my character at some point.
    Anyways...(ahem) hope you enjoy the mod!




  9. Better Maxwell

    I always found it annoying that the playable Maxwell barely looked anything like the NPC. And so I made a simple reskin changing his mouth, chin, and his dapper attire! Even gave him the spiked shoulders!
    It doesn't change any stats; just his in-game appearance.
    Get it from the Steam Workshop if you want to!