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  1. The spooks are being spooky!

  2. Give more details. Also read my reply just above.
  3. I need more details as to how it's crashing. If you could go documents/klei/do_not_starve and PM me the contents of the log.txt, that would also help.
  4. *Clears throat* I apologize for my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG absence. Fortunately, I've gotten all of my personal-life-mumbo-jumbo sorted out. Right now, I'm just searching for bugs. But, I haven't seen a huge amount of stuff going on here- either because my browser is being a ****, or there just isn't. So, anything to be donering? Oh! I've been getting pretty good with animatering. Mayhaps I could take a look and smooth out some stuff. *Readies buzzsaw.* So smooth...
  5. My mod uploader doesn't work, no matter how many timesI reinstall the uploader. I did say this somewhere, if I remember correctly. But I don't think I got any replies.
  6. You'll need RoG to be able to use it! Just remember that.
  7. I demand a title! I must be the Drinker of Chocolate Milk!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      I am the king (of chocolate milk)! I demand your repsukt! Hurblegruble!

    2. Auth


      Why don't you summon the title fairy if you want a title so bad? I'm sure he'd just love a notification of someone demanding they give something to him. (Reference to the current situation with keys)

    3. delete accoun

      delete accoun

      I was supposed to be the future "president" of Canada.

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  8. The crafting recipes are inside Warfarin's prefab. Only Warfarin may craft or use the items. If I ever make a specific version for multiplayer(Or edit this one to work better with multiplayer), only Warfarin alone will able to use any of the items. And I don't know. The whole 'how old r they' missed my interest by a few hundred miles.
  9. They're made by jamming ****ing bee stingers into the shaft of an arrow! That makes so little sense alone to me that the direction they're facing doesn't really matter. I didn't make the arrows to be realistic, you know. I just wanted them to look silly and over-the-top. And, I mean, we're talking about a twelve year old child who's smart enough to make a magical hood to make themselves invisible, and a bow out of grass and marble!
  10. I just like that gif. I also like this gif.
  11. I don't want or need help. I'm doing this at my own pace, for my own enjoyment. Nothing else.
  12. Fun lil' fact: The necromaner (His name is Wilfiend) is actually the original concept art of William J. Danninghar. Or at least the pre-undeath Wilfiend is. Here's what that concept/living Wilfiend looked like, along with his undead version. Don'tcha just want to smoosh his dorky lil' cheeks? ...No? Just me? I'll just shut up now.
  13. It's about 40% complete. In it's current state, it's much less than playable. Patience. Making large mods like this all on my own (Besides the lil' tips mainly from super geniuses such as Simplex, Debugman, and others) takes time and effort.
  14. Good news and bad news: Good news! Yay! I've completed almost all of the necromancer's lines. Putting a list below, just so you can get an idea of his personality: Just about finished the necromancer's new custom effects Done some other cool stuff Bad news! Oh, no. With all of the custom effects and everything, all of the many custom sounds, and my tendency to make everything as high-resolution as possible so it's all byoutifal, slower computers (Evidently worse for Windows users, such as myself) will unfortunately experience some preeeeeeetty long loading times. Simplex' Memory Spike Fix will clear the problem right up, but...yeah. Though that also may be because my computer is just a laptop. Haven't been having memory problems like with Writhe, fortunately.
  15. Just changed a BUNCH of stuff with the necromancer: New death animation. Now instead of the poorly done floating into the air, he just explodes into a lil' blackhole. His skull, book, and sack fall to the ground. His 'summon' ability is getting new visuals, and standing in it will deal damage over time. The damage goes up the longer you stand in it, and he heals from the damage dealt! Also, anything that isn't another Hunter or one of his minions will be damaged, and him healed more. If there's absolutely nothing to damage or summon when he casts his spell, he will take minor damage. Just 100 points. The summon ability's official name will now be: Corruption. Something else that I won't be revealing. And another thing I won't be revealing.
  16. Not going to lie...I forgot I was making this! I've been playing World of Warcraft alot lately. good news, though: I finished the Nacht! but the abilities shall remain a mystery...
  17. I'll take a look at it. Warfarin's muteness is handled in a COMPLETELY different way to Wes', so I'm afraid there's a very small chance I won't be able to fix it.
  18. Yeah, it'll take a while. Really, a while.
  19. I know there's the mod configuration in the mod menu, but would it be possible to add an options menu, or add the the non-mod options menu? And on the menu subject, would it be possible to add a mod action to the key bindings option, so you can change what key it's for? I'm not asking if I can do this now, I'm asking if it would be possible to be done (Easily, like the mod configure) in the future. If these are doable, then ignore this. I know you can switch between keys for actions in the mod configure, but I mean like the key binding menu, where you click on it and press the button. Much easier!
  20. Fable Anniversary. ****ing terrible. Even Guise of the Wolf is more enjoyable to play. At least Guise of the Wolf's camera actually works!

    1. greenglacier


      Let me guess. Telltale games?

    2. Rosten


      Obligatory "Sonic Heroes Camera" comment

  21. Oh lawdy, meat effigies aren't good as Warfarin unless you got GOOOD weapons and armour. Or a bow. Otherwise, have a red amulet at the ready to equip if your health gets low.
  22. Update for Warfarin in a while. Update includes: Badge for a clearer way of knowing if you're sneaking or not, ability to hide in neutral treeguards for mobile cover, fix for the black items bug.

  23. Working on a minor update to the Warfarin mod. This may include fixes for the texture problems with the items.