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  1. CHAPTER 1:My first feast As I was wandering through the cave, I kept seeing my brethren, running around, searching for food. Course, we were all hungry. Soon I heard a "klink, klink"off in the distance. I instantly said quietly "FOOD!" So I raced over there, to reveal my main prey, Wilson. I snuck over, but he looked behind his shoulder and asked "What's this?" Soon as I saw his head, I licked my lips in hunger. "Doesn't look hostile like the others...." Then, came my chance. When he was off his guard, I leaped onto his head! "TIME TO STARVE HUMAN!!!!!" Terrorbeak: He doesn't know. Me: SHUT UP TERRORBEAK!
  2. Seriously? No one has posted yet? Even I expect to see bacon soon.......
  3. So, how did he come back to life? Touch Stone? Meat Effigy? Remedy?
  4. PROLOUGUE As Maxwell was sitting in his throne, he thought to himself, these prisoners, especially that stupid mime, have been starving too slow! It's time for a new approach, something I've been wanting to do a long time. As he was creating a beast with legs and a need for hunger, something went wrong. The beast's legs dissapeared, but got insane speed, and was sent into the caves. Maxwell had created the first slurper:Me. And boy, was I hungry! So, what do you think?
  5. Why is maxwell in "The Deepest Sleep"? He shouldn't cuz he hates Wilson!