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  1. It's a pretty cool, new update, it would be awesome if we all would get to see the backstory's of every Don't Starve character as well, I have a headcanon/storyline, and it will probably be ruined, but I could be able to make my story even much more better with it as well...

    I mean, we have seen Wilson's backstory for a big part, now it would be great if we would get to see Willow's, Wendy's, Wolfgang's, Maxwell's and that of all the other playable characters as well... :-)

    The newest update of 6 feet under is awesome... Even though I never gett deeper then the nightmare cave so far. I won Maxwell in adventure mode, but a very hatefull glitch came after that. One week later I wanted to restart the game again and Steam told me they couldn't find the files, I could choice between two options, clicked the upper one and soon after my save with Maxwell was gone, my save of 100 days had fallen 6 days back, etc. =/

    It would be nice if the last characters would be added as well by the newest updates, it doesn't has to happen, but could be awesome, maybe it would be nice as well, if Charlie (Charlene) became playable. :grin:

    Succes Klei~!

  2. More Don't Starve fanart and a few more pages of The Firestarter And The Scientist... =/

    Oh and for the Don't Starve kids... NO! I will only use Whitney. Wanda, Wane and William were only made out of fun. And because my brother and I once made Wilson and Willow in the Sims 2 and they had many kids. Whitney was named after Wilson's mother, Wanda after Wilson's sister, Wane after Wilson's father and William after Maxwell... Why after Maxwell? This will later be explained in my comic... But NO... Only Whitney will be used... ;)


    Information about them:

    1. Name: Whitney Higgsbury

    Nickname: The Bird Whisperer

    Age: 16 (In here!)

    Gender: Female

    Likes: Her parents, family, friends, fire, science and tallbirds (But she's not a FireStarter).

    Dislikes: Beefalo's and Treeguards (because they moostly attack the tallbirds).

    Father: Willow (Yes, Wilson was pregnant of her because one of his experiments failed).

    Mother: Wilson

    Power: Able to tame and love tallbirds, a bird whisperer and they won't attack her.

    2. Name: Wanda Higgsbury

    Nickname: The Respawner

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Likes: Her parents, family, friends, science, fire, Deerclops, Tree Guards and Spider Queens.

    Dislikes: Acctually all the monsters and Maxwell.

    Father: Wilson (Wilson watches out with Experiments...)

    Mother: Willow

    Power: She is able to respawn forever when she dies, as long as she wears the necklace because her powers are stuck in that, same time the Boses won't attack her, they are her friends because Wanda is fast scared and when she's scared, she can't fight so good (in the Sims 2, she was moost of the time inside because she was pretty scared of the outside, I had to make a small house for the Winter, otherwise the kids are taken away...)

    3. Name: Wane Higgsbury

    Nickname: The Young Teacher (Junior because he looks a lot like his dad... :XD:).

    Age: 9

    Gender: Male

    Likes: His parents, Family, Friends, Science and Learning stuff, like reading.

    Dislikes: Moost of the creatures around.

    Father: Wilson

    Mother: Willow

    Powers: Wane is smarter then moost of the kids, because he reads a lot and also loves working with his dad on experiments. This is one of the reasons why Monsters, hit hims softer then normal. Because Wane is able to think smarter and even using a little kind of magic (Wane used to study a lot in the Sims 2 and that's why he always was able to score the biggest marks on Maxwell's school... XD Maxwell is the teacher I guesh. >:3 He also was smarter then moost of his family and his experiments didn't explode very often as well).

    4. Name: William Higgsbury

    Nickname: The Night Fear

    Age: 5

    Gender: Male

    Likes: His parents, Family, Friends, Fire, The Darkness, Fire Wolves, Fire-Demons and Rain.

    Dislikes: Called beying cute, moost of the creatures, except for Fire Wolves, which are his friends.

    Father: Wilson

    Mother: Willow

    Powers: William may look as the cuttest and youngest, but people never want to met him, moostly in the dark. He is more like a creepy kid and same time a Firestarter like his mother, which you can see because he has an small Fire-Demon which he always names Wally (Yes I chanced this all a little). In the darkness he is the strongest and has an unbreakable miners helmed which is to big for his head. He has the biggest love for fire just like his mother, and is the spitten image of her. In the Darkness he's able to walk and attack everyone without them even seeying it. Wally always helps him. The same for Rain, Rain makes him even stronger expecially when lightning falls on him. Fire Wolves are the only monsters that dare to be close to him and they acctualy like him very much. Moost of the other monsters don't even dare to though him. (In the Sims 2, William was the youngest and the cuttest one, his name was acctualy Winston but I chanced it to William because I thoughed it sounded originaler and was even more cute, like William Turner. William always loved to be near tjhe campfire and it was also moostly the only thing he was near at, he also had a big love for the wolves, the tree's and the rain, since he was one of the only ones who was moostly outside then).

    I really like them all... =/ Expecially William's power. XD

    And here, have a few short fanfics:

    1. I Fell A Cold Shadow Wind Blow (Wilson's dead after Whitney was born):

    I fell a cold shadow wind blow through my hair as the darkness was slowly washing over me. First it was a small stain, but that small stain became a big stain and that big stain became a huge stain. I couldn't help it, I couldn't fight against it, it just seemed to happen. I was tired and a part of me wanted to sleep, although the other part didn't want to. I knew that if I would fall asleep, that I'd go in a more bigger sleep. I tried to fight against it, although it was hard. The demand for sleep became bigger and the more bigger it became, the harder it was to control myself. Some voices in my head talked to me. They told me things, I didn't want to hear, not right now. The forced me, they seduces me.

    Go on Wilson, go to sleep...

    I refused to listen to them, I couldn't fall asleep, not right now.

    Just a few minutes Wilson... Just a few... Nothing is wrong with it…

    I tried to ignore them, but it was pretty hard since I needed rest so badly. I was very ill and the pain was undescribably. It felt like my heart was beating a little more slowly and the thought about pain filled my mind. I was very tired and I needed sleep, but I had to fight against it. Even though it was very hard. I couldn't leave them behind, they needed me!

    Come on Wilson... They are waiting for you... Just take a small break...

    I wasn't sure what the border was between reality and unreality now. I felt a big grip on me, like two hands grapping my waist and pulling me deeper into the darkness. Were it the shadow hands again?

    Rest you head now Wilson... It's time... Time to go...

    I slowly loosed the will to fight, I was too tired, I just needed a little bit of rest. Just for a few more minutes. But if I did, was I able to wake up after it? I knew the answer to that question completely, the answer was no. I couldn't wake up after my horrible decision. This was just the sleep between it, this was the between world. And I couldn't go back anymore, I had made my decision and I knew it was the wrong one. I was so tired, so unbelievable tired. And now I refused to wake up or even fight against the feeling. Slowly the deepest sleep was washing over me. I knew I left my friend behind, I left poor, poor, Willow behind, now known as Mrs. Higgsbury and my adorable little Whitney. The two hands pulled me deeper in the sleep and everything around me became even more hazy then first. I was unable to speak, let alone talk. The darkness became bigger, until I couldn’t see anymore. Now it was done. I was asleep, in the deepest sleep ever known... Death...

    2. I Pointed To The Book (Charlie's Transformation):

    I pointed to the book Charlie held in her hands. A black book covered in dust, it was the same book, Charlie and I found it in my grandfather library. It was a book once made with dark magic. I didn't believe in it in first case, untill I found out what it meant. Once I was William Carter. But after Wickerbottom broke my poor heart, I didn't want to be William anymore. I jumped from the train. By the train accident. So people though that I was dead. I never wrote a letter to my brother Jack again. Maybe he thinks that I'm dead to? I chanced my name to Maxwell as well, and I didn't want to have anything to do with my old name again. So I just scratched all my poster with my old self. My name wasn't William Carter anymore, I was Maxwell right now! And Charlie was the only one who knew it. She was my childhood friend and now my asistence. she was Always there for me when I needed someone. When Wickerbottom broke my heart. I was still suffering from that incredible pain, and it became worser every day. Jack Always talked about the twins with me. But why did I care?! They wheren't even mine! A big grimace came across my lips. The grimace I Always held high. Even though I was unbelievable sad about my lose. I tried to remain strong and show the people my newest act, my final act. But as Charlie opened the book, something strange happend. It wasn't the shadow monster that came out now, it wasn't Wilco, it was a big wave of smoke, with the Shadow Hands in it. I growled as the crowd remained silence, all watching in disbelieve.

    "It's a part of the act!!" I grinned nervously. "Get back you two! I need Wilco, not you two!" I mummbled in a growling way. But they didn't listen at all. The two shadow hands got closer to Charlie and grapped my dear best friend. She screamed and I tried to pull them away from her, but I couldn't, one of the hands slapped me, so I fell a few meters back. The crowd screamed, scared of my own act.

    "Maxwell! Help me! Please!! Maxy!!" Charlie screamed as the Shadow Hands slowly pulled her up in the sky. I watched, tears forming in the cornors of my eyes. I was unable to help, I could only watch as the two hands of my failed act slowly drowned Charlie in their wave of Nightmare Fuel.

    "P-Please!! Don't kill her! I beg you two!!" I stuck my hand out, but again one of the hands slapped me. So I just sat there, watching as my wrong act killed my dear best friend.

    After a few minutes had passed, the screaming of Charlie stopped, I didn't cry, but my eyes where filled with tears. I though "Charlie is dead... And it's all my fault..." by myself. Untill the Shadow Hands and the Nightmare Smoke slowly started to dissapear, still twirling around under Charlie. But... This hidious creature in front of me... Was this the Charlie I knew? I looked to her stiff claws, which once were hands, they slowly moved, stretching. Then I saw her skin had turned pale, so pale like that of a corpse. Like rotten flesh, that was rotting for like 1 week now. Her hair had turned dark blue. Like that of the nightmare sky. Her beautiful blue dress, was all broken and stretched, and there was no sign of the old Charlie in her. Then she opend her eyes, they where wide and glowed. Charlie looked around a few times, licking her lips with her long tongue. She opend her mouth with unbelivable sharp teeth. She hissed very loud, it made the Crowd scream and shiffer, she looked do the other side of the crowd and did the same. Then she floated out of the dark Nightmare Smoke, but it kept following her, everywhere she floated, everywhere she walked, Nightmare Smoke came out of the ground. Then she turned with her face, very fast to me. Her eyes glowing, this wasn't my Charlie anymore.

    "Do you recognice me?" Charlie whispered, but the whisper was filled with her hoarse scream. Her voice, her beautiful soft voice, had chanced to that of a evil witch. "DID I CHANCE SO MUCH?!"

    "Charlie!" She took a few steps to me, her evil smile coming across her black lips. "Charlene! Ple-" Before I could finish she screamed.


    "Charle-... Charlie... Please come back... This isn't you..." Charlie's evil smile became a angry one.

    "I can't come back... You know that!" She hissed, before she could turn back to the crowd I grapped her arm, turning her to face me.

    "I can cast a simple charm and you will all be back to normal... Please Charlie!" She slapped me to the ground.

    "NO! THIS IS WHO I AM NOW!! I WANT THEM TO SEE ME THIS WAY!! I WANT THEM TO KNOW, THAT YOU WHERE THE ONE WHO MADE ME THIS WAY!!" The sentence was stopped with a hidious cackle.

    "Please Charlene... Come back..." I finished, Charlie hissed at the name "Charlene".

    "STOP CALLING ME THAT MAXWELL!! Or do I need to say... William Carter?" She screamed, the crowd shiffered again. I was now totally astonished. Everyone always though that William Carter was dead, had died during a train accident. I faked my dead, chanced my name and waithed for a few years before I started acting again. Only Charlie, she knew about me beying alive. Afcours she did! How could I lie to my childhood friend? I hated William Carter. William Carter was nothing more then dead. A lie, drowning slowly into the depth of the sea, untill it was all forgotten. The crowd glarred at me, same time at poor, poor Charlene.

    "You know that I hate to be called that... William Carter is dead now... Please... Please Charlie..." I grapped Charlie's hand, pulling her close to me so I could look right in her glowing white eyes, which had been blue one's previously. This time I screamed, as a few tears slipped down my cheeks, I wasn't able to hold them back any longer.

    "YOU ARE MY FRIEND CHARLIE! You are my best friend! You was always there for me... You helped me through the hard times... And I can't leave you... I can't see you suffering please... Come back... Please..." Charlie's angry face turned into a sad one, she looked right into my eyes as her hands where now intertwiced with mine.

    "I can't... I'm sorry... B-But... I can't..." She whispered as a small blush came across her cheeks. Tears started to form in the cornors of her hidious eyes as she run away from me. "I'm sorry Maxy!!"

    "Charlie!! Charlie!! Charlene! Come back!! I beg you! P-Please!!" I held my hand out to her, but it was to late, Charlene was gone... And so was my soul now... The only one who could restore my heart, who could replace Wickerbottom for me, was gone now, and filled with an empty place. Now my heart was fully broken, and as I fell on my knee's I rememberd that everything turned black, and that was the last thing I could remember.






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  3. Fixed :razz:

    Thanks~! XD And yes... So it is~! O.O

    I like Twilight... But I like Don't Starve better... XD 

    So, how did he come back to life? Touch Stone? Meat Effigy? Remedy?

    Maxwell fixed him, it will later come up in my comic... Much later. ;)

    This thread is starting to make me support WilsonXWillow now...

    Sorry for that~! This happends very often to me... :XD:

    I love these

    I also envy your access to a scanner

    :3 also wilson in these, hes just adorable

    Thank you very much~! <:3 More will come as soon as I have time (school is pretty busy). XD

  4. I'm guessing Whitney likes science AND fire?

    Yes, Whitney has a love for fire and science. She sets things on fire with her eyes, just like her mother, but she can only put small things into fire, she isn't a Firestarter after all... (As you read the comic, you understand what a Firestarter is) But Whitney has a more bigger love for tallbirds, she is a bird whisperer... ;)

    .....I have no idea how to respond to that.......... :wilson_ill:

    I understand... It's weird... Poor Wilson... =/ But sometimes we all need to come up with weird eyes to be creative, and I hated the idea of Willow beying pregnant in this case... XD

  5. The deepest sleep is kind of depressing but obviously he died and Whitney is JUST THE CUTEST!!!

    Thank you, and yes it is. That was what I meant to do. I wanted it to be depressing, since Whitney killed Wilson when she was born... Kind of hard to explain, but because one of Wilson's experiments failed, when he used his and Willow's DNA, he got pregnant, same time, because his body wasn't made for it, Whitney killed him from the inside... =/ Which killed him in the end, but he was brought back to life... XD

  6. thanks!

    we'll see maybe but at the moment I got the comic and other ideas to work on C:

    No problem~! :D

    Haha~! We all draw what we like to, except for when it is for school or work... XD Do you do a job with art? ;)

    Also, are there any characters in Don't Starve you like apart from Wilson and maybe Maxwell? ;) And who are your least favorit characters?

    How old do you think Wilson is?

  7. Son of a gun, this is impressive. Very well done.

    Thank you very much~! It means a lot to me... :D

    I am still practicing a lot, since I'm only 14, almost 15. ;) This comic will continue soon as well, when I get more time. ;) It's moostly all based on a rollplay, I know, it's kind of weird that Wilson got pregnant insteed of Willow, but one of his Science Experiments went kinda wrong when I had to use his and Willow's blood. XD

    Here have a Wilson! *Throws a Wilson at you*

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  8. SOME?! If this is ''some'' how many art do you have?!

    Those are great!

    Wow, thank you very much for the nice comment~! :D It really means a lot to me... ;) I am still practicing a lot, since I'm only 14, almost 15. ;) This comic will continue soon as well, when I get more time. ;) It's moostly all based on a rollplay, I know, it's kind of weird that Wilson got pregnant insteed of Willow, but one of his Science Experiments went kinda wrong when I had to use his and Willow's blood. XD Here have a Wilson! *Throws a Wilson at you*

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  9. I can't help but saying, that you have a very original art style and inspirate moost of the people around here as well.. I think you are one of the best Don't Starve artists around here as well. You can draw them all IN the DS style, same time in your own style or mixed style, that's just awesome~! :D Keep it up the great work, Wilson loves you~! :wilson_blush: *Throws a Wilson at you.*


    P.S. Are you going to draw the other DS characters once as well (Just a question)? (I don't understand how Klei could ever create such original and cute fancharacters... XD)