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  1. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    1. Commission - Fortissimobile! Mario kart crossover meme commission. 2. Yes, and it's related to the new skin sprite I got now in Crypt of the Necrodancer to look like my persona! 3. Same, same thinks others. I don't ship'em. I'm still on the side of Wilson+Willow. Also did this.
  2. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Charlie preparing her makeup for the next update's launch.
  3. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Just gonna... dump these in here.
  4. Islands having islands. Queen's town can be unreachable and islands forms next to islands.World gen set on Large can be looking pretty messed up as well.
  5. Is this the new support character?
  6. Keeping nightmare fuel... kinda feels more valuable... fair enough I guess... BUT I still want money xd
  7. Same here, purple gems from End's Well now are basically worthless. Hope something will be changed or the end's well would be improved.
  8. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Art be bara be good *wheeze*
  9. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Beellow! Also made my twitter more active now. I found also incineroars being badass
  10. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Fixed up the ol'drawing of mine
  11. If you enter a room or house with Ro Bin hatching at that time it can multiply
  12. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    You wish, and no I feel like my character reminds me of Jack Frost more
  13. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    These guys. My ice golem summons. Heh thanks ^^ yea didn't bother much about the shoes, tho wanted some artstyle shifts there and there, which I kinda liked.