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  1. Whitney

    Name: Whitney Higgsbury
    Age: Here 9
    Moto: "No angry birds for me, cause birds are friends from me."
    Gender: Female
    Eyecolour: Same form as Willow but, black like Wilson's.
    Haircolour: Raven-Black
    Voice: Trumpet/harmonica
    Sanity: 200
    Health: 160
    Hunger: 120
    Powers: Already since she was born she had a unique love for Tallbirds, even though her parents had to run each other tired to save her from them. She is a bird whisperer and just like Willow is facinated by fire, she is facinated by Tallbirds. She has a baby Tallbird named Windy who can never grow up. And the other Tallbirds accept her around as long as she doesn't hit them. She can talk to them as well, and befriend them, that's why somethimes the Tallbirds allow Willow and Wilson to get close to them (only as Whitney is around). When her sanity is low the hallucinations don't attack her, maybe because she's to cute and if her sanity is under the 5 % she goes mad and attacks everything on her pad, shouts for the Tallbirds and together with them she attacks everyone (somethimes even accidently her parents). She is a huge daddy's girl and her father protects her with all his will. She maybe looks cute, but she can be a really good, smart and mean fighter.
    Family: Willow (Mother, kinda the father since Wilson was the one who bear her, because of a experiment which went wrong) and Wilson (Father, more the mother type).
    Friends: Windy, Tallbirds and she also likes her parents friends, moostly Wendy and Abigail.