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  1. If you don't mind posting a screenshot of the error, that would go a long way to helping me track down the problem.
  2. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    The first template will only have the images in their bind position so you could use it to make new characters and animations but it won't include existing animations.
  3. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    This is still a work in progress but what I'm working on is getting a character in Spriter so that it can be built using that. That'll make a new atlas with new offsets that will fit all your images. What you would then have to do is instead of stomping the example character atlas with your images, you'd replace the original source art. You could then resize some of the images and adjust the pivots in Spriter and then build a new atlas with new pivots. This is still a work in progress but here's the original images plus the Spriter project in case you wanted to get a head start. wilson_spriter.zip
  4. When you say it 'doesn't properly convert normal animations', what do you mean? The tree was working for me and I also tried the creature tutorials and they worked fine as well.
  5. Halloween Mod Challenge

    Some of our internal dates changed and we won't actually be starting work on the trailer till Octrober 24th so we thought we'd give you guys those days to keep working on your submissions. Also sorry I haven't updated the poster with the new date, I don't have access to it's Photoshop file and that person's away .
  6. I believe that's currently too big for the forums but I can talk to Joe about how we can fit this awesomeness .
  7. Thanks for cathing the problems, I'll take a look at these as well.
  8. Every symbol is actually swappable. The invisible swap ones basically act as locators. I'll look into a diagram and I'll have to see how the different views. I'm not sure how they're done.
  9. In blue 1. Would I be correct in assuming that the pivot is the point where the character grips the item? Or is worldspace 0 where the hand is placed? The pivot point of the symbol in Spriter gets attached to the pivot point of the 'swap object' symbol which is about the middle of his hand. So in this case I placed the pivot point of the wand near the handle and that snapped it to his hand. 2. Furthermore, the wand is a single piece. Can the swap anim contain several symbols? You can't have multiple symbols showing at once but it's easy to have a script swap to different symbols while the item is still equipped. 3. And what about animation? Would it be possible, for example, to have that wand's eyeball as a separate symbol that animates blinking and looking around? You can't animate the symbol but you can swap to different symbols to fake a flip book style animation. 4. And what of bones? Will it be possible to have a more complex item with a complex squirming animation that plays while it's being held? You can't animate the symbol so bones wouldn't affect it. 5. Also, what about equipping to other slots? What happens if we try to make a fancy new piece of armour? If, for example, I wanted to make an extravagant suit of armour with flapping gold wings... how would we go about something like that? Can we layer things? Have something behind the player and in front? You can only swap the symbols that the character already has. However there's nothing stopping you from making animated wings and drawing them behind or in front of the character without it being a part of the same animation.
  10. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Sorry I got backed up on mod support requests but I just finished those. I have a couple of ideas that I'm going to try.
  11. I had to make some changes to the spriter exporter to get this working. Here's what you need to do to try it out: 1. Download the public preview of the mod tools 2. Put the wand image in a folder called 'swap_wand' 3. Rename the animation to 'BUILD' 4. Move the pivot to an appropriate location. That should do it. Here's a working version of the wand if you don't want to do all the work. You'll still need the public preview of the mod tools to try it out though. No script changes necessary. swap_wand.zip
  12. Going to have to ask for some help with this one. I suck at forums .
  13. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I got it working and I'll be pushing a preview build of the mod tools that you can try along with some instructions on how to control it. It's fairly easy. In the meantime, here's a screenshot of a swap wand I made in spriter and set the pivot on.
  14. [Bugs] Moth Lamp

    I agree. That being said, there was a good amount of work put in to reduce the amount of garbage created by the game which would help if that was the cause of the stutter. Unfortunately we're kind of in a weird place where the update that unlocked profiling also has a bunch of optimizations in it .
  15. [Bugs] Moth Lamp

    If you have the public preview downloaded, you should hopefully be able to use this to get a better idea of what's going on: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/28820-profiling-your-mod/
  16. Added a new guide on profiling your mod: Profiling by Cheerio
  17. Might I suggest contacting Spriter about the bug? I've done it but if more people bring it up, it probably has a better chance of getting fixed . http://www.brashmonkey.com/
  18. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I'll try some things out tomorrow see what we can do to fix the problem.
  19. A Little More Modding help

    I got it working. The problem was that your .tex file wasn't named correctly and that it was saved exported as '1d' instead of '2d'. Here's a working file and a screenshot to match . wod.zip
  20. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    If you upload what you have so far, I can take a look and provide some suggestions.
  21. [Bugs] Moth Lamp

    Is the entity count constant but still way higher than in vanilla? Or is it now about the same.
  22. A Little More Modding help

    I can't tell just by looking at the .bin file which is why I was suggesting looking up the tutorial and make sure you did everything it says.
  23. You could also check out the snow monster.
  24. [Bugs] Moth Lamp

    Unfortunately it's not 100% incremental. Basically there's a known non-incremental part which is affected by the number of bound c++ objects you have which in our case is every entity, anim state and a few other things.