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  1. The Chat Bat

    I'm gonna edit that later......... And Watcha, I'm starting to like you less and less
  2. The Chat Bat

    Thank you zom
  3. The Chat Bat

    I AM NOT ZOMNAT! And I am 11, not 6!
  4. The Chat Bat

    *gets hungry* Ugh.....Where is that Wilson? *sees zomnat* I THOUGHT I ATE ALL UR HUNGER! *starts eating hunger again*
  5. The Chat Bat

    No Hugo. And cuz those bacon guys ANNOY ME TO DEATH! And whats zoiberg?
  6. The Chat Bat

  7. The Chat Bat

    Forget that potato thing. I'm just a little crazy.
  8. Yeah, he's supossed to have 2.
  9. ZombiDJ's Don't Starve Fanart

    AMAZING! I love ur art!