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  1. You are correct with regards to OnGameStart. Trying to think of the right place -- possibly at the end of Game:ResumeGame? ResumeGame is called after a save game is loaded, or a new game is started. I could add a mod invocation there if that seems reasonable.
  2. I managed to reproduce both those issues (card remaining on screen, and hard crash) and will be pushing through the fixes, first on experimental, in the coming days. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, thanks for the feedback! With regards to the boon/bane description on the character info screen, are you referring to the popup descriptions of the bolded keywords that might appear in the boon/bane info?
  4. Targeting intents was something we experimented with in development, but was ended up not being used and got disabled. There's a few places in the code where this is done explicitly and it's unlikely to work completely without some edits and play-testing. If you'd like to experiment, Minigame:CanPlayCard is responsible for the invalid target message (lines 1496-1498). You'd also need to type check the 'primary_target' variable in Minigame:CollectTargets.
  5. Do you think you could post or DM me the script for the card? I can try reproducing the issue and possibly resolve what's happening.
  6. Ah in that case I will amend AddCombatPartyDef like this: As for the helper functions, the best I can do is make them global. Which ones were you referring to specifically? PickTeams, FindValidTeams, etc.?
  7. When playing under the English language setting, only fonts that support English characters are loaded, so Chinese characters for example will not be displayed correctly. You can possibly try providing an override to the English language settings in your mod's OnPreLoad function, something like this: local function OnPreLoad() Content.AddLocalization { id = "english", name = "English (Notosans)", font_settings = { title = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.36, sdfboldthreshold = 0.30, sdfshadowthreshold = 0.25 }, body = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.33 }, button = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.33 }, tooltip = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.33 }, speech = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.33 }, }, default_languages = { "en", }, } end Not sure if that answers your question but hopefully it helps.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. This looks to be an old (strangely defined) function, as I can't find anywhere in the code that uses it.
  9. Any luck? Which messages did you receive instead of the ones you expected? From your post I can't immediately see what might be going wrong, it seems to be set up okay. If you hit tilde (~) when receiving the bonuses in conversation, and then click on the "Quips" button, you will be able view which quips were recently looked up, as below. The words in cyan show which tags were used to lookup a quip. In this case, chum_bonus and player_sal are the salient ones. In the DB section below, only one match was found, and so Fssh uses that quip (NEVER NEVER). In your case, there should be player_victor instead of player_sal.
  10. Ah ok. So because the counter attack is actually just an attack being issued directly via counter_attack:RunAttack(), there is no post resolve step and so the burn condition won't be added. Post resolve only happens when a card is played via BattleEngine:PlayCard. What you can do is simply add the burn condition to the attack directly in the PC_WUMPUS_hot_shot condition -- in fact if you do this, you can use the regular counter_attack card and don't even need to define PC_WUMPUS_hotshot_att. Below I pasted a copy of your code with the relevant 2 changes:
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Did you have any luck with this? If I play this card *directly* it does indeed apply the Burn, so I imagine the problem is in how it's being played during the counter. Do you have that code available?
  12. Can you explain in more detail what problem you are running into? The game treats English in a special way -- any strings built directly into the definitions of the game's content (cards, characters, etc.) will be treated as the de facto English translation. If you used Chinese strings, the game will probably treat these as the "english" version. So what you will need to do is to use English strings in the definitions of your content, and instead use a translation file (.po) that contains all the Chinese strings. I believe there are a number of mods that support both English and Chinese, you might use one of those as reference. Good luck!
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    game wont start

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. rooks

    game wont start

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. rooks

    game wont start

    The error appears to be an internal driver error. Can you verify that you have the latest drivers installed?
  16. Hi all, here is an fmod project hopefully suitable for modding. I'm told it's got some example events for aid, but no audio data. There may be a bit of back and forth as we iron out the kinks but it's a starting point. If anyone has luck with it (or not), we'd be happy to hear about it.
  17. Changed Status to Closed Changed Note: to not a bug
  18. I believe that condition represents "Recoverable Health". You'll get this whenever you perform self damage with Smith, and it can be restored using Alleviate.
  19. Just an update -- it's being worked on by our audio guru, but takes a bit of time as he has to go through the project and individually prune relevant content. Will keep you all posted.
  20. Can you indicate what the values are for the following options? Resolution, Max Target Size, Framerate Limiter, Leve of Detail. Also if you could issue an F8 feedback while in game that could be helpful. Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the feedback. We've added support for being able to deselect one of the chosen cards. This will arrive in an upcoming usability patch.
  22. Thanks for reporting the issue. This bug has been resolved and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Stay tuned!
  23. I'll see if I can look into this next week. I don't actually have any of the audio files checked out on my machine (because it's biiiig!), so I'll check with the audio folks to see if they can package something up and we can go from there.
  24. This was a recent oversight which should now be patched. Sorry bout that!
  25. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Would anyone be willing to work with me to track down this issue? I would need some more information, and ideally if we could run some tests that could prove helpful. Please post here or DM me. Immediate F8 feedback when you notice an issue is also helpful. If this has happened to you on PC, it is probably unrelated to the issue that affected the Switch port. The run history is saved to a different file from the profile unlocks, so that at least narrows down the issue.