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  1. So, I watched Meet The Pyro, and I noticed something odd. When the pyro gives Heavy the lolly, it changes to Pyro killing Heavy. When he tightens the box with Medic inside, it changes to Pyro locking the medic in the barn with his axe. When he (he's Homo) blows bubbles in Scout's face, it changess to him killing scout by shooting him in the face. Thus, I say that Pyroland is actually his case of Skitsofrenia.

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    2. Ephyb7


      I hate fire!!

    3. Willette


      Pretty sure you can be crazy without being happy... or liking fire... ...dammit, life, being crazy and unhappy at the same time is cruel.

    4. Ephyb7


      All I know is I will never be truly happy..