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  1. actually cookbook would be a really cool thing as other peeps mentioned... all the recipes to cook irl.
  2. I want the triumphant Wormwood plushie, the eye opened one that would wanna stare at me each night I sleep up up from my bookshelves.
  3. I suggest Discord invite just like how Among Us has to invite to the server you're playing in. If that helps to reference what he's saying. x-x
  4. I'm curious about something, will the archive statues regenerate when ruins refreshes or are they there and they'll be gone?
  5. I'm just waiting for that Pirate Captain Willow skin.
  6. happens till I join cavesand come back up
  7. nvm it fixed on it's own .-.
  8. idk this happened after retrofitting
  9. @Jason Maybe give an option for other players to equip or attach the balloon to themselves, to carry it around. Or that would be too OP to bring light joy for other characters?
  10. It's more of a dimension, I think. It's a wild world where there's not much really known to be explained cause it has fast days and nights and seems that the 'moon' isn't an actual moon.
  11. I do like the diamond encrusted one on this... crustacean.
  12. So, I was close to how it exactly looked. You're welcome for being given ideas