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  1. Okay, so you don't dig the idea of instantly harvest stuff in a small circle around you. What about the control-bit on this mod with the use of a keybinding? Like I said, I'd like to be able to control when the drops get sucked into my inventory and when they keep on lying there.
  2. If matter doesn't get created but just changes it's form, everything grew out of something different at some point.
  3. Even though minerals grow in real life as well. Chemistry and science!
  4. I think it would be really cool if you could build your own mining complex in your base. It would fit the theme of "plant stuff" even though it would be inorganic.
  5. Can you make a separate mod ONLY with the Woodie-change?
  6. Can you add a function that lets you plant gold for a gold vein, a rock for a sharp mine and nitre/flint for a smooth mine? If you plant one of said minerals, a respective mine will grow over the course of a few days. Would be awesome in combination with the "Renewable minerals" mod or even without it since you could "plant" your mines to gain more!
  7. Can you write a mod that binds something like a "vacuum" function to a key? I am thinking, there is lots of stuff around you, that you want to pick up. You press a key, this function is bound to, and everything withing a certain radius gets sucked into your inventory as long as you press the key. I want to have a certain degree of control^^ Another great addition would be an item like a scythe! When you use it, every harvestable grass, berrie or stick within a certain radius automatically gets harvested and sucked into your inventory. Would that be possible since it's somewhat similar?
  8. I don't quite get what you want to know from me ... When I click on anything that can be picked up (berries, grass, sticks, loot, traps, whatever) my character plays the standard bend-over animation and picks it up. So basically this mod replaces the "whirling hands picking" animation with the faster "bend over" animation. But only when it comes to picking stuff. Building ect. still uses the "whirling hands" animation.
  9. HOW TO MAKE THIS MOD WORK TOGETHER WITH "No Delete on Death"! If using both of these mods causes the game to glitch out and crash for you (see phi2aff's post above) do the following: Open "modinfo.lua" in the "RPG HUD" mod folder and change the value of "priority = - 1" to "priority = 2". This worked for me and both mods run perfectly fine. John2022 gave me that idea over at "Renewable Minerals" mod and I didn't encounter any problems with that up till now.
  10. HOW TO MAKE THIS MOD WORK TOGETHER WITH "Renewable minerals"! If using both of these mods causes the game to glitch out and crash for you do the following: Open modinfo.lua in the "Always On Status" mod folder and add the line "priority = 2". John2022 suggested that over at said mod and I didn't encounter any problems with that up till now.
  11. Thanks, I put random to 0 and base to 0.5, 1 and 2 to get the rocks to regrow from their smallest stage to full in two days. Setting the first base to 0 results in the mines instantly regrowing one stage as soon as they are mined to the lowest one, making them infinite. Also adding the line "priority = 2" in modinfo.lua in "Always On Status" DID fix the incompatibility. Both mods run perfectly fine that way. As an added bonus I was able to make the "RPG HUD" mod work with the "No Delete On Death" one by changing the "RPG HUD" mods priority from - 1 to 2! So thank you very much for that advice!
  12. Curiously there is a conflict between this mod and the "Renewable minerals" mod. If I use just one of those, no matter what other mods I have enabled, everything works fine. But if I use both, the game crashes.
  13. Can you please elaborate which values I have to change to fiddle with the regrowth timer and which values do what? Also this mod conflicts with the "Always On Status" mod, which makes the game crash. Can this be fixed?
  14. I installed this mod after I got nightmare version. edit: Also, if you equip a backpack in this state the game instantly crashes. But I narrowed it down to a conflict with another mod. Everything only glitches out if you use the "No Delete on Death" mod as well. Which is a pity, because I really want both
  15. It sometimes crashes the game because of the naughtiness (right when I load or start a new game) and then I have to uninstall the mod to make it run again.