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  1. Oh boy. I'm so stoked for this DST update, but, I wonder what that means for my Charlie mod... ;;;

    1. AmaLee


      Oh yeah! I actually finished updating her DST dialog last night. SW is next, after I finish updating her sprites for clothing compatibility in DST. I've just been super disheartened by her; there's so much stuff I'd love to get done for her, but I simply just don't have the ability or help to get it done.

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  2. Oh wow you are still alive!

    1. AmaLee


      Haha, excellent. Life's better with laughs d.w.b

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  3. Oh wow you are still alive!

  4. *SCREAMING* Updating a mod is auuugggghhh. Work.

  5. Man. I need to update my avatar more often.

  6. That moment when you drop everything you were holding but manage to catch it all perfectly

    1. AmaLee


      Hehe... heh... ooooohh I wish I would have more of those moments ;