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  1. jesus fine bros calm down

    1. JoeW
    2. Asparagus
    3. Mobbstar


      lol, I first read that as "Jesus' fine, bros. Calm down!" and was afraid I might have missed a holiday.

  2. Her voice, unheard, yet understood.

    Her songs, played, yet unknown.

    Her mind, lively, yet bland.

  3. Ban Elif for banning someone who likes anime. and ban dragonmage for not realizing tsunderes are more superior
  4. >NoA takes out My Room in FE Fates


  5. Ban L for thinking evidence is everything. You're not Franziska!
  6. Ban L for not realizing it was the right thing to do.
  7. When you come back, you're gonna be sooooo confused....
  8. Ban BlazingIce for being Blazing and Ice. One at a time, people!
  9. why must my new laptop be so awful

  10. Your drawn art is better than your digital art, no offense.
  11. 03531.gif.2deff05938544339b329efed6925b6

    To those of you who hate Homestuck (Weirdo): I'm sorry. But it was too hard to resist making this.

    1. Morgan17


      Who liked this after 6 months

  12. Does anyone have any eye bleach?

  13. I think it's time to blow this thing, get everyone and their stuff together.

    3 2 1 Let's jam.

  14. Stand up and sing a Christian song if you're a sinner.

  15. Close the god damned door.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      No, panicked magician man

  16. Things to deal with

    • Family
    • School
    • Life


    1. Morgan17


      Shimoneta. It's really good, and there's supposed to be a second season coming (hopefully)

    2. DwerBomb


      From what ive seen, it looked like an ecchi. Is that true? 

    3. Morgan17



      i love ecchi dont judge me

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  17. Toradora! is the first anime (and hopefully last) to make me sad it's over.

    Thanks for such a great anime, Japan. I won't forget it.

    1. greenglacier


      Sigh. There is an expression "cry like a bit*h". Since we can't swear here I remade that sentence. Gettit?

    2. Morgan17


      i see what you did there

    3. greenglacier
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  18. I need moar anime to watch. SEND HELP

    1. Morgan17


      I actually finished One Punch Man some time before 2016 began. It was really freakin' good!

    2. greenglacier
    3. Morgan17
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  19. I finished Toradora.