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  1. My question is why I already have something that disappears. I participated in every twitch , it was long  hours, I have all the things in twitch, you know, suddenly I found out that my inventory is disappears, like magic hat ,The avatar and background is in my inventory,The corresponding item has disappeared.they are all indestructible, why are they gone?do you understand this feeling, just like a thief stole my things .I am going to bind what I didn't need to bind in exchange foryour reward points. This is a joke.You have to check my account and compensate for the items that I disappeared.I have a lot of such things on my account, please check it out and give me an explanation.5d84669723b77_TIM20190920125502.png.8fafb9130f3a039965f214fbad5b8d0b.png