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  1. This is always how I feel... XD But there are always people drawing better, it should be more like a motivation to keep practicing... c:

    1. Morgan17


      And yet she left the forums....:c

  2. What does vanilla characters mean?

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    2. WilsonXWillowFan


      Haha... I meant the forums... Not the wiki's... ;)

    3. TeoSS69


      Yeah, but the previous status said "wiki" that's why :p

    4. WilsonXWillowFan


      Oh... Haha! My fault... I was tired when I wrote it... XD

  3. So many people have been asking if I could upload Whitney on the DS wiki... The answer was no in first case, cause I am VERY overprotective over her... People seem to like her a load, and many people even use her without permission, please, ask first. I'll probably post her here and make a tutorial on how to overwrite DS characters with your own character. But... I can't make it possible yet for her to be immune to Tallbird attacks... =/

    1. TeoSS69


      Wiki is only for vanilla characters.

  4. I forgot how to make a new topic... :c

  5. Help... WillowSon took over my mind~! D=

    1. Morgan17


      It's ok....we've all been there......

  6. I need some help... I have been working on a custom character, but it keeps saying that the mod doesn't work or is out of date when I finished it... Can anyone help me please?

    1. Morgan17


      I wish I could help, sadly I cannot