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  1. I found this popping through my doodles and thought it still looked cool. I could go on a whole dialogue explaining what exactly is going on here, but I doubt anyone would be interested in reading a paragraph long explanation So, here's the short of it. This is my interpretation of our dear ol' Wilson P. Higgsbury having been on the Nightmare Throne for too long. I have some of the others, too, but I found this to be the only postable one. Enjoy .w.
  2. Random, off-portal tangent thought that I just came up with. This is probably the silliest of ideas, but. Has anyone tried popping around Maxwell's files, or even as him in regular DS?
  3. But, are we thinking it pertains to the puzzle, or perhaps an update for a later time?
  4. Yay~! You like it, even though I'm a jerk about time management! Excellent!
  5. AFTER I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW LONG AND MANY REGRETS LATER, I HAVE FINALLY. FINALLY FINISHED YOUR REQUEST. And I am so sorry it took me so friggin' long to do this OTL *cries* ssooo sorrryy.... I didn't even give it a transparent background ;;; Look, the tallbird is even angry at me. I also drew this: Because I honestly thought "Maxwell" before an actual tallbird upon request. Since he is one. God created man in his own image sort of thing, y'know? ;; AND THANK YOU. KIND PERSON THAT HAS PRAISED ME AND I HAVE BEEN SO RUDE ENOUGH TO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE AND THANK BEFORE. I AM SORRY I AM SO LATE IN THIS GRATITUDE. Ugh. I hope you enjoy, despite this late-itude OTL
  6. This is gonna sound really silly, but, perhaps the Codex isn't so much a portal, but perhaps an entity?
  7. Perhaps what we're seeing in the video, then, is the result of whatever happened to them after they got there? Their "remains", in a sense. Not that this thought helps at all. Sorry.
  8. I almost feel like this is going to be one of those optical illusions where one thing is changing right before your eyes, yet you consciously pass it off as an unchanging factor. Almost.
  9. Game hype on the right, game hype on the left. Game hype all oooover the joint.

  10. Yes! I totally have an idea for that. It'll be a little bit until I can get around to drawing it digitally, though, since I still have to install stuff on to the new computer. But I'm getting there.
  11. Haha... hah... *cries* Right there with you.
  12. Wes?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they said that those without the game would only get a few characters from the basic roster available to them, while the rest of us get the entirety of the basic roster available. Which ones those were, I've completely forgotten... but I'm guessing those they used for the demo at PAX?
  13. That's awesome. I would hate to miss out anything, if I somehow got in. Wouldn't help you guys one bit anyways if the players wouldn't be able to jump in, hehe. Thanks!
  14. So ugh, pardon me for being all new to this closed beta-ness, but I was wondering. Since we'll be playing with other people, will there be certain times scheduled to be playing, or is it just kind of a "play-it-when-you-can" sort of deal? Just gotta ask for those of us who would love to participate but have things going on that may prevent us from participating. Thanks!
  15. Absolutely!! All I ask is that you send a link back here for me .w.!
  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand It's done! Sorry this took so long, these past weeks have been all busy. But! I got these cuties all doodled out. With trees. Awww yis. I hope you enjooooy .w.!
  17. I agree with the whole army of Wilsons being annoying. I wouldn't want that either. But on the same token, I think limiting player selection would end up with two outcomes that are (atleast to me) unfavourable. 1. If you have a bunch of friends like me who are so new to the game, they barely have willow unlocked, we'd be stuck with only allowing a few people to play. Unless- 2. -all characters are unlocked for play (excluding Maxwell, Wes, and Webber who require different tasks to be performed for unlocking). This would kind of be a slap in the face for players who have worked to get everyone thus far unlocked. I think it would have to end up being a mutual agreement among buddies to not use the same character. These are just my thoughts, though. *shrugs*
  18. I was excited to hear what you were going to say about it! I'm so happy you enjoy it, it was fun to draw!! And you're very welcome!! Birchtrees sound like a good idea to me, thanks you guys .w. I'll see if I can turn them into some sort of frame for these two.
  19. Ooooohhh myyy goooooossh This is taking forever, and I apologize so much! But I'm really hung up on what I should do for the autumn element aaaaaghghdgjaadjklsa Anybody have any ideas? please?
  20. (Heehee, thank you .w.) I know what you mean. I think it's because he almost gives off this big brother/uncle sort of vibe that's pretty adorable.
  21. Aaahhh Thanks a ton! I'd be happy to draw them!
  22. I am so sorry this took so long. Everything gave me problems left and right, but I managed to pulls something out. I hope you enjoy! *Rolls over a dies*