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  1. Sound Mod Tutorial

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a mod which replaces a sound in 'Don't Starve'. For this tutorial, we're going to replace the 'rabbit scream' sound with a 'bird scream'. This tutorial requires:- PC version of 'Don't Starve' and 'Don't Starve Mod Tools'- The 'Sound Mod Tutorial' mod installed through Steam Workshop or on the Klei Forum downloads. Tutorial:All sounds in 'Don't Starve' are called events. To replace an existing sound event, we need to create a new sound event using the FMOD designer and then tell the game to use that sound instead. Let's get started! To launch the designer, Double click on the 'Don't Starve Mod Tools' in steam: Now inside the designer, browse to your mod folder and open 'sound_mod_tutorial.fdp'. Next click on the events tab and scroll down till you find the 'rabbit_scream' event. Right click on the gray area under the word play list and click add sound. Add the 'bird_scream.wav' sound from the mod folder. Press 'CTRL+B' to bring up the build menu and click the build button. You can now close the designer. Browse to the mod folder and open up a file named 'modmain.lua' in your favorite text editor. Remove the two dashes next to the 'rabbit_scream' line and save the file. Now start the game and go chase some rabbits! Remember to enable your mod through the mods menu. Happy modding!
  2. Hi. Thanks for the dxdiag files. Could you please let me know if you are still getting framerate issues as of the 335371 update? Thanks!
  3. Hi! Would it be possible to post your dxdiag file?
  4. Thank you so much to everyone who's expressed interest in or is already starting translations of Oxygen Not Included. We still have a lot of work to do on the translation system, including fixing UI layout issues, adding font support for missing character sets and making sure the entire game is translatable. That being said, we've decided to release an early version of the translation tools so that you can start creating proper translations and we can start fixing problems with the system. Creating a Language Pack Download and install poedit. Open the Oxygen Not Included folder by right clicking on Oxygen Not Included in Steam, going to the Local Files tab and clicking Browse Local Files. Open the strings folder which is located in "OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets/Strings" Open the strings_template.pot with poedit. Click create new translation. Translate the strings by clicking on them. Save the translation to "strings.po" in the same directory to test. Once you're done translating. You can upload the translation to the Steam Workshop using the Oni Uploader. You can find the uploader in your Steam Library by switching your library to Tools and then launching the Oxygen Not Included Uploader. *note: you will need to not translate any words inside {} or <> brackets as those are specifically used by the game. **note: if you are creating a russian or chinese translation, you can take advantage of the language specific fonts by adding "Language: ru" or "Language: zh" to the po file. ***note: you can also choose a font directly by specifying the name of the font in the po file "Font: font_name". The list of fonts currently available are: Chinese: NotoSansCJKsc-Regular Japanese: NotoSansCJKjp-Regular Korean; NotoSansCJKkr-Regular, Russian: RobotoCondensed-Regular Thai: NotoSansThai-Regular Using a Language Pack Launch the game. Click on "Options". Click on "Choose a Different Language" Click on "Steam Workshop" Subscribe to the Language Pack you want to use. Go back to the game and click on the Language Pack you want to use. strings_template.pot
  5. Version 1.1


    This is an example of an equippable item made in Spriter. This example requires the pc version of the Steam Workshop 'Don't Starve Mod Tools' to be installed. Big thanks to the Waverly Mod Team for letting me use their art!
  6. Version 1.0


    This is an example of a hat. This example requires the PC version of the 'Don't Starve Mod Tools'.
  7. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials and Examples So you want to create a mod for Don't Starve. That's awesome! Hopefully this collection of guides, tutorials and examples will help you on your quest. Just remember that modding is all about getting your hands dirty. Oftentimes you will have to figure out things for yourself. So dive in, give it a go and when get stuck, the forums are your friend. But most of all, make sure to have fun and please share your creations with the rest of us! Getting Started: How To: Install and Use Mods by CheerioBefore you Begin! by tehMugwumpModding Etiquettte by JanHTroubleshooting by tehMugwumpMod API Updates: API 6 and Post-Reign of Giants Modding (including new important pieces of modinfo.lua) by SethRArt:Using Extended Sample Character Template by DleowolfThe Artist's Guide To Character/item Modding by TheDanaAddamsA Simple Guide to Spriter by TheDanaAddamsDana's Tips for Mod Art by TheDanaAddamsA No-Talent-Hack's Guide to Art by NycidianOfficial Spriter Tutorials by BrashMonkeySpriter Source Assets by CheerioSpriter Example: Equippable Item by CheerioSpriter Example: Hat by CheerioCreating a "Handslot-Equippable-Item" from Scratch by MalacathMinimap Icon Sample by MalacathMaking a Custom Set Piece by JackSlenderEasy Character Art Tutorial by Cheerio2D Animation at Klei by Jeff Agala and Aaron BouthillierCreatures:Creature Mod Tutorial 1 - Creating a Mod by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 2 - Spawning a Creature by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 3 - Importing Animation by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 4 - Locomotion by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 5 - Stategraphs by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 6 - Brains by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 7 - Importing Sound by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 8 - World Spawning by CheerioScripting:Intro to Programming by Khan AcademyWots the Diff?? Prefabs, Components, Stategraphs, and Brains by IpsquiggleAPI Examples by IpsquiggleSample Mods by IpsquiggleScripting with Sublime by CheerioTips for Scripts by CheerioProfiling by CheerioEngine Architecture by KevinExample: Follow the Leader by CheerioCode Tips and Tricks by squeekSharing your Mod:Steam Workshop Uploader by IpsquigglePosting and Downloading Mods by moistedparanoiaSound:Sound Mod Tutorial by Cheerio Music Mod Tutorial by CheerioAdding Custom Sound to Your Custom Character by MalacathTranslation:Creating a translation using the PO Format by BigfootLanguage Sample Mod by IpsquiggleMisc:Asset Tools by IpsquiggleMod Tools Github Repo With Source by CheerioDownload Mod Tools for Windows by Cheerio
  8. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  9. Could you please check to see if you have a .dmp file?
  10. Crash on startup

    Could you please upload your log file?
  11. Do you think you could upload a screenshot so I can see what's going on?
  12. For a crash, we really only need your save file. You can attach that to this post or you can pm me.
  13. Codex update spam

    Should be fixed as of the latest hotfix. Thanks!
  14. This should be fixed as of 289453. Thanks!
  15. [Game Update] - 289764

    Solid boosters should be fixed in the next hotfix. Not sure if this is the same crash but the next hotfix has a fix for a crash that occurs when meteors would hit a tile that was at the very top of the map.
  16. Crash

    Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  17. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  18. keep getting crashes

    Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  19. Could you please upload your save file?
  20. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  21. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  22. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  23. Should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks!
  24. Features: New Ice Biome New buildings including the Space Heater, Liquid Tepidizer, Textile Factory and Thermo Switch New Duplicant outfits New Plants New Steam Geysers Food can now be preserved in sterile and/or cold environments Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them Duplicants are temperature sensitive and will get stressed in hot and cold areas Duplicants can overheat and develop temperature-based diseases Circuits can overload Buildings can overheat Mechanized Airlocks can be assigned custom access permissions Dupes will now auto-repair buildings Known Issues: Equipped outfits will often disappear Fixes: Research and cooking buildings no longer provide restful sleep Dupes will always eat the least fresh item out of a food container Better player feedback for rotting food Ore properly melts Creatures can no longer walk through “auto” or “closed” doors The refill percent on the coal generator can now be set Tiles display the correct temperature Panning speed scales based on zoom level Fixed invisible Muckroot plants Added a jump between ladders that are one tile away to fix a case where building a ladder could prevent Dupes from going back the way they came Fixed many mass conservation bugs in plumbing systems Improved mass conservation on doors closing Improved mass conservation on tile construction Improved mass conservation of falling liquids Shower liquid output temperature is same as input Pumps consume liquid/gas from the four cells they cover instead of the bottom left cell only Storage shows food freshness Algae Terrariums no longer stop working if their inventory is full Duplicant traits no longer prevent them from performing their profession task Composting interval is much longer so it spits out larger chunks Mealwood Plants now give negative decor Tiles which have taken liquid pressure damage are now repairable Dupes no longer get stuck when the ladder they were standing on gets deconstructed Lights will no longer appear “on” if something else in the area is shining light on top of them Fixed zombie Morbs Memory optimization Fmod upgrade (should resolve some audio crashes) Misc crash/bug fixes For instructions on participating in the update preview, please see the post below.