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  1. Only thing I found is that you might want to either set GhostBeaten to 0 on creation or change the first boss spawn case to

    if (GetPlayer().GhostBeaten==nil) or (GetPlayer().GhostBeaten == 0) then

    otherwise it crashes at line 450 trying to compare nil and 3. Also, it seems you forgot to set/increase it on musician souls' death events, so it summons just keyboard guy all the time. And item_musiciansoul is not showing inventory image (missing atlas assignment,  inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname="images/inventoryimages/item_musiciansoul.xml" )


    Thanks, I'm going to fix that

  2. She doesn't take her medicine on RoG (all other mods are off)

    could u change it or tell me what i can do?

    (because without medicine its ******* hard to play with her ;) )


    ps: very good mod :grin:


    I'm sorry but I don't have RoG... So I can't check what the problem is...

  3. This is what I got when I tried to start up the mod. I have already removed all of my mods and even re-download the game, but it didn't solve anything. I also re-download the mod several times. That didn't work as well.



    Here is my log:!PpQm2RjY!Ye3WB9pJ_mXe-hLrZzUfvSfghSJ2cM8y-zG9Cm45VgM

    Good luck on fixing it. By the way, I really do like Elinor~ She is pretty interesting and very, very unusual. Nice way to spice up the game :3


    Seems is not a problem of my mod :/


    see SethR's message

  4. Unfortunately it doesn't work, it crashes and can't be enabled, can you help me? Looking forward to play this :-)


    doesnt work. loads the character but then closes the game


    Hola que tal espero vean mi mensaje, soy de México y quería avisar que el mod trabaja bien, a los que se les crashea el juego tal vez haya cierta incompatibilidad con otros mods, a mi me anda perfecto, buen trabajo amigo, sigue asi...


    Well that never happened to me. Try to disabling all other mods...

    Also send me the log (in PM), I'm curious to see what causes this crash.

  5. One the best character mod's I've ever seen! I was wondering, are you going to add any more items? Maybe a unique that drops from the "zombie" creatures that spawn when your insane? Anyway, thanks again for the amazing mod and keep up the good work! :grin:


    Thank you for nice words.


    Anyway I don't think I'm gonna add something else in this mod, it's already pretty big :)