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  1. Every 9-15 days Via tuning.lua LUREPLANT_SPAWNTIME = total_day_time * 12,LUREPLANT_SPAWNTIME_VARIANCE = total_day_time * 3,Debate over.
  2. It works fine with "A Moderately Friendly Update" from my quick testing. I've updated the Mod API version number so that it does not give you the mod out of date warning. I have thought about adding this to the Steam Workshop, just haven't had time. I do plan on it.
  3. Version 0.1.5


    This is the start of a realism mod to allow players to burn almost everything that is logically burnable. You can also find this under the steam workshop. Burnables Current Bugs: Let me know what items I'm missing and I'll update the mod to account for it! Toss me an email at weberag[at], comment on here, or post on the forums!