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  1. Hey, would you think that things like stone and wood walls would need 3D modelling if so?To fit with the mountains and where how the walls work, it would kind of remove the awkward edges of them when you view on them sideways. 3D structures in DST... let that sink in for a moment. Something we can actually build and destroy. Mm. I think this game having some more 3 dimensional stuff will give a beginning to something greater for basebuilders to play with. Maybe I did the quite a bit too big there.
  2. I will requote like a requoter.
  3. Only other thing is maybe I am tired of seeing flat world, having hills and stuff like that would make it a little more livelier for basebuilding and thinking of new ways of building and enjoyable pleasing to the eye 3D changes. We been getting a lot of 2D content, seeing the world more advanced of how it would generate would be super awesome. On the other note from the first post, I would love to see the world having actual changes to weather events, having some sort of actual more life changing threats if not approached well would change our tactics and want to actually build structures we barely built ever. At least for once I would feel like clothing was actually designed for SOMETHING than just a neat little knitknack. Maybe these new updates will make the world changed and new. Something like these changes would actually make this game feel unique than being same old nostalgia we all replay on multiple worlds. I don't hesitate to spend money on skins since Klei is doing their best, and I hope at least they will change things how this game is! I am slightly tired of everything having to be optional, but I will admit those things are quite neat but gameplay wise new players barely explore new content or are less forced to cause they don't get to explore things that are exciting, for veterans we want something to compete with newer titles that keep coming out, or just to get the expectations to feel like the game could feel more like a survival game. Or just feel less dead.
  4. Okay, this would so damn cool if the game would introduce us to having actual hills and such, like in vignettes.
  5. Cowboy hat straw hat

    The bug with it is try to stand sideways and you will see what's wrong... Aka - with Willow.
  6. Sailing OST is too short and ends rather quickly, unless you reuse the anchor and sail. Fighting mobs during Autumn the song ends once OST is done, there is no loop.
  7. It's grossly out of place on some maybe to many characters.
  8. yup it's a chance to not generate
  9. Freeze dragonfly (or any other boss) and push him into the boat and keep freezing him while the boat bounces from side to side an instakills by sinking.
  10. Islands having islands. Queen's town can be unreachable and islands forms next to islands.World gen set on Large can be looking pretty messed up as well.
  11. Keeping nightmare fuel... kinda feels more valuable... fair enough I guess... BUT I still want money xd
  12. Same here, purple gems from End's Well now are basically worthless. Hope something will be changed or the end's well would be improved.