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  1. (I can confirm that's actually what happened. I was -worried-. I didn't want to seem almighty and all that. ;-; And personally, I see nothing wrong with ghostie. He'll just have to make sure Elizabeth doesn't chomp his hand off while we're looking for a touchstone. Speaking of which...23rd, in my next post can I take down and devour one of these piggies? I don't know how many hits they can take.)
  2. (I...I just got it and I can't stop laughing. Send help.)
  3. Accident: A condition in which presence of mind is good, but absence of body is better.

  4. (...Where did you go? D: Whash was like, RIGHT THERE with Wright. And I like Whash; I like all of the characters, obviously, but Whash is something you don't usually see. A nice concept.)
  5. (Pfft, I thought it was a werepig. Calm down, man. xD I'll fix it.)
  6. (Someone will have to keep Velage's body -away- from Elizabeth, else she might mistake him for a quick snack after this.) Elizabeth's fight was different to the sturdier and better-armoued Claudius. Since there's a distinct lack of armour on her back, those ragged scraps of clothing would do nothing against the inches of sharp tusks, pounding hooves and overwhelming stench of pig blood that will inevitably soak into her clothes. She tried to leap onto one of their backs but was unsuccessful, as the beast went after the knight, not noticing the emaciated Victorian woman. Elizabeth knew that she wouldn't dare let her meal go away so easily, but as she lay in the slippery grass for a moment, listening to the distorted yells of someone while her head clears, the bestial instincts subsided just long enough to judge the percentage of her own survival. So, Elizabeth made a decision and went for the werepig attacking the larger, armoured man instead of trying to pick on something that was much larger than her own size. She ripped the rags of her scarf off her hidden arm, gazing down at it with a look of appraisal. Jet black and scaly, the appendage looked like something more fitting for a monster, ending in a thick, muscled hand with three digits - two fingers and a thumb, all of which completing with long, thick and sturdy talons of a dark grey hue. Taking a closer look at her other hand would reveal what were probably misinterpreted as long, unkept fingernails to be equally dark and dangerous claws. The scales dissipated around the shoulder area, but the leathery black and navy blue flesh remained, spreading out in twisting veins across her collar and down her side. However, instead of seeing some kind of horrific mutation as it clearly was, Elizabeth seemed to not be as bothered as the others might be about her odd limb. Instead, she was far too preoccupied with the task of trying to shred the back of a werepig to ribbons. She moved with a surprising swiftness, inspired by a considerable amount of running away from objects and a sudden burst of adrenaline, to close the gap between her and her meal in a few moments. Her "human" arm managed to grab some of the coarse, filthy pelt on the back of the beast while her "monster" arm managed one, two slashes to the shoulder of her prey. The werepig gibbered with fury, shaking his muscled mass violently and throwing the lady off his back. She coughed a couple of times, screwing her eyes shut in pain, and pulled herself back to her feet. She had to. When the werepig turned to face her, Elizabeth had managed to get back onto her feet, grinning at the thought of sinking her teeth into his corpse but wincing at the dark red splotch in her peripheral vision that was a perfectly okay, butchered, bloodied human corpse that she could have taken if she wanted to. But she always preferred pig meat, it was much saltier and fattier than human. She had a choice between meals - Maxwell was being surprisingly generous today! With this renewed hope in her mind, Elizabeth sprinted forward, luring the werepig into a charge so that she could twist and skid past the beast, to stand back-to-back with Claudius. She doesn't even acknowledge the man's presence, save for a trembling and highly impeccable English noblewoman's accent firmly stating out "Don't kill me." to the knight. She didn't even consider the lack of common sense with the situation as the cloud of hunger gnawed at her mind as well as her stomach. She just hoped that her warning would fend off any broadswords to the gut. (As for the "Oh noes, she wasn't wounded at all!" in this post? I don't know how long the fight's going to last, and if Lizzy gets a hit, she's going to be hurt BAD. She loses blood very quickly. It'd be difficult so early on in the story, especially since this monster of a woman might get put down by Claudius if she's a burden instead of an asset. 23rd, could we have a status update on the werepig's health when it comes to your post please? And again, sorry for the delay!)
  7. (Oh man, guys...words do not describe how sorry I am. I've been busy with work and the only commitment I shoved in was to check once a day until Truth posted....and completely missed it. I'll get a post up this evening, promise.)
  8. (Okay, that I DON'T get. You get your private conversation but when Telumi talks to J in private you can hear them?)
  9. Telumi sighed, sitting down next to J. "Carter, I am worried." she stated solemly. She pulled the hood back, revealing her pale eyes and white hair which shined bright and pure in the light from the Grove. "The King is old, and set in his ways. His indifference will be his undoing eventually." she mused gently. "I just wonder if the Grove can withstand it, and if not..." Telumi turns her gaze to J. "Promise me." she states, "If this grove falls, promise me that you'll take your adventurers with you to stop the Shadow before it kills us all. I'd rather die than watch the Grove fall."
  10. The trees shudder, while the vines are at work thick, heavy branches reach down to overwhelm the charizard. For some reason, they're not too keen on burning either, layers of soot forming on them - obviosuly, a lot of power is being channeled into the trees, leeching it off of something. Or someone. "Cease your pathetic struggling! If you DARE burn any more of the Grove I shall kill you right here and right now, beast!" roars Telumi, stepping out of the Grove, bright channels of blue flowing across her arms like rivers and seeping into the trees she's commanding. She looks furious. As she paces towards the Charizard she leaves the others to struggle against the vines for a while longer, her expression thunderous. "Well done, you pathetic rat. Whatever aid you hoped to receive from the Dryads was just crushed by your idiotic impulse to destroy the only thing that keeps us safe. If you expect ANY help from the Dryads in your quest, you're wrong. Now, I suggest you leave the Grove. Clearly, you've outstayed your welcome." she snarled, the foliage parting in a straight path out hf the Grove. She shook her head, seemingly disappointed for a moment - despite walking away, the trees relax enough for Charizard and the others to leave if they wish. Telumi still seems to be controlling them, though. Back at the house, Telumi strides over to J. "Your friends almost killed the Grove." she snapped, irritably.
  11. (I don't know if I agree with the rolling system. After all, you could choose any number and say you rolled it - so naturally, I'm not a fan of it.)
  12. (As soon as she finishes writing, perhaps? ^^ Sorry it's a bit scratchy, I'm getting back into the swing of things.) Elizabeth looked fairly disappointed; her meal just sat up, and now that she looked closer, was far too thin to get a proper meal out of. She needed something bigger, something to really give her a thrill while she hunted it down, not some wrinkly scrawny slave-thing which can barely move. And then the scent filled her grimy nostrils, that familiar coppery smell that she always linked to a meal. Blood. Food. Her initial idea was to feast on the warm corpse of the other man, but she had to get rid of the threat first. And by threat, she actually meant main course, dessert, and starter all in one. "Thank you," she whispered to the sky reverently, and then she ran. Sprinting down the small hill and right past the knight, right-past the bird thing and avoiding the slippery grass stained with the blood and entrails of the smaller man, Elizabeth launched herself onto the back of one of the werepigs. Should she manage to land on it's back, she would take a fistful of brown fur and rip the scarf off her right arm. This would reveal a large, muscled mass of black scales, ridged and sharp, ending in a strong hand and smooth, deadly talons; The same talons that she would begin frantically slashing away at the back of the werepig with. However, should she fail in this action then she would devote herself to plan B - get far away from the werepig and rip her scarf off her arm anyways. It's always better to actually have your weapon at hand instead of leave an opening for a moment. It could be the difference between life and death.
  13. ( I...might have to pull out. Christmas and all. Wait a few days, I'll see what I can do. )
  14. (We, we just....arrgh. There's 57 pages of us posting! We can't make a special opening for you, I'm afraid, you'll have to figure one out for yourself and run it through with Blewcheese in a PM. Also, could you put your OOC in brackets? Makes it easier to tell when you're IC.)