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  1. Congrats! Your dedication at crafting games is deeply appreciated.
  2. Playing on Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS on a Lenovo Ieadeapad 720 (Intel® Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz × 8 , Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (Kabylake GT2) ). I've been awarded the initiative "Some Reservations", which mentions "Having 4 Natural reserves" but I have only one. Although, I've modified it a few times and its room status has changed from Natural Reserve to unidentified room and back to Natural Reserve with each modification. Startopia.sav Player.log
  3. Fan Art Thread

    Hi guys, it took me a while, but I finally made a complete version (don't want to say 'final' as I'm not 100% satisfied with it): I think I've been too much irregular with the contrast and level of details (I've been particularly heavy handed on the... hands ) , but the changes would be hard to do because of the way I did it, so I may as well not touch it anymore. Edit: As you can see, the version of the hacking tool feels a bit outdated, and I originally sketched an heavy computer that he carried with a strap on his shoulder, which was linked to the tool, but it was really too much details concentrated into one zone (and much more work ).
  4. Fan Art Thread

    Cool topic with cool people. And I love that internationale outline! I'm working on copying Invisible Inc.'s style, and I did that younger version of Monst3r: That was the easy part, I just have to pick the exact colors of the original portrait and put it in the exact same place. Now I'm going to do the body...
  5. Finally, you made it! I must admit that I love this game, and had great fun with it since the very first accessible alpha build. And now you publish concept art that are even older, awesome!
  6. Congrats, I have just lost it on the final mission. But I would totally sign to a harder mode (the fact that the current one is called "normal" let us hope for a future "hard mode"). Also, I found that levels were really huge and I didn't remember finding any level of a such size before patch. Did anybody have the same impression?
  7. Ah, another one: Run to the elevator: Guards don't turn themselves when they hear noises, they'll investigate next turn. So run if you can catch the elevator in one turn.
  8. Done! I'm not sure you read french though but I thought you'd like to know. I've redone the wording (especially part when you talk of your playthough), but it's essentially the same tips. We will study it (most likely throw random comments to say we agree) and then publish it semi-officially. How would you like to be credited? Annic/Real name/other pseudo, link on your website?
  9. In fact I couldn't agree more with your tips and would like to tanslate them in french for a video game community I like. It's the CanardPC forum, built around the magazine of the same name. About one or two years ago, a member made a site: Biendebuter.net to hold guides (in french) for various video games, and the magazine's staff associated with him. Now they're asking for other players to propose tips. With your permission I will translate (manually) your tips and ask for you to be credited.
  10. Hi annic, good tips you wrote here. I want to discuss some points though: 0) You've got two tips n°5 4 ) Like said above, it's Internationale special device (and i'm not sure we shall call it a device since it's not in the inventory). 5-1) I would precise you rather start to hack only the necessary, and just before alarm raises level 2, you spend the maximum of your power. But it's a bit touchier to do (you have to remember to keep an eye on the alarm level). Also, you must try to hack daemon free devices before the protected ones, because most of the time daemon ruin your power output, so you'll be ending with difficulties to hack everything. 5-2) I'll add that cameras (and soundbugs) hacked will provide eyes (and ears) for you and that's really useful. Especially that you can use agent's AP to observe movement of guards in sight of your cameras! 8) If you know you're gonna raid some nano-manufacture vestibule, it could help to save a reasonnable amount of money since you can probably buy multiple useful items (with a good choice of augments) in their vault. Congrats again.