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    Hey Grifters, This small update fixes a crash we noticed, and addresses some other minor bugs / improvements. There's also a new tab in the Compendium screen to show Grafts. Finally, we noticed the Deceive card just wasn't that interesting, so it received an entirely new implementation -- feedback welcome! Added a whole bunch of missing sound effects Renamed the "Bounty" bounty incepted by the Bounty Hunter card to "Wanted!" Added a Grafts tab to the Compendium screen. Keyword panels are now shown when viewing Boons/Banes Changed Heshian Amulet to heal 3 per card rather than combined cost Fix Brain Spur triggering on non-attack cards Added hotkeys to view the draw deck (A) and the discards deck (D) while in combat and negotiation Fixed particle gravity Fixed a crash / black screen on load that was possible while playing the Bounty Hunt quest Reworked the Deceive card entirely Sparring/Intimidation no longer just apply to self.
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to Games were starting at the wrong prestige level, should be fixed in an imminent patch!
  4. Regarding localization support on the non-Steam builds, this will hopefully be supported by a new build at some point in the near future. Hi Azure, I updated the original post to include a list of all the font files that can be overridden. See the 'Spoiler' button under the section describing the fonts folder. Be warned the process is somewhat technical. Also, I would suggest looking at the Russian mod by Some1 that is currently on Steam, if you haven't already. It is an excellent reference point, and overrides all the game's fonts. If you don't intend on changing the look of the fonts and are just missing a few certain characters, it is possible I can look at adding glyphs for those missing code points into the game's fonts by default so that no overrides are necessary. This would alleviate the burden for many translators. Thanks for your efforts!
  5. You can also view this guide directly in steam here. Language Pack Content Guidelines Unless specifically stated in the pack description, language packs are expected to be a reasonable interpretation of the original content localized into the language provided.You may provide new versions of the text in the game that does not adhere to the original script, however you must specifically provide this information in the description of the language pack.All language packs must adhere to steam content guidelines and our own community standards guidelines.You may not use text from other language packs unless specifically authorized to do so. Please add the original creator as a collaborator whenever possible.Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the removal of the pack from the workshop. Setting up your Mod Locally The game will search for language packs in the <InstallPath>/mods directory, where <InstallPath> is the game's installation folder, where the game binaries reside. Each language pack is a folder within the mods/ directory, and initially can have whatever name you like. Later, once your language pack is uploaded to Steam Workshop, it will be downloaded to this same location with a unique name related to its unique Steam Workshop identifier. Each language pack should have the following files: fonts - A directory containing all the required .png and .fnt files for each font used in the game.lang.po - A .po file ( containing all the language's translated strings.modinfo.txt - A simple text file with some basic information about the language packpreview.jpg - A JPG image used as the preview image for your Steam Workshop mod.For example, your language pack directory structure would look something like this: + invisibleinc.exe+ characters.kwad+ gui.kwad...+ mods/ + language_pack/ + lang.po + modinfo.txt + preview.jpg + fonts + courier_14.0.png + courier_14.fnt + font1_10.r.fnt + font1_10_r_0.png + ... lang.po To generate a .pot (PO Template) file for translating, launch Invisible, Inc. and from the main menu enter the credits screen. Once in the credits screen, hit CTRL+INSERT. A black console window should open in the middle of the screen, in front of the credits movie. Click the area beside the '>' prompt so that a line cursor appears, and type 'localize' followed by ENTER. This will cause you to reappear in the main menu, but will also produce a strings.pot file in the game folder. You can use any tool you like to load the strings.pot file and perform the translations. You should use it to save a .po file named after your language of translation. (For example, german.po would be apt) modinfo.txt This file contains a list of key-value pairs of the form <KEY> = <VALUE>, separated by new-lines. The required values should appear like follows: locale = <Language Name> poFile = <.po filename> id = <unique id> The 'locale' field should be a readable name that represents your language. This string will appear in the Languages combo-box in the Gameplay tab of the options dialog. The 'poFile' field should be the filename of the .po file you translated. The 'id' field should be a unique identifying string for your language pack. preview.jpg The preview image should be a JPG or PNG formatted image with square dimensions no larger than 512x512. This preview image is only for display in the Steam Workshop. fonts You can override the game's font textures by including filenames of the same name within this folder. If you do not override the font textures, then the game's default font textures will be used. The game's default font textures may not have all the characters that you require for your translation, however. By default, glyphs are included representing code points 32-126,128,130-140,142,145-156,158-180,182-255 of the Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement Unicode character range. Uploading Your Mod Download and run the Localization Uploader from Steam. Hover your mouse over “LIBRARY” at the top of the Steam client, and select “Tools” from the dropdown list. Find “Invisible Inc Localization Uploader” in the list, and double click to run the Localization Uploader. The main window of the Localization Uploader contains a list of mods which you have published to Workshop (which will start off empty), and buttons to Add, Delete or Edit mods that you have uploaded. There are also links to the Steam Workshop and the Steam Subscriber Agreement. Click the Add button, which will bring up the Mod Properties window. When adding a mod for the first time, all of the fields are requiredThe data folder, which contains all of the files for your mod.A preview image, to be displayed in the Steam WorkshopA name, and description to be displayed in the Steam WorkshopYou may optionally select from one or more Tags to help players find your mod on Workshop.Click Browse next to the Update Data field, and select the folder which contains your mod. At a minimum, the folder must contain a valid modinfo.lua file. The Localization Uploader will warn you if the folder you have selected doesn’t contain a valid modinfo.luaNotice: ALL of the files in the folder that you selected will be uploaded to Steam Workshop, regardless of whether you have used them in making your mod or not. So make sure there are no temporary or extra files contained in your mod folder that you don’t want to be included with your mod. You can always include a ReadMe.txt or similar file if you want.Your mod also requires a Preview Image. The Localization Uploader will default to looking for a file called “preview.jpg” in your mod folder, but you can click Browse to select a different JPG or PNG image if you wish. The preview image should be square and no larger than 512x512. This preview image is only for display in the Steam Workshop.Press Publish!The Localization Uploader will package and upload your mod to Steam Workshop. If all goes well, the upload will succeed and your mod will be uploaded to Workshop. You may need to wait a few seconds and click Refresh before your mod will be displayed in the Localization Uploader, and it may take several minutes before your mod is visible on the Workshop website.
  6. I believe I've identified the problem you were having -- if the menu cursor doesn't show up for you next update, please let me know.
  7. Thanks. I'll address this presently so that you retry in the same mode as the lost campaign.
  8. Moving diagonally does cost more AP (root 2) than moving orthogonally (which always costs simply 1). Because the UI will only show you the rounded numbers, it may look like sometimes moving diagonally costs 1 or 2, depending on how much actual AP the unit has under the hood. Hope that clears things up.