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  1. @zarklord_klei maybe you guys should introduce marble biomes to the game if ya add clockwork increase mechanic, patches of marble generating in varying sizes to the setting perhaps? Could do same in caves, but with ruined turf idk. Or just make increase preset spawners for them to spawn at if clockwork count is increased.
  2. I set clockworks to "Tons" and nothing changed to this
  3. There's a few things to consider that I've suggested and some things I've just thought on suggesting, so... hear me out: -Can we have changes to how many shells we get from slurtles or reduced costs for shell beach turf? Too expensive for little turf. Or just give more turfs for that amount. -As well as maybe reduce succulent cost for pots... or make it more renewable? -Make sea creatures wet in the sea naturally. -Recipe for Fish Food. -Craftable Roomba sweeper boy dens? Or just increase the overall amount of thule they produce if they'll be limited. They barely give anything of value and are very ignored content from the Archive update. At least put that to consideration, cause it's more of a waste of time when there's only two dens and you can just reset ruins by going there than going super deep into Archive just for Thulecite crumbs xD -Indestructable cat dens? Or at least being able to restore them back to what they were if they get destroyed. Cat tails are a very limited and easy to get extinct sort of resource that is sad to see gone for good. -Chilled amulet needing a buff, preferably it would either have stronger freeze force when you get hit, or just more durability when you get hit. Either or -- it should be a strong tool to deal with enemy swarms and freezing them, preferably to be strong against Bee Queen to add crowd control meta to it. -Life giving Amulet should heal you up faster while wearing it, it's a very underlooked feature that maybe should get a kick at it as well as durability increase for that. -Perhaps increase chance for blue gems to drop out of clockwork piles? Unless it's a lore thing why they don't... Blue gems are very commonly used for fights and crowd control. -Pressing TAB you could access the whole mod list instead of few that are described? Would be easier for streamers to show those things off or take screenshots while in game to send to someone on discord or something for curiosity.
  4. this is that many succulents after so many ingame years, me reaching up to 1200 days, not including maybe another stack that I've used for some pots. It kinda feels frustrating that it takes that much to craft when bare minimum is given per year.
  5. practically 3 shell turfs per one. Ehh. It's a lot of effort just for some turf
  6. Or just maybe we could get more shells from snails or something. Really wanna make more of that turf.
  7. The name says it all. I just wanna make a dedicated server without needing to make a difficult setup. Have it running while I have the game running or something and ways to easily modify it.
  8. Maxwell would really be good to be a funko pop next cause he's been a big influence in DS and in general kinda worthy to have it or should have had one earlier, along with popular characters like Wolfgang and WX. Or release next one as monster mashup for Wormwood Wortox and Wurt as next.
  9. I'd be more interested if we'd be able to catch giant fishes and get more bones and fish meat outa them, like hunting whales in SW or something, but this is neat too.
  10. Going into item curio keeps on crashing my game, pls fix I wanna spend money xd
  11. My game keeps turning off after some while while I am shopping for skins .-. My guess is that's what people call it "crashing"