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  1. Version 1.4


    Howdy! AmaLee here to present to you a playable character mod for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together; Maxwell's assistant, Charlie! (If you're not sure who Charlie is, may I perhaps persuade you to take a look at the William Carter Puzzles?) This description is for all the basic stuff. I'll provide a few more tidbits on the forum thread you can find here. Currently, I have her uploaded to Steam Workshop here: (DS) (DST) How this mod was possible: Charlie was made with the Extended Sample Character Mod provided by Dleowolf! TheDanaAddams' tutorial was also a big help in some of the scripting processes that need to be done to get her perks to work. The text for her name in her big portrait for DST was graciously given by Jeff Agala over on tumblr, which may be found here! Thanks to The Noon Fish and Dryicefox for helping me out with her ghost and sounds! Basic information on the mod: Charlie's character design was based on the designs seen in 8th William Carter Puzzle. Currently, she has two different "perks": her sanity is drained at a higher rate (x1.25) and her damage updates depending on the time of day. Currently, the rates are as follows: Day: x1 Dusk: x1.5 Night: x2 This should apply to all equippable weapons, as well as disarmed damage. Sound Charlie has custom sounds available (meaning she gets her own voice!) in Don't Starve AND Don't Starve Together! Unfortunately, there is a problem with Steam Workshop where custom character mods with custom sound won't get added into the mod lists of players who are subscribed to said mod. So! Charlie with custom sound will only be available here. Please make sure when playing DST that all of your party has the same version of the mod! Sorry for the inconvenience! (Note: This character will be differentiated from the custom-soundless one as "Charlie (Sound)") Thank you for checking out my mod! May all of your adventures be gruesome, and if you have any suggestions, please visit the thread linked above!
  2. Oh boy. I'm so stoked for this DST update, but, I wonder what that means for my Charlie mod... ;;;

    1. ColorByNumbers


      The art and sound on your Charlie mod is great. I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. If Klei has plans for an official playable Charlie, they'd be smart to enlist your help.

      Any plans to update the dialogue on your mod? There's been a lot of added stuff since you last updated.

    2. AmaLee


      Oh yeah! I actually finished updating her DST dialog last night. SW is next, after I finish updating her sprites for clothing compatibility in DST. I've just been super disheartened by her; there's so much stuff I'd love to get done for her, but I simply just don't have the ability or help to get it done.

  3. Heya, campers! Forum ghost here. Just got an idea the other day of doing a sort of giant community spin-off of the age old tune "the 12 Days of Christmas" with a Don't Starve twist! Pretty much what we'll all do is each day make doodles based on horrible things that can happen in Don't Starve, such as having 2 terrorbeaks or 12 mactusks! Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun! If you're not a doodler, you could add lyrics, which could potentially be turned into a doodle (provided, of course, you're okay with someone drawing off of them). Or you can just bop around and comment on the ongoing shenanigans!Is a doodle already drawn for the day we're on? Who cares! We can have a thousand "3rd day" or "4th day of camping"s! Just please only submit "day 3" doodles if we're on "day 3"(Which would be December 15th). I won't badger or scream about it if anyone doesn't, i just think it'd look less confusing. ^ ^;Thanks!Please make the content appropriate for everyone. If it's not quite there (say you add gore or cursing), just put it in a spoiler with a little warning or what have you. No need to burn the eyes of the innocent into distasteful mush.If you want to follow it, I'm phrasing the song lyrics as "On the __ day of camping my ruler gave to me, _________ ". I just say ruler since different characters can be on the throne, but you can go ahead and change it to some form of "Maxwell" if you want. Or anything really. Don't let me tell you what to do.I'll start us off. *Ahem*: "On the First day of camping my ruler gave to me A buzzard in a burnt tree."~ Have fun .w.
  4. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Ah, hello! Um. I'm sorry for reviving a dead thread. You guys may already know it, but I was inspired by this thread to start my own charlie mod! I've been pretty much working on my own with her. While she's playable, I think if anyone who still wants to see her happen were to join me, we could make her a lot better! I'm not trying to "outshine" this mod or anything by any means, I just want to see if there's still interest in this team. If you'd like to help out or talk with me, I'd love to hear back! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  5. Oh dear. Is the game giving you a hard time about using her? Are you getting any specific errors? That's very odd. Would you mind sending your log file my way, or PMing me so we can try to fix this?
  6. *SCREAMING* Updating a mod is auuugggghhh. Work.

    1. Auth


      *pats back calmingly*

      settle down, settle down.

    2. AmaLee


      Thanks bro OTL

  7. Hey guys! Friendly forum ghost here to actually post things instead of just haunt the forums out of a lack of courage to interact with people OTL As you may or may not already know year ago from today, Don't Starve was released officially for those playing it on their laptops, desktops, and whatever other computing device you own. So, Wilson awoke this morning to find Chester with a party hat and a candle-topped butter muffin! Wilson then remembered all too well that it's been an entire year since he first got trapped in this infernal wilderness, and still hasn't made any progress on his departure. Heh, sorry about the really sketchy quality, I wanted to try to upload something today instead of think about it and then slink back into my hole as usual with the rest of my doodles. Hope you enjoyed~ (happy anniversi-birthday Don't Starve .w.)
  8. Just gonna leave a ruler Willow here.... And maybe somethin' sad tooooo...
  9. How about a really cute Abigail?
  10. Yes, I do take requests! I just ask for patience what with school and all.
  11. Ah, thank you!! I should be a lot more active on here again now that AP stuff is calming down at school. Welcome to the fandom!
  12. Do you still want something incredibly cute even though your contest is undoubtedly over? Thank you~!! (I love ghosts too <3)
  13. OhmygodI'msosorry ;;; Everything got lost in my notifications OTL But I managed to make it! Hahaha this is only a quarter of its original size, this isn't even its final form OTL ;; Enjoy~!
  14. I'm thinking it's just the filmgrain on this one .n.
  15. Out of curiosity, has anybody been highlighting comments for Maxwell talk? (I've forgotten what it's called, sorry OTL)
  16. Thank you .w. Yeah, right now this is more of a place to start than a finished project. I'm expecting to make some more changes to her to separate her from the rest.
  17. adgkalj the mod was stolen my face is warm and Abby still has holly berries.

  18. Uggggh;; I apologize!! I didn't let the file upload all the way before updating OTL Yeup! RoG is up there.
  19. Just put up the links in the description! Apparently, workshop isn't giving them to people right now, so I'm working on how to fix that problem. I apologize OTL I apologize, I'm entirely new to this coding business! If you have suggestions, please pop by the thread related to her, I'd love to talk! Thank you very much!!
  20. Like. a lot more often. Good lord, she still has holly.

  21. The 12 Days of Camping

    "On the twelfth day of camping, my ruler gave to me twelve shadows lurking.~” Happy holidays, new year, plain 'ol day, and a Merry Christmas to everyone taking the time to read this! I've got like. One more doodle on the way myself, but I won't be able to get it done as soon as I want. I'll still be here, though .w.
  22. The 12 Days of Camping

    Hmm. How about we have everyone comment with a vote for their favourite rendition of each part? Since I don't think we can make multiple polls. Kinda sucks that the anonymous element is taken away, but, it's a way to get things done!
  23. The 12 Days of Camping

    "On the eleventh day of camping, my ruler gave to me eleven deer a-clopping.~” Auuugh, only one more daaaay. We need more community doodles like this, guys. It's fun.
  24. The 12 Days of Camping

    @Mobbstar, Despite the whole vibe from this being a spin-off of a holiday song, I never thought to do stuff with MacTusk. Good call!
  25. The 12 Days of Camping

    "On the tenth day of camping, my ruler gave to me ten beargers flailing.~” Needs more Beargers. I don't think it's an eyesore yet.