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  1. hi! i really want to try it but doesnt work for me :/ and charlie is a wonderfull character, im sure in future releses maxwell will try to free her and confront the shadow watcher :A i hioe wilson can free himself and then help maxwell or viceversa . thanks anyway it was to see the character :3 have a nice day :A

    Oh dear. Is the game giving you a hard time about using her? Are you getting any specific errors?


    So wanted to try this one... First time I have used mods from this page, always used Steam. But since I wanted sound I went here. Altho, i downloaded it and unzipped it in the mod-folder, ingame i activate the mod - it say its activated, but she dont show up on the pick-character-place! :( Sadness... any ideas? Since im a nab at this page maybe its something obvious i do wrong? I downloaded for DS. Looks awesoome... me wanna plaaayyy

    That's very odd. Would you mind sending your log file my way, or PMing me so we can try to fix this?

  2. Love the art :-)



    Not to be offensive but she kinda plays like a weaker Abigail. Maybe adding a slight speed change or a new item to go with her makes her a bit more interesting.  It does look really cool and amazing, you really did a good job on this.


    Thank you .w. Yeah, right now this is more of a place to start than a finished project. I'm expecting to make some more changes to her to separate her from the rest.

  3. Nice! Looks great, I want to put it on my server asap! Is it in the workshop? 


    Just put up the links in the description! Apparently, workshop isn't giving them to people right now, so I'm working on how to fix that problem. I apologize OTL


    Hello,the mod is really good.I like it very much.But why Charlie has no different abilities?I hope you can do better at this. :grin:


    I apologize, I'm entirely new to this coding business! If you have suggestions, please pop by the thread related to her, I'd love to talk!




    Wow, this looks like it should actually be a part of the game :grin:


    Thank you very much!!