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  1. 1 hour ago, AndreyKl said:

    First asteroid at 10Mm (I have only one) shows 3% Niobium after research with research modules.

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    Sadly I can't build solid buster - game still crashes. So I can't check anything further, but I would expect that further asteroids provide greater rewards.

    Solid boosters should be fixed in the next hotfix.

    1 hour ago, Gurgel said:

    Nice! Also thanks for the crash-fixes, I hope it fixes my "dupes and comments on the surface at the same time" crash-issue.

    -> Nope. Seems to have gotten a bit less frequent (maybe), but dupes running around in meteor-showers still causes crashes. I do use the crash-report option, so I assume I do not need to open a bug-ticket.

    Not sure if this is the same crash but the next hotfix has a fix for a crash that occurs when meteors would hit a tile that was at the very top of the map.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, slashar said:

    Gases are still bugged in a bad way.  I just started a new game today and the gases won't level out.  Carbon Dioxide continues to rise up the base at a pressure of 450 while my algae Deoxidizers remain at max gas pressure.  The oxygen is supposed to compress the CO2 at the bottom of the base; instead, the oxygen makers just remain at max gas pressure, allowing the CO2 to rise.  You can see one square at max oxygen, and the next square is 95g of Co2.  They won't level.20180905130321_1.thumb.jpg.129538db05a3fe4654dd50dd0622f370.jpg20180905130314_1.thumb.jpg.14f814a50ec83f3d854e428d9a70f859.jpg.  

    Could you please upload your save file?

    • Telescope no longer stops working if the pipe it's attached to is empty.
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by comets.
    • Telescope now tells you it requires Oxygen to be pumped in.
    • Fixed anim desync issue with Space Cadet Centrifuge.
    • Ambience sounds are muted when entering the starmap.
    • Baby critters no longer gain the Expecting debuff.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when Dupes wearing suits entered a rocket.
    • Fix auto-sweeper arm layering on load.
    • Fixed some references to heat energy that should say DTU/s instead of Watts.
    • Fixed rock crusher recipes not saving/loading correctly when new recipes are added to the game.
    • Fixed a framerate issue that was occuring when using some translation mods.
    • Critters that are drowning now attempt to move to a safe location if possible
    • Critters take somewhat longer to drown and display a status icon while doing so.
    • Added negative-click sound to disabled buttons on Starmap screen.
    • Starmap screen now shows mission progress.
    • Fixed another crash that could occur when inspecing codexes.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when loading certain save games.

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