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  1. Welial - The Conservationist

    Writing on the Klei forums for the first time, I make my entrance with a custom Don't Starve Together character! Pardon me if my formatting is bad, it seems that "space after paragraph" is a permanent option? Anyway, let's get on with it. I present to you...
    Welial, The Conservationist!
    Is a pacifist with anger problems Vegetarian and proud Loves nature, hate-fears the unnatural Welial is a nature lover and was previously part of the conservation movement, however she was removed and barred from most groups due to her “wild nature” and “extremism”. Truthfully, she mauled a group of loggers who began operation on what was to be a federal reserve, although she has no recollection of the event.
    She was lured and pulled into the Don’t Starve world in one of her “angry spells” when she shouted a desire for the power to extinguish the law-breaking factory owners and loggers who repeatedly destroyed her “beautiful natural landscape”.
    Health: 150 Sanity: 100 Hunger: 200 Game Information:
    Her damage by default is 50% less than Wilson (the default). However, as her sanity decreases, her damage increases, 1.5% every -1 Sanity, up to 200% damage (x2 default). To match her background, instead of appearing frightened at low sanity, she appears to be enraged.  Insanity aura from monsters is increased by x1.2, and picking evil flowers is twice as detrimental. On the flip side, picking flowers is twice as effective, and planting trees gives 5 sanity. She's a vegetarian, so she can't eat meat of any kind. Get farming! She has a special item, her trust trowel! A shovel that has 200 uses and does the same damage as a spear. The character is, for the most part, done. All that is left is to finish off the dialogue quotes and to create a new look for her special shovel. Probably some gameplay tweaks as well need doing, but so far she plays alright, if a bit difficult.
    I have a lot of people to thank for the creation of this mod. First, the user Dleowolf for their Extended Character Template, and the tutorial that went along with it. Despite that I ended up not using the set of exported folders, save for a base trace for eyes and general face construction. Second, I'd like to thank TheDanaAddams for her "Artist's Guide..." tutorial; it as well was of great help when I started to use Matt's Tools, who is person number three I shall thank: tehMugwump. Lastly, there are at least a dozen other uses I need to thank, once I can find their user names: scouring the forums for bit pieces of code, mostly for a better understanding of the structure of the lua files, how they play off each other, how to call things, overwrite things, and all that jazz. Countless people who had done all the things I wished to do helped me get this horribly simple character off the ground. 
    Moving on, I do plan on getting all of the dialogue edited to be unique and to match this character's nature-loving, spider smashing, angry conservationist personality. And also get that special shovel some original artwork. And probably tweak her current art, because I think her shoes might not fit right, and there may be some face twitching still.