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  1. Show us your camp!

    Thanks!!! As for the meatballs, I don't see any problem with them. I don't have farms, nor hunt Koalefants, nor grab berries and carrots... My diet is basically monster meat for the balls (four of them for each ball) and honey. The ice box is full of 40's sacks of honey and I can't eat that much!!! hahahaha Have no problem whatsoever with food.
  2. Show us your camp!

    My base. It's not finished yet... The main room. Here's where the magic happens... xD Bees. Can't eat that much honey though. Grass/twigs farm.
  3. C'mon... I have a Wickerbottom parked near the thing just waiting to teleportato and start a fresh new game and an amazing base... All I need to know is if there'll be a new character that I should wait to, or maybe some rebalance of the existing ones... Edit: You were right...
  4. So tomorrow is today, and where is it??? Just came home after o regular day eager to see something new and cool...