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  1. Ah, hello! Um. I'm sorry for reviving a dead thread. You guys may already know it, but I was inspired by this thread to start my own charlie mod! I've been pretty much working on my own with her. While she's playable, I think if anyone who still wants to see her happen were to join me, we could make her a lot better! I'm not trying to "outshine" this mod or anything by any means, I just want to see if there's still interest in this team. If you'd like to help out or talk with me, I'd love to hear back! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  2. Before I slink back into my own hole I just want to say I love your art. I'm new to Don't Starve but it's a really amazing game and I think your artstyle goes well with the concepts in the game. :-) I'd love to see more DS art from you, too! Adsjlkf

    Ah, thank you!! I should be a lot more active on here again now that AP stuff is calming down at school. Welcome to the fandom!




    It's for a contest


    That I'm hosting


    It's on one of my status updates somewhere


    Do you still want something incredibly cute even though your contest is undoubtedly over?

    I love your art!

    (I have a soft spot for ghosts, so it might be that :3)


    Thank you~!! (I love ghosts too <3)

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  4. Ok, I think I have the tools, now I need the lyrics we can decide on. ^^   And perhaps I can make a scribble happpening, too.


    Hmm. How about we have everyone comment with a vote for their favourite rendition of each part? Since I don't think we can make multiple polls. Kinda sucks that the anonymous element is taken away, but, it's a way to get things done!

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  5. @MilleniumCount

    Wellp, if you go with audacity, I could try to point you in the right direction of putting tracks together. I don't know how to do anything fancy, but I can get a simple job done. If you want to add any effects or filtering, well, that might take a good search for in tutorials ; (believe me, I've tried ;; ) I'll let you know if I come across anything.

  6. 8 Deadly Depth Worm.....




    Is it just me or that depth worms are blind since i don't see any eyes?


    Oh god I'm I too fast? My GMT here is ahead of PST so......


    There was a day where a bunch of people forgot to put stuff up, so I guess it kinda set the flow back a day. Whether or not you feel like setting back a day too I'll leave up to you, both is cool with me man .w.