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  1. yup it's a chance to not generate
  2. Freeze dragonfly (or any other boss) and push him into the boat and keep freezing him while the boat bounces from side to side an instakills by sinking.
  3. Islands having islands. Queen's town can be unreachable and islands forms next to islands.World gen set on Large can be looking pretty messed up as well.
  4. Keeping nightmare fuel... kinda feels more valuable... fair enough I guess... BUT I still want money xd
  5. Same here, purple gems from End's Well now are basically worthless. Hope something will be changed or the end's well would be improved.
  6. Please fix I don't want the music to stop sometimes
  7. saving the game next to suspicious crack blowing it up and restarting by directly exiting without saving the game and loading in by exiting the room with the crack and reentering will open the suspicious crack
  8. When music stack for working ends, it won't continue on a loop, it would just stop completely, also some work music is replaced with autumn work music, like in the foggy season
  9. My artwork :P

    little devil knows what she wants