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  1. Sometimes when I play, I get worried that Wilson's beard would catch fire if he stands too close to the firepit (I know it doesn't, it's just a feeling... >_<)

    But the risk must be way higher with Willow around..! xD


    Poor Wilson... Anything but the hair!!! :grin:

    Haha, I've never heard about a Firepit before, but I may be the truth I guess... Poor Wilson, why must he be so burnable... XD

  2. I like the realistic willow picture

    *please refer to my status update*

    Thank you~! :wilsoncj:

    I'll be drawing more fanart, the upcoming one's will be in this list:

    1) Wilson and Deerclops

    2) Willow wanting to set Wilson's hair on fire

    3) Willow dancing in fire OR with a Smallbird

    4) Whitney and a butterfly or Smallbird

    5) Wendy and Abigail playing with flowers

    6) Wolfgang fighting or something like that.

    7) WX in the rain.

    8) Wickerbottom reading a book or something...

    9) Woodie slamming on the door of a piggy house

    10) Wes and some balloons

    11) Maxwell and his shadow buddy's


    Yay for much inspiration! XD

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  3. My eyes widdened by his words. Did he just say "Shoot me?" I shocked my head quickly. Maxwell growled, but didn't lose his temper.
    "Mr. Higgsbury, don't tell me that you won't do the same when you had the chance?!" He snapped, I took a few steps back, still shocking my head in disbelieve.
    "No... NO! I'm not going to shot you!" I screamed back. Maxwell sighed, his head falling down onto his chest.
    "Please Mr. Higgsbury... Enought of this nonsense..." He looked up at me, his expression suddenly intense in a whole different way, like he wanted to beg for something. "Please Mr. Higgsbury... I want this..." Did he just say "Please"? He had never said such a thing before. He tried to raise his hand a little from the strong grip of the Nightmare Throne, snapping his fingers. I looked to my right hand and saw a gun. Tears started to form in the cornors of my eyes as I looked back at The Puppet Master.
    "NO! I don't agree with you! I am a gentleman!" Before I could finish my sentence Maxwell shouted at me.
    "Indeed you are a gentleman! And if you are a real gentleman show it! Show it right now! Right in front of all your people! A real gentleman is suposed to make other people happy and make their biggest wishes come true... Right Mr. Higgsbury?!" Maxwell held an eyebrow up, I took another few steps back.
    "B-But h-how about T-Them?" I asked. Maxwell sighed.
    "Without a master to controll them, they'll do their own things..." He simply answer. "Now Mr. Higgsbury... It was a pleasure to meet you, but now you need to finish this..." He continued.
    "N-No! I-I can't" I sobbed. Maxwell rolled his eyes.
    "Come on Mr. Higgsbury. Be a real gentleman..." A long silence followed between the both of us. "You need to shoot me... Please... And you all can go home..." Why would I believe him? He had lied all the times I spoke to him. I shocked my head, Maxwell snapped at me. "You weak mortal! DO IT! Give me ONE good reason why you don't want to shoot me! You hate me right?! Then what's the problem!" My eyes widdened, I couldn't answer this question and I couldn't explain it either, I wan't in love. Cause I had Willow and Whitney to look after, but it was something else about him. Maxwell snapped with his fingers and I was in a different area, my friends still behind me. Maxwell stood in front of me, the Maxwell I had known during my travel through the world. I looked up at him, more tears forming in the cornors of my eyes. His expresion, it was so soft and tender. Like that of the Maxwell I had known. Without thinking, I shocked my head, sprided my arms, and hugged him tight, allowing the tears to fall down. Maxwell's eyes widdened, he was confushed, for a few seconds he didn't know what to do, but soon after, he pulled me closer, hugging me back.
    "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." He whispered. I nodded.
    "Y-Yes... I-I'll do it..." After my words, everything turned back to normal again, the throne hall. I heard a creature hiss in the distance, probably Charlie.
    I pulled the gun up, looking into his innocent eyes. More tears fell down my cheeks, I sighed deeply, but it sounded like a heartbreaking sob.
    "Come on Wilson... You can do this..." He smiled at me, which broke my heart. I pointed the gun at his heart.
    "G-Goodbye M-Maxwell... My savior... My... Friend..." With these last words, I closed my eyes, but I didn't take my eyes of him. I pulled the switch and the last thing I heard was the sound of the gun, followed by The Puppet Master's final breath.
    Small story and NO this is not Wilson/Maxwell art, I only can see them as frienemy's...


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  4. Congrats on beying shown on the official DS website, you deserve it! c: I never managed to say this, but you're art is so cute and adorable, same time it can be very creepy. The feeling you want to put in them is something you are also able to. All your art is amesing and they all have an unique style which makes it even more better. The dark themes, the cute themes, they all give feelings. Very nice work, keep it up~! c:

  5. Some more Don't Starve fanart, I am working on more, but that will be uploaded later when I've got the time... XD Oh, and btw, after months of work, I finally was able to add Whitney to the Don't Starve game... But I had to overwrite Wendy, saddenly I didn't want Abigail to get lost so she has an Abigail, starts with an smallbird egg of her smallbird Woopy. Tallbirds won't attack her, saddenly they do, and I am not sure how to fix that. She also is Wilson and Willow's daughter and is immune to fire damage just like her father (Willow)... c:

    Great comics...

    Thank you so much... c:>






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