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  1. More Don't Starve art... XD The one of Wilson and Willow dancing was a Cristmas Drawing... ^u^
  2. Haha, I've never heard about a Firepit before, but I may be the truth I guess... Poor Wilson, why must he be so burnable... XD
  3. Willow plushie~! Now I have a little Firestarter to cuddle with when I go to sleep... Please Willow... Don't set my room on fire while I'm assleep even though I'm SURE that it will look VERY pretty... O.O
  4. I guess you only get them when you get featured on the official website. I don't think that's ever going to happen, but that doesn't matter... After all, this post is growing...
  5. Ding-Dong the Deerclops come! -- Based on a blooper I had in the game Don't Starve. It acctually didn't happen with Wilson, but with Willow. I was chopping down some tree's in my basecamp when suddenly my last 2 tree's turned into treeguards. It was the second or thirth winter and I had no idea about how to kill them by that time. So I run ALL the way to a piggy village on the otherside of the world, when a Deerclops came the thirth day, he broke the whole village and so luckily it where the last few days of the winter cause I could go back to my camp 2 days later. The Deerclops didn't try to kill me, but he helped me so I could make a pigvillage of my own... XD
  6. Thank you~! I'll be drawing more fanart, the upcoming one's will be in this list: 1) Wilson and Deerclops 2) Willow wanting to set Wilson's hair on fire 3) Willow dancing in fire OR with a Smallbird 4) Whitney and a butterfly or Smallbird 5) Wendy and Abigail playing with flowers 6) Wolfgang fighting or something like that. 7) WX in the rain. 8) Wickerbottom reading a book or something... 9) Woodie slamming on the door of a piggy house 10) Wes and some balloons 11) Maxwell and his shadow buddy's Yay for much inspiration! XD
  7. This is always how I feel... XD But there are always people drawing better, it should be more like a motivation to keep practicing... c:

    1. Morgan17


      And yet she left the forums....:c

  8. More sketches... But... Ah well... ((The gray-blue night-demon is my idea of Charlie.))
  9. Update: I technicaly have enough of people posting mean comments on here... If you don't like it, then you can just don't comment right? If I don't like someone's art, I don't comment as well. I am still submiting whatever I want, but less Wilson/Willow art, you can't Judge me for liking it...
  10. Like promised, some art of Wilson and a baby Smallbird hatching. I've never tried to draw 3D art or art without lines before so I hope it looks fine... Took me something around 12 hours to make...
  11. In my storyline, yes she is... Thank you very much~! Yush! I love Smallbirds... O.O No offense to Chester cause he's adorable as well... c: