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  1. Four pages of dialogue left for Welial: She should be updated with all of her custom dialogue tomorrow night! 

    After that, I'm going to get started on the custom art for her trowel (which will have a proper recipe description because OOPS I forgot that, so sorry folks. Once that is done and made sure to work, I'll upload what should be the final version of her, and then get started on the single player version I promised a certain user!

  2. Nine whole pages of dialogue left to fill in for Welial. She is most certainly one angry "pacifist"!

  3. I've got four character ideas a-brewing; who should I make next? 

    • Wob - The Wanderer: A hobo with a strong stomach for rancid things, possibly afraid of the dark. He'll have a special Caboose Top Hat that... does something to be determined.
    • Winga - The Hunter: An Inuit character for Shipwrecked who will bring cultural lore about the Inuit people! She should have a special bone harpoon, a boat (Umiak), and possibly the ability to create igloos from ice. No penalties from raw food either, because of her northern diet. Don't know about what her hindrances should be yet. Oh, her name is from Pinga, the Inuit goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine.
    • Wiley - The Wildman: A survivalist type with a bum leg, he should always move at 75% less speed, but starts with a cane. Thinking he should be able to make every kind of trap right off the bat, plus maybe some others. Maybe be able to craft a crossbow that would function similarly to the spear thrower: load, fire, repeat. Ranged combat and traps would be his forte, due to his immensely slow speed. 
    • Willemina - The Explorer: Her origin would be as a Japanese woman who was sent to England to study, and got into safari-type stuff. She would have a strong will, having great resistance from monster insanity. Also would have a "refined palate", refusing to eat things like seeds, raw foods, maybe even stale and spoiled food. Possibly suffer penalties to eating non-crockpot foods. She would also get a Pith Helmet that provides overheating resistance, water resistance, and a small sanity aura.