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  1. Show us your camp!

    It's never takes me too long to tend my base, honestly.. I've never spent more than 1/4th of a day gathering resources/replanting crops/what have you. But I do tend to gear more towards "Never have to leave my base... ever" than compact - personal preference. Things that weren't on my island are all about a quarter to half a days walk away (pig king and bunny farm, mainly)
  2. Show us your camp!

    Almost... there.......... wall.. of.. text... almost... over.... *twitch* I may end up making a video of my entire camp, since it'll be easier to view for y'all. Until then, tell me what you think, and if there's any way you think I can improve my base! I love critique and feedback :3 9. RIGHT UPPER CENTER: Grass farm (5x5). Insert witty comment about beautiful golden locks here. 10. UPPER CENTER: Twig farm (5x5). Looking a little twiggish lately, aren't you? 11. TOP LEFT: Beefalo farm (12x5)! And beefalo hat.. just in case. Darn them horny beefalos. 12. TOP RIGHT: Pig and bunny village (12x5). Double wall'd because they apparently LOVE glitching out of their pen (Klei - you really need to fix the wall collision scripts....), and because werepigs. Also, the blocked off entrance is a homage to something.. guess, and you get a cookie! 13. TOP MIDDLE: Touchstone, and meat effigy (5x5)! Say pal, you look a little stiff... Former evil flower farm, hence the (futile) double walls. Will end up putting some sanity and health regenerating stuff here, for when I do have to resurrect.
  3. Show us your camp!

    Sooo... I'm pretty particular about my bases, and I tend to redo everything on a whim. This is my latest "ugh, deconstruct and FIX EVERYTHING!" spree, and I'm quite happy with how it's turned out. I may keep this one for a while! More about this base... I started building (and deconstruction of the old base) on day 282, and JUST now finished. Yes, I wasted too many precious days AND rocks in the building of this base... but it is all for the aesthetics! And quite frankly, this far into the game, I've got plenty of time to kill that would otherwise be spent in boredom. First of all, lets post the map view! Because I'm ridiculously proud of this base. And it's beautimus. 15 separate rooms! SYMMETRICAL!37 squares LONG, 23 squares WIDE. So big I can't even fit all the pictures of the areas on one post.... and it takes up almost my entire island.Includes everything ever... except rabbits (a quarters day walk away) and evil flower farm (darn bees and their ability to fly over walls... CURSE YOU TINY BEES!)128 days to gather and build. Someone should have put me out of my misery.Working on gathering thulecite to make the eyeball turret. Then I will be UNSTOPPABLE! MUAHA! MUAHAHAHA!Working on the tree farm, which will be put in front of the panic room to form an "arrow"/"v" in front. 1. FRONT: Panic room (5x5)! 400 days gives you lots of hounds... and thus, MANY TOOTH TRAPS! *insert evil laughter here* This beauty can kill a 10 dog hound pack within a few seconds. Rightfully so, I'm like a proud parent. I do plan on putting more resources here, but for now, tis pretty barren. 2. FRONT LEFT: Farm plot numero uno (12x5)! Houses 20 plots and 12 drying racks. Excessive, you say? Never! My main meals are dragonpie's, meaty stews, and honey hams. 3. FRONT RIGHT: Farm plot numero dos (12x5)! Houses 20 plots and 12 drying racks. Due to the crop graphics glitch, I've separated my plots. This one's exclusively for dragonfruit... not that you can tell from this shot, but whatevs. 4. FRONT CENTER: Mini fridge room (5x5)! Used to just be a lureplant farm, however the eyeplants were able to spawn 3 squares away in my farm plots... so they got moved to the edge of the lot. And yes, I realize four birds isn't necessary, but it is when my OCD was kicking my bum about symmetry :I 5. LEFT AND RIGHT CENTER: Crock pots of crock pots (two plots, each is 5x5)! 10 all together for all the food in my farm plots! Chests are to house rabbits until I need to kill them. One picture, because they're pretty much the same ... and image cap :I 6. DEAD CENTER: The "town square" of my camp (5x5)! Winterometer, Rainometer, Alchemy Engine, Science Machine, Prestihatitator, and Shadow Manipulator. Includes 32 chests, and yes, I do use all of them and have most memorized. 7. LEFT AND RIGHT CENTER: Berry farms (two plots, each is 5x5)! With a guest appearance by lightning rod! One picture because they're pretty much the same, and image cap :I 8. LEFT UPPER CENTER: Honey got me hooked on you-ou-ouuuu.... (5x5)! And attack of the flowers.. yes. yes. [See next post for the rest!]