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  1. Any hope for an update? Doesn't seem to work with A Moderately Friendly Update
  2. Just tested it and it is fixed, indeed! Thanks! Let me say it again ; excellent work, awesome mod
  3. I had the same issue. I disabled all my other mods and Always On Status now works. I will try and see what is causing interference. EDIT : As expected, a similar add-on (such as Backpack and Amulet) will cause that very specific error.
  4. I thought a picture might help. Pressing T spawns a bunch of items right in the middle of the map everytime although most of them get deleted when I close the window (including the fish on the picture), the Backpack and the Piggyback remain. The mod alone, without anything else, still behaves that way. Is there a way around it?
  5. That is an amazing mod but everytime I press the T key, it also spawns a Piggyback and a Backpack at a specific spot on the map. Is that normal, a bug or another mod causing interference?