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  1. Fear not - William is still underway! But at the moment I've realized Warfarin is a bit lacking in a few gamemodes. ;]

    Cooking up a special ability for The Forge and The Gorge, basically.

  2. Finally finished other projects and got to (mostly) finish William! His beta is going up since I just need to do his lines (or pay someone else to)

  3. Heeeey JoeW? Can I have that big ugly warnin' off my account? I'll give you a smiley emoticon!

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    2. JoeW


      Hah, I bet you are! =)

    3. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Yipee! In cthat case, here's that promised smiley emoticon. Let it fill you with joy and content. I typed it myself.


    4. silver976


      hello, i have a problem with the mod "warfarin", can you help me please ?! :D


  4. More WIP - reuploaded because of obscene gesture. 


  5. Adding a new biome-kind-of-thing that will be home of shadowy monsters that ooze "nightmare puddles" which spawn lesser shadow creatures.

  6. Adding a super secret feature. The only hint that probbly won't even help t all is: Kingdom of Madness

    1. Fidooop


      that hint gave the whole thing away! now everyone knows the secret! xD

    2. Percival


      Hm, Kingdom Of Madness?


  7. After starting a new game and beginning the construction of my beautiful base and thought something was missing: Braziers! Now adding them to William 2.

  8. Ahh, plum it! I'ma post about the mod I'm uploading.

  9. Almost got William 2 working again! Just need to fix the marble pillars around KoL's rug and that should be it!

  10. Anyone here play Warframe? Add 'Tiddlerdoo'!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      And give me platinum because I've already put $300 into this game and I'm out of moneys and platinum.

  11. Been drawing the Necromancer's berry bush minion all day. Damn, the face is complicated!

  12. Came on this morning to find that Warfarin's animations no longer work. This'll take a bit for me to fix because I'm busy at the moment.

  13. Currently working on the William 2 mod. It's pretty swell!

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    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      It'll take a while! I've spent all day trying to finish his first shadow minion (no thanks to @Blazingice26, who made me make a Krampus mod) and I've only just been able to get started in its build.

    3. Rosten


      Well sorry i made you make a mod that took about 5 minutes :p

      not to mention the fact that in making said mod you are indirectly a supporter of the buff krampus campaign. I tricked you >=3

    4. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Actually it was less than 5 minutes. Like 5 lines of coding in the modmain to change his prefab and 2 changes to his brain.

  14. Damn, this boss monster I'm working on is hard to kill!

  15. Damnit, I want to draw but I'm not feeling it. Want to draw a header for my new Tumblr.

  16. Died day 313. Don't think I did too bad.

  17. Done about all I can do on Warfarin 'till I get better. So I'll be doing some art for Fidooop's Markiplier mod. No, I'm not a fan, I just feel like drawing.

  18. Electricity came back a few hours early, yay!

  19. Euphoria... what the **** is ****ing happening in this ****?! Holy sweet ****, this is ****ed up!

  20. Everyone here is a nerd. I'm a nerd, he's a nerd, that's a nerd, YOU'RE a nerd. Embrace it.

    1. Mobbstar
    2. Derpime


      yeeee.I am a nerd!

    3. NoobModder


      I've embraced it, but I'm still young and stupid, in the words of weirdobob and myself...

  21. Fable Anniversary. ****ing terrible. Even Guise of the Wolf is more enjoyable to play. At least Guise of the Wolf's camera actually works!

    1. greenglacier


      Let me guess. Telltale games?

    2. Rosten


      Obligatory "Sonic Heroes Camera" comment

  22. Feel really cold but I'm sweating profusely, and my hearing's become all muffled. Being sick sucks.

    1. HoneyHam


      I have an infinite sore throat, and a stuffy nose. I feel you

    2. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      Still working on Warfarin! Being not productive to me is far worse than being sick!

  23. Feels good to get a break from William 2. Not on the computer for almost 18 hours straight, only stopping to eat and take short walks to help me think.

    1. Fidooop


      Stopping taking a break from the computer to eat and walk?? So you are on your computer while eating and walking? How do you do that?

  24. Finished the house, now it needs a fancy stove!

  25. Finished the King of Lies and his rewards! *Plays Jingle Jangle Jingle on the kazoo*