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  1. With my mod, I couldn't get the robots to drop gears as loot, so I made them spawn them upon death, not as loot. All you'd have to do is go into the StateGraphs file for Choppy, find the"death" state and replace: inst.components.lootdropper:DropLoot(Vector3(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition())) with SpawnPrefab("necronomicon").Transform:SetPosition(inst:GetPosition():Get())Then he could still ignite upon death and, seeing as the Necronomicon is not burnable, it should still appear. EDIT: After testing this, he did not ignite upon death. I'm using the 0.8.1 version, where he did before I applied the change. I have to go now, but if you choose to take a look into this and it does the same for you, I'll try to find a way. ANOTHER EDIT: I must have missed the line saying "he shouldn't have done that from the start". Sorry if this is pointless then, but I may leave it up in case you change your mind or anything.
  2. Maybe you could make the necronomicon not burnable? When Fire Choppy dies and sets everything on fire, the necronomicon is also turned to ash.
  3. I'm no longer working on the mod. For a little bit, I mean. Need to take a break from the William mod to work on other things (*cough* Starbound *cough*), but I will continue in a bit. I've already planned the next update.
  4. You can set it to start in winter in the World options while creating a new game. He can make a magic hat to keep him cool, the cool stone is impossible, he does gain health from eating gems, he does lose health from camp fires, and he loses health when warm, not just summer.
  5. The next update fixing this will be out very soon! I've also changed his appearance and voice.
  6. I didn't set their food-values. I also didn't realize they only do 1 hunger. I'll have to find a way to change that! They do heal, though.
  7. If you get some berries or carrots, make a trap, find some rabbits, bait the trap and stay near it. Or you can eat rocks until you find rabbits.
  8. I made that happen. He's meant to be rising from beneath the ground.
  9. Ogod I skipped so much work to play Starbound. Not a good idea, looking back on it.
  10. You are correct. Now I can see I've made a mistake, but my brain's failing to pick it up. Try "if inst.components.hunger.current </> AMOUNT"? I'll be passing out (sick) now, so if that doesn't work, and no one else has any suggestions, I'll be a while. I've something very similar to this before, so I should know how to do this. Anyway, I'll be off now.
  11. local function onhungerchange(inst, data)if inst.components.hunger:GetPercent() < DESIRED AMOUNT, 5) inst:ListenForEvent("hungerdelta", onhungerchange) I have yet to test this, and am too busy to test it at the moment. But it may work.
  12. Something like: If not inst. components. hunger: GetPercet (amount you wany) thenStartregen (amount, rate of regeneration)Bit busy right now, but I'll post the proper coding soon. Just letting you know I may have an idea how to make this work.
  13. You craft it in the Magic Tab. It requires 4 silk and a blue gem. You don't need any type of research lab to craft it.
  14. I'm not busy at all during the Holiday seasons. I just throw up a Christmas tree, haphazardly throw some decorations onto it, and get back to drawing and eating. But about the mod: I just got the idea that when she turned, she would play an animation, like Woodie's tranforming one, and it would show her as some horrible monster before the screen fades to black? I can't draw well right now, but y'know...just a big shadowy monster with glowy eyes? Sorry if someone's already posted something like this and I missed it.
  15. He deals pretty much as much damage as the tentacle spike unarmed during the winter. And by "lots to eat", he has 250 hunger, but his drain speed makes it seem less. So he needs lots of food. I did this because he eats rocks, which give little hunger, but are very common. Also, he has BLADES for arms. The unarmed damage thing makes sense, right? I could lower is to 50, which is 1 less than the tentacle spike.
  16. Version 1.6


    15/12/2012 Fixed crash when magic hat breaks 15/12/2013 Changed appearance and voice Rocks now give 10 hunger instead of 1. - Now changed to 5. 13/12/2013 Reduced winter melee damage Fixed up some of his speech Fixed hunger draining too slow - now fixed it draining too fast A test of my WIP Christmas mod! There shouldn't be any crashes or that. His stats are still being worked on, and such. Current Stats: Base: Unarmed hits are the same speed as other characters with weapons. He swings all weapons VERY slowly, dealing much less DPS than his unarmed attacks during winter. In the summer, the Bat Bat and Spear are useless. In winter, all weapons are. Needs lots to eat Can eat meat and rocks (flint, nitre, rocks, gems, cutstone) Eating rocks has a 0.018 chance to make Wurbert poop out a blue gem Looks happy when cold, looks sad and melty when warm. Talks to you when he's happy - because he has nothing better to do. Regenerates 1 health every 8 ticks when temperature is below 0, loses 1 health every 8 ticks when above 0. Can craft a hat to keep his temperature low and negate the constant sanity drain during summer. Winter: Faster than average running speed 50 Damage per unarmed hit Passive sanity gain High sanity High health Summer: Slow running speed 30 Damage per Unarmed hit Consant sanity loss Average sanity Average-low health Tell me what you think! And remember: Updates will happen often. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Whatever you celebrate!
  17. That looks amazing! I love watercolours, but I can't paint myself.
  18. Pretty nice map. I deleted my old save and made a new one a few days ago, and I got the best map I've ever had. There was a small grassland attached to a HUGE rock biome, a savanna with tons of beefalo and rabbits, a thick forest, and a bigger grassland with lots of bees. The only thing I haven't been able to find is a Totally Normal Tree.
  19. It deals pretty much the same damage as the blowdart. It just has more uses and much longer range, along with a crafting recipe that makes you unable to use it until you've killed enough hounds.
  20. I would recommend equipping your cane and clicking on your desired target AND then using your gun. Some enemies (such as Tallbirds) attack the first things to attack them and won't change targets.
  21. The next update is coming out tomorrow. So keep that in mind.
  22. I made that. I thought, since he's an old man who isn't very fit, it would make more sense if he used two hands with weapons, and didn't jump really high whenever he swung a pickaxe. I had to use the pickaxe animation for him swinigng weapons because there are no good "two-handed" animations that would look good with a weapon.
  23. I haven't gotten to that line yet. That line is the same as Wickernottom's.
  24. Probably due to that bug being fixed in the newest version. I must have left something behind that's causing problems.
  25. It's nearing Christmas! And you know what that means? Free stuff!