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  1. Why is Wilson a kid that wasn't supposed to happen Even as a kid Wilson enjoyed experimenting on poor innocent fluffy animals. Yup, that bunny is about to have the worst day of its life. Also, have a semi-realistic Wendy WIP. Bye now. xX *crawls back into cave*
  2. I made a playlist! Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it, but these are my Don't Starve tracks. Synths and electric guitars, yay! 1 My first playthrough: arriving, being totally confused, wandering around going "ooh, what's that?" a lot. 2 Science! 3 Maxwell's song, the crafty scoundrel. 4 Self explanatory. Night terrors. For some reason I also think this track would suit Willow... 5 Fighting monsters against the odds. 6 Midwinter, peaceful snowfall everywhere while I'm desperately scavenging for ANYTHING to eat. 7 INSANITY. The shadow monsters are coming for you... 8 Death. Better try again. Possibly Wendy's song. Here you go:
  3. Wow, these are so perfect! First and last tracks stick in my mind... especially the last one actually. I think I might be addicted to it, and I can't stop thinking of it as Wilson's unofficial theme. I really want to make my own DS playlist now, but I have no idea where to start. I'll be right back as soon as I find some cool music
  4. Newbie here! I like Don't Starve, I like drawing things. That's about it. I *may* have been checking out a lot of ZombiDJ's wonderful art lately, it's great for inspiration (and making oneself feel inadequate). So anyway, this one is basically how I felt on that first lonely night in the wilderness. I know, I rushed the background, don'tjudgeme! D:< xX